La vie en Faurisson

A year ago today, Robert Faurisson passed away. For more than 40 years, his life was entirely dedicated to the revisionist cause. By way of his study, research and quest for historical exactitude, he also sought exoneration for the German people, wrongly accused during and since the Nuremberg Victors’ Trials, and declared his unbending support for the plight of the indigenous Arabs of occupied Palestine. 

In light of Faurisson’s dual citizenship (France/UK) and bilingualism, it is perhaps unsurprising that he was the first prominent revisionist to discover my own leanings in this direction. That was back in 2015 when I performed a quenelle salute at the Edinburgh Fringe. From that infamous day onward, Faurisson – with the help of his devoted sister, Madame Yvonne S. – was typically diligent in informing revisionists worldwide of my musical and other contributions, for which I am still immensely grateful.

When I began composing my series of Songs of the Shoah, I paid tribute to Faurisson in ‘Nemo’s Antisemitic Universe‘ – one of the songs which later saw me convicted and sentenced in an English court. Before circulating the video of my song, I sent him a copy, politely asking his permission to proceed. His response came almost immediately with a resounding J’approuve! The rest is history, so to speak…

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Fighting back and winning


Musical extracts ~ me playing keys over backing tracks of jazz standards, Taking a chance… and Gee, baby…

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Alain Soral – my homage to Robert Faurisson

Of the many moving tributes following the recent death of Robert Faurisson, the video below is one of the most pertinent I have seen so far. Using today’s technology – featuring a mise en scène and dresscode worthy of note and which would certainly have met with Robert Faurisson’s approval – Alain Soral regales viewers with his in-a-nutshell analysis of the crucial importance of historical revisionism and the inestimable contribution made by Robert Faurisson.

Alain Soral is the founder of Égalité et Réconciliation, the leading dissident publication in France with seven million monthly clicks. He is also head of the publishing house Kontre Kulture. Mr Soral kindly granted me permission to translate his incisive impromptu text and redistribute the video below with voiceover in English. You can find the original here.


Many thanks to all who continue to support the revisionist cause.

The Einsatzgruppen – an alternative approach

The information in this blog post is taken from the fourth in a series of videos by French revisionist, Vincent Reynouard, on the Einsatzgruppen – German action squads sent behind the Eastern front in 1941 to ‘clean up’ the threat posed to Hitler’s Third Reich by Bolshevists and Jewish Partisans.

In the first three episodes (as yet without English subtitles) Reynouard builds up to his grand finale with an exposé on the reasons why this most bloody and gruesome chapter of World War Two came about. With characteristic passion and aplomb, he details events which preceded the outbreak of war in 1939 and analyses Hitler’s decision to invade Russia. Using original documents, photographs and film footage, Reynouard then goes on to describe deployment of the Einsatzgruppen .

At the beginning of Part 4, Reynouard thanks contributors who, by their kind donations, have allowed him and Belgian revisionist colleague, Siegfried Verbeke, to buy copies of the official Einsatzgruppen reports (which are the result of collated Einsatzgruppen field reports) made at the Reich’s Berlin headquarters. Verbeke studied the 3,000 pages in order to calculate the number of executions carried out by these so-called ‘mobile death squads’.

Indeed, it seems that, to date, there has never been any study or research based on these original, official documents by conventional historians. Moreover, here you can see screenshots of court transcripts of the Nuremberg statutes concerning presentation of these same documents at the Einsatzgruppen trial. Only the accusation – the victorious Allies – was granted full access to the Einsatzgruppen reports. The defence – the losers – was kept in the dark and only shown extracts from 15 of the thousands of reports – extracts indicting them of ‘war crimes’. Verbeke and Reynouard’s work reveals not only the gaps left by historians, it shows us how the prosecution at Nuremberg managed to have the defence convicted by way of lies, fraud and deception.

The Einsatzgruppen were divided into four units of roughly 500 men each and were spread out from north to south along the Eastern occupied territories. We learn from the Nuremberg court transcripts that their mission – as well as ‘cleaning up’ Bolshevik enemies of the Reich – was to concentrate all Jews into cities and large towns, Jews being the natural allies of the Bolsheviks.

