Accused without being served

Court double-faults with poor service

Despite various excuses made over the past four months by the Courts and Tribunals Service as to why I had not received any official notification for the new trial against me, supposed to begin Friday, February 18th, the fact remains that the document delivered electronically, last Thursday 17th, with less than a day’s notice, was the first time I had set eyes on any official summons to attend trial.

According to at least one account, the Court no longer issues summonses. Nor even bail sheets. And yet, at the eleventh hour, last Thursday morning, official notification from the Court came as an attachment, by email. It is also claimed that the notice was served by post last October. It seems they can’t decide.


As mentioned in my previous post, this new case was used as a reason to keep me locked up behind bars, despite my eligibility and approval for early release ‘on tag’.

I didn’t take Counsel’s advice to ‘bring a bag, just in case’, before setting off Friday morning. However, I did prepare an emergency plan which, as it happens, turned out to be unnecessary.

No delays for once, and a new district judge, Nina Tempia: as far as I am aware, the fourth judge to sit so far in this case, and, in total, my fifth criminal trial (not counting appeals), once again for a silly song.

The judge made it very clear that NHS guidelines regarding Covid must be followed by the Court. Despite the complainant’s negative(!) PCR test, if symptoms are still apparent then guidelines must be followed.

A “short” adjournment was granted until April 7th for a two-day trial.

In fact, this is the third adjournment so far. The Crown’s Counter Terrorism division seemingly has nothing better to do than drag out, for two full years, another case against a singer-songwriter for another satirical song.

It’s become almost impossible to keep track of the number of hearings, not to mention the impressive line-up of magistrates and judges so far. Below are two screenshots of an earlier post, written last March, two weeks before I was sent to jail for breach of my 2018 suspended sentence (also for causing ‘gross offence’ under Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003; on this occasion for mean words spoken during two podcasts).

NB At that time, last March, this new case had already been going on since the previous April, 2020, when EIGHT Met officers raided my address following complaints from a person who, the Court learned on Friday, suffers from chronic physical and mental health issues.

To cut a long story short, the Attorney General declined to grant consent. By then, I was already behind bars for breach. Bail pending Appeal was refused by HHJ Tomlinson at Southwark Crown Court on grounds that mine was ‘the most egregious case of hate speech ever encountered by the Court’…

April 24th I appeared by video link from HMP Bronzefield and was told that the Crown were dropping the more serious charge of incitement