Precedent or no precedent?

British nationalists seem unable to decide.

Two weeks ago, French revisionist and exile to Britain, Vincent Reynouard, was arrested and is currently in custody in Edinburgh waiting to see if he will be extradited back to his home country. Reynouard has been convicted multiple times for négationisme of authorised ww2 historiography, arriving here in 2015 to avoid being sent back to jail for a video published on social media.

Reynouard has since been resentenced in absentia to two more short prison sentences for similar offences under French anti-free speech legislation, la loi Gayssot. In Britain, where there is no such law, he has continued his activities, making detailed videos that expose his historical findings.

Another aspect of his work involves highlighting the abuse and personal attacks coming from militant Zionist adversaries online. Dating back at least four years before my own legal troubles began in 2016, in my experience such tactics are all too familiar.

However, when I was convicted in May 2018 and given a suspended sentence and then later, in early 2019, when both conviction and sentence were upheld on Appeal, perhaps the most difficult part to stomach, for me, was the betrayal (as I saw it) of certain French and Anglo revisionists.

A first warning of a possible precedent set by the impudence of my strategy (producing satirical songs) was issued, in French, via a mailing list belonging to Reynouard, – although the article in question apparently was not written by him.

Following my unsuccessful February 2019 Appeal, however, with the ground already laid by the French article, a further flurry of four vicious hit-pieces appeared in both online and print editions of Heritage And Destiny.

In one piece, deputy editor Peter Rushton who, as readers of this website will know, had heroically taken it upon himself to defend me in my original trial, – then dropped and threatened me when I lost, shamelessly blamed me also for the death Robert Faurisson. This was after Rushton and Michele Renouf had persuaded the frail 89-year old cardiac patient that he was well enough to travel alone, by plane, to give what turned out to be his final talk in London.


Reynouard’s arrest and detention in Scotland initially spurred Rushton into writing a predictably long-winded analysis, with promises of extensive coverage of the extradition proceedings. Tweeting in multiple foreign languages, with messages similar to the one above, he also referenced the successful Fredrick Töben 2003 extradition case.

(As far as I am aware, Rushton — having been removed from the BNP by Nick Griffin shortly before — took no part in the Töben case. But his friend Michele Mainwaring aka Michele Ivan-Zadeh aka Countess Griaznoff aka Lady Renouf certainly did: a fact Renouf likes to make plain to anyone willing to listen.)

Back to the present, and it seems that the extensive coverage promised by Rushton has gone partially underground.

Heritage And Destiny editor Mark Cotterill told me that Rushton, his deputy, has sole control over the online version of Cotterill’s brand, – without explaining why.

There is a short piece about Reynouard’s arrest with a link that redirects to a new Real History blog.

The new blog is in fact the old blog Jailing Opinions.

Is this the same blog, set up by Rushton sometime in the noughties, according to Renouf, because he so admired her work and thus, seemingly, out of the goodness of his heart !?


The latest mainstream update regarding Reynouard’s situation is that he appeared in Court again last week, where he was granted Legal Aid and told he could appoint his own solicitor. Another hearing will take place in December prior to the extradition proceedings now scheduled for February.

Which reminds me, no judge was available for my Appeal earlier this month, so the hearing has also been put back till February – listed for exact the same date: 23 02 2023. Vot a coincidence!

Do the enemies of free expression intend trying to build another case against me? After singing in France in 2019 and later being denied entry because of une chanson, and if Reynouard is to be extradited, are they hoping for more bums on seats to fill the van on the way back to Paris?

Speaking of Channel crossings, is it possible that Reynouard was some kind of bargaining chip in the recent deal struck between UK and French authorities regarding illegal migrant crossings which, so far this year, have surpassed 40,000 new arrivals?

One more point: in another tweet, Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) praises former Labour MP Ian Austin for his part in ensuring Reynouard’s arrest. Now “Lord” Austin, he currently holds the post of Trade Envoy to Israel.


Looking even more closely at some of the news from both sides of the Channel on Reynouard’s arrest, it’s clear that, once again, the usual Jewish-Zionist lobbying was heavily involved in pressing for the huge police resources reportedly needed to track down and apprehend the Frenchman.

CAA happens to be the same group that brought a private prosecution against me for my song (((Survivors))). Last week they tweeted out a video produced by critics of Reynourd from a small militant Zionist group, Balance Ton Antisémite: “balancer” can be a slang term in French meaning “to denounce” or “to throw away”, thus Denounce Your Antisemite, (BTA).

It’s easy enough to find evidence on Google search of BTA’s close links with the terrorist Jewish Defence League (LDJ).

Equally simple to find evidence of similar associations between CAA and LDJ representatives here in England, often alongside political allies who found a home in Tommy Robinson’s anti-Islam English Defence League (EDL) and other counter-jihad far right groups.

I will be returning to these and other related issues in upcoming posts. But before leaving readers to digest the possible two birds with one stone implications of the upcoming February heresy trials, I must point out that Reynouard sent a very kind letter and card to me when I was in prison. He also published regular reports about my legal situation and my address in jail, resulting in the most birthday cards I can ever remember receiving, in 2021, as well as plentiful letters from across France and other European nations.

Unsurprisingly, there was no such support from Heritage And Destiny, nor from their Patriotic Alternative allies.

Here in England, former barrister Ian R Millard could be relied upon for updates about my case and time in prison, for which I am most grateful. If you would like to send mail to Vincent Reynouard, you will find the address below. A simple postcard is enough to brighten the dullest of days behind bars and I’m sure he will be very thankful.

HMP Edinburgh Scottish
Prison Service
33 Stenhouse Road
Cell number : 160071

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  1. Ciaran Goggins November 23, 2022 / 4:55 pm

    As with yourself there is a method of sending money. Useful for buying snout if one smokes;)

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