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Whilst pondering my situation and glancing through the reactions to last week’s guilty verdict, I am of the impression that there is less noticeable noise coming from certain self-proclaimed anti-fascist groups and their associates. Perhaps the most usual suspects are managing to resist expressing their Schadenfreude in anticipation of tomorrow’s hearing and possible media reaction. Only time will tell…

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Comments have been temporarily switched off on this website. For how long is uncertain. Following yesterday’s post, a number of comments and pingbacks were approved. The pingback, apparently some kind of tech issue, was quickly resolved. However, the next time I checked, another comment (plus two replies) were missing from at least one browser display. In order to not cause too many headaches before Thursday, I have decided to disable comments.

The weather is sunny and warm. Can it really be only by coincidence that, once again on Maundy Thursday, I am to be sent to prison, once again for singing a satirical song?

As mentioned yesterday and in another recent article, this latest trial against me for singing a parody song has now been dragged out for nearly two years. At the first instance hearing, when the more serious charge against me for incitement was dropped, I was already in prison and would have preferred, if found guilty and sentenced, to have continued the stretch to get it over and done with.

But no. Here we are again, at Easter (see image below from April 7th 2021), meaning two bank holidays and therefore a larger-than-usual backlog in court listings over the next fortnight. No doubt Bronzefield will once again be experiencing the usual weekend staff shortages, further exacerbated by the long weekend. And not only is it Easter: it’s also the start of the growing season, and the barbecue season… There is no end to the vindictiveness of it all.

Before leaving, I would like to express my gratitude to my barrister, Adrian Davies, whose impressive experience and knowledge of law was clearly in evidence in court last week. More precise thoughts on the two-year long, all-out effort by the Crown to further gag, punish and demoralise me, and on Judge Tempia’s ruling, shall have to wait for another day.


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Back to Bronzefield in time for Easter

Last Friday April 7th, I was found guilty at Westminster Magistrates Court by Judge Nina Tempia of one offence under notorious Section 127, for causing gross offence with a satirical song. In an exact repetition of last year, it looks likely that I will again be spending Easter, not with friends and family, but at HMP Bronzefield.

Above: HMP Bronzefield (near Heathrow), view from House Block 3 Spur C excercise yard. Pencil drawing by Alison.

There is one semi-official rendition of proceedings to be found on Campaign Against Antisemitism’s website (CAA). Remarkably perhaps, CAA takes much of the credit, despite only one witness statement submitted almost two years ago by professional complainant Bedlam Jones.

The article fails to mention the name of the prosecution key witness, although the Crown’s expert, Dr BM from Canada, is mentioned, and the expert did pass reference to ‘CAA’s Enforcement Officer’ during cross-examination, – also without explicitly mentioning his real name.

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