Free Speech is Dead! Long Live Free Speech!

180526 arrival
Many thanks to all those who turned up in support yesterday. Press photographers were particularly aggressive: “Are you famous or something?” joked one supporter. The BBC’s Martin Bashir managed to ask one question about the judge’s remarks on my ‘grotesque and shocking’ language ( = song lyrics). I just had the time to respond with “First, they came for the singers,” before Mr Bashir and his recording gear were unceremoniously blocked by a couple of hefty loyal comrades.

In such circumstances, it’s wise to prepare for the worst whilst, at the same time hoping for the best. There is no shame in having been wrongly accused. In any case, what can we expect from a ‘justice’ system that fails to deliver justice to e.g. victims of known paedophiles, preferring instead to go after an artist? Corrupt to the core doesn’t cover it. We live under tyranny and my trial is a shining example. As I said before yesterday’s verdict, if I am found ‘not guilty’ it will be a miracle. The judge had to convict me for all three songs. Miracles do happen, but not yesterday. In the words of a recent song – banned of course by YouTube:

Find me guilty
Go on, do yourself a favour
Find me guilty
Just look at my bad behaviour…
If you will not fight the system
Then take whatever’s mine
Find me guilty, find me guilt
I’ll be fine

Can you think of any other musician whose songs are such an effective weapon against the system that they have been prosecuted, convicted and sent to jail?

Antisemitic singer Alison Chabloz guilty of hate crime