For the Record: Officially Unlisted

On the CODOH Revisionist forum, there is a four-year old thread entitled Official List of Persecuted Revisionist Scholars. The thread currently has 66 replies, including a couple of press reports about my situation dating back a year or two.

One recent reply, however, is a link to an article with a newly amended ‘official’ list, first published two weeks ago by Peter Rushton on Jailing Opinions (a site that now appears to be the object of a rebranding exercise: the Real History Blog.)

My legal trial (including three jail terms) and contribution to the revisionist cause are deemed so utterly worthless that my case doesn’t even get a mention. Certainly, other names are missing, too, (and the term ‘scholar’ can only be applied loosely to some of those mentioned). I do hope readers will forgive me if my tone comes across as wanting to assert a sense of my own self-importance. Please be assured that my motive is to tell the truth about the Revisionist scene, from my own perspective.

Above: me, centre, leaving Westminster Court after my first hearing, December 15 2016. Unexpectedly, Michele Renouf, right, appeared (in fancy dress), apparently to show support, before turning against me with the help of my own ‘expert’ witness, Peter Rushton, in a maliciously vindictive attempt to have me ‘surgically removed’ from Revisionist circles, – but only once I had been found guilty.

I am English – as is the presumed publisher of the updated ‘official’ list, Peter Rushton. Moreover, growing up in Hyde (then Cheshire, now Tameside), until age seven, I lived just four minutes’ walk from an address occupied by Rushton on Dowson Road. Uncanny.

Rushton reportedly created the Jailing Opinions website sometime in the mid-noughties. Originally dedicated to promoting Michele Renouf’s rather twee DVDs, he set up the site – out of the goodness of his heart? – in the hope of securing an introduction to the Australian former model. This is how Rushton became Renouf’s strategic thinker.

My case made legal history in England. Promotion of foreign dissidents and their court sagas is all fine and good. To wipe my case and my name from the record seems absurd – if not downright malicious.

Was malice part of the motivation? As ‘expert witness’ in my original trial: why was Rushton not called by either the Crown or Court to give evidence? Would this indicate that, as historian Dr Larry O’Hara has long opined, Rushton (aka Andy Ritchie) is a longtime state asset requiring special protection?

As self-appointed Secretary General of Revisionist Affairs, Renouf (with the assistance of Rushton/Ritchie and Tommy’s old uncle Richard) commissioned four hit pieces, calling me an ‘enemy agent’, blaming me for the death of Robert Faurisson, and for setting a precedent because, according to these so-called free speech advocates, my songs and I represent a ‘real danger’ to revisionists and revisionism everywhere.

Over the past three years and more, I have been on bail, either totally gagged from saying anything of importance, or stuck behind bars. During the same period, Renouf – again with the assistance of Pigeon Pete – has been able to milk the phoney Dresden trial for all it’s worth; awards are discerned and dished out to those she wishes to flatter, thus creating new opportunities for self-promotion.

Now, as well as having a mouthpiece via Heritage And Destiny magazine, Renouf’s ‘personal accounts’ of various events are also littering the site of Patriotic Alternative (PA). PA leader and Renouf’s ‘personal friend’ Mark Collett is also cashing in, notably by way of a recent, lucrative livestream interview with the Schaefer siblings, Monika and Alfred. Collett evidently has no regrets about throwing me under the bus after I criticised him (in a private Telegram group) during the 2020 Millennial Woes drama.

With the path to prominence unhindered by pesky moi, Renouf has since been able to reemerge (typically, in her own words) as a ‘relatable-looking attractive activist’ who can ‘help the public gain understanding of the ‘other’ side more readily’.

This same three-year long stunt also gave Hope Not Hate the excuse required to newly ascribe to Renouf the title of ‘leading Holocaust denier’ in the latest State of Hate bumper annual. A leader who miraculously escaped prosecution, so the story goes, in Germany – a country with denial laws – unlike the UK, where I have done over a year’s jail time for causing offence with satirical songs.

Above: three of the featured revisionists in this year’s State of Hate have been jailed for their opinions. The same three also happen to be multilingual content creators. The fourth has never set foot in Court (except to attend other revisionist trials), and only speaks English, – with an Aussie accent when angry. Hope Not Hate: always good for a laugh lie – and a 15-year old photo to make certain people feel important – rather like H&D / Jailing Opinions / Real History Blog.

Sorry, Michele, but as the late Fredrick Toben correctly noted: only those who dare to question the gas chamber narrative are targeted, persecuted, prosecuted and jailed.

If the Dresden pre-trial epic spiel from Rushton is to be believed, then the case was practically open-and-shut: Renouf would be able to claim victory and German denial laws would soon be a thing of the past.

And yet, we are told that the monolingual Renouf consented to the case against her being dropped?

Do the cap-doffers and forelock tuggers not see what is going on here?

Renouf and Rushton persuaded my lawyers to take on my initial case because Renouf apparently was convinced (persuaded?) of a victory. Exit Emma Arbuthnot, Chief Magistrate, recused after an all-expenses paid trip to Israel with Conservative Friends of Israel. And my fate was thus sealed.

The difference between my case and Toben’s (which Renouf and Rushton still boast about today, including on the updated ‘official’ list) is that Toben won whereas I lost. Renouf can’t take any credit for a loss. In Rushton’s own words this time: ‘Chabloz had to be surgically removed from movement circles‘.

These people are the real ‘groomers’, bedazzling young and eager activists with fake titles, fake Oxbridge credentials, fake lah-di-dah accents with plentiful name-dropping; groomers inveigling others to ‘annoy’ Jews. Even when still on speaking terms and in my presence, Rushton would regularly rub his hands together, gleefully remarking that “Once Alison’s in prison, we’re going to have to find another candidate to annoy them!”

Champions of free expression? Evidently not. As I see it, the Cause lacks credibility and is undermined because of the abject behaviour of these backstabbing cutthroats: still free to swan around Europe and the rest of the world, still smiling for the cameras, still giving speeches, never once straying from the script.

Gerard Menuhin’s lyrics from our latest collaboration couldn’t be more apt. When the song was published, Renouf reacted by sending the link to her mailing list with some typically snide comment being ‘stalked’. No comment about my lyricist, though. I simply put the words to music. If Renouf is unhappy then she should take it up with my co-author, rather than revise the facts to suit an agenda. She knows where to find him.