Squads would enter a town, find the local notables and officials who would then be interviewed by the Einsatzgruppen resident Gestapo – the German secret police. If the officials were found to be useful – say, as informants – their lives would be spared. If not, they would be shot and the execution would be duly reported, giving date, time, place as well as the reason for the killing.

It was a bloody war, without rules, without honour and without mercy. A war which would decide the future of the Reich, now fighting on two separate fronts. The German soldiers were constantly under threat from terror attacks by Jewish partisans who were also spreading anti-German propaganda amongst the eastern populations. If German soldiers were found to have been tortured and killed in an ambush, the Einsatzgruppen would then be ordered to retaliate by rounding up and executing civilians – mostly Jews. With strict German military formality, these mass executions would also be recorded in field reports which would then be sent to Berlin by the squad Kommandants to be collated into the official documents, as studied by Verbeke. These reports were copied 62 times before being circulated to party officials, suggesting that they must be authentic.

Verbeke’s research of the 3,000 pages found only a small fraction of reports relating to mass executions. At Nuremberg, the number of deaths 1941-1942 cited is 1,000,000. Verbeke’s calculations show a maximum total of 450,000 of which 357,000 were Jews. The greater part of the Einsatzgruppen reports relate to more banal matters of schools, hospitals, food supply, welfare, as well as ghettoisation of Jews, etc.

We learn that mass executions sometimes took place out of sheer necessity. Food sources were becoming increasingly scarce. Locals were starving which caused further unrest. Reports show that the worst-affected patients of at least two mental institutions were liquidated in order to relieve the situation and improve the lives of local residents. A mass execution took place in another town where Jews had been stealing food and then selling it on the black market.

Several reports inform us of the local population’s satisfaction over these killings. Jews were widely hated and seen as collaborators. They often held top positions in local administration because of their allegiance with the despotic Bolsheviks.

As with the magical six million figure and the fantastical gas chamber murder weapon, a shroud of deception has been placed over the verifiable functioning of the Einsatzgruppen. They were not sent out to systematically kill all Jews. If this were the case, then why bother to concentrate Jews in ghettos built specially for them, where they had their own officials and were generally left to their own devices?

Mass executions were not carried out indiscriminately, but were done for reasons of retaliation against Partisan terrorism or out of absolute necessity during a time of war. Horrific though this might seem, the official records confirm that there was no systematic extermination policy concerning Jews. Conventional spin on the Einsatzgruppen is yet another ruse intended to elevate Jewish suffering to a quasi-religious belief which cannot be equalled. How can a single crucifixion compare to six million souls being sent to their deaths just because they happen to be Jewish?

Times are changing, and at last the mist is dissipating and the full picture is about to be revealed. Jews suffered no more and no less than other groups during World War Two. Jews were not the only ones to be rounded-up, sent to camps or indeed shot and buried in mass graves by the Einsatzgruppen. We know that Jews also fought in the German army and gave orders as Sonderkommandos in the camps.

Vincent Reynouard is still alive, but the persecution he has suffered for what he describes as “the cause” is far from being imaginary. Like Siegfried Verbeke and other revisionists, he has even been imprisoned for his opinions in a so-called ‘democratic’ and ‘free’ Liberated Europe! Recently, Reynouard was forced to flee France and – like myself and so many other dissident voices – has lost work, been separated from his family and is obliged to be on constant guard vis-à-vis the immoral deception of our common enemy: Zionism. Please support him if you can.

Our enemy is also the enemy of humanity. It’s time to wake up, to open your eyes and resist Zionism’s evil oppression.

Free speech. Free access to information. Free Palestine.


Force the Lie: the Earth is Flat !

When we lose the power to think for ourselves, we lose our humanity. The year 2015 began with #JeSuisCharlie, saw Jeremy Corbyn elected as Leader of the Opposition in the UK and ended with a vote to bomb Syria after another shooting in Paris.

As for myself I played somewhere in the region of 150 paid gigs in 15 different countries– including my own music at the Edinburgh Fringe – plus another 50 or so pub sessions. The Irish folk gigs provided Christmas spirit with, again, a wealth of new material and we’re already booked in for two more gigs in the New Year, complete with plenty of wassailing.

Nürnberg & Flat Earth

Imperceptibly, the lengthening days point towards rebirth. Revisionism is a rocky road, but its path is brightly lit. In one of Vincent Reynouard’s recent videos, I noticed a shot of the official emblem used by the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal: The Scales of Justice superimposed over a Gleason’s 1892 map of Flat Earth – similar to the map on the UN logo (which, incidentally, was approved in 1946) – without the 33 circular segments.

151225 Nuremberg Flat Earth

According to some observers, 2016 will be the year when Flat Earth Theory explodes – online, at least. The figures are quite extraordinary and confirm my observation that #FlatEarth would be the most spectacular online conspiracy phenomenon I’ve seen so far…

Do I believe in a Flat Earth? I don’t know. The evidence suggesting that’s the case is nevertheless quite convincing. Even more convincing is that Nuremberg was merely a continuation of war propaganda, and that neither an order to exterminate the Jews nor homicidal gas chambers ever existed: all easily verified fact.

Will France be obliged to add ‘Oblate Spheroid Denial’ to the Gayssot law, I wonder?

An absurd law

Vincent Reynourd had to flee France because of the Gayssot law and now is settled in Greater London. He lost both his teaching posts as well as his family, also spending time in prison for his beliefs. His videos are clear and precise and all the evidence he presents can be referenced in libraries and documentation centres.

Presently, Reynouard is again in the news after his lawyer succeeded in obtaining a hearing of the French Constitutional Board on the Gayssot law. Reynouard’s lawyer explained in a previous clip that because the Gayssot law resides on the outcome of another trial – in this case, Nuremberg – its legality is questionable under the French constitution, especially with regard to equality.

For example, there is currently no law which prohibits the ‘denial’ of other genocides or crimes against humanity. Moreover, in order for the Nuremberg trial to be revised, the London Agreement signed by France, UK, US and Russia in 1945 would have to be nullified.

Like their comrades at the ECHR in Strasbourg and at the UN, Zio-con lawmakers do not seem to have the interests of their own countries’ citizens at heart. According to Reynouard and backed up by the official transcription of the hearing, in order to give new powers to the Gayssot law, members of the Constitutional Board would be claiming that Hitler’s supposed order to exterminate the Jews was in fact inspired by the Armenian genocide.

Blow me down! The French Constitutional Board tells porkies! There is no proof to back up the claim Hitler gave any such order – as already confirmed in court during the cases of Zündel, Irving and others. Yet here we have some of the most highly-placed notables in France once again making a mockery of liberté, égalité, fraternité.

At 87 years young, Robert Faurisson is still being hounded by the usual suspects aka The Authorities with another six pending court cases. Do the same world leaders who marched down the Champs Elysées in support of freedom of expression last January also support punishment via the courts of such men – as well as the incarceration of Vincent Reynouard?

Broadcasters of mainstream ideas are the same people who create fictional entertainment. Think about it: our fake monetary system; endless wars which create debt in our so-called secular liberal western democracies; aeroplanes which disappear from radar in the southern hemisphere; ever taller sky-scrapers with no floors posed as radio masts? Can governments be trusted to tell us the truth about anything?

Force the line and end the lie

A couple of days ago, I tweeted my first Twitter poll: amusing and perhaps somewhat frivolous… Nevertheless, almost a third of answers came from people who said the Earth was flat or who said they didn’t know.

The results show that two-thirds believe Copernicus’ spinning ball theory. Only seven percent chose ‘don’t know’ and I repeat – that’s my position. Ok, so maybe I’m sitting on the fence here (above a horizon which stretches all the way to the Irish sea over a curvature of 20cm per square kilometre!), but I hope this year will see the predicted massive increase in interest in Flat Earth theory as well as a simple-to-execute scientific experiment such as Brian Mullin’s Force The Line.

Who knows? NASA doesn’t seem to… The more I delve, the more fascinating it becomes and the more evidence is unearthed. I’d love it to be true just to see the expression on Richard Dawkins’ and Brian Cox’ faces. Trolls and shills can laugh and spout ad hominem all they like – anonymously, of course. Their little dance is easy to spot. Bless.

Dear readers, here’s wishing you all a serene and enlightened 2016. A special thank you to my family and friends, to my supporters within the Revisionist movement and, last but not least, to my trolls who, in their own inimitable way, have unwittingly helped to share truth with an ever wider audience.

Happy New Year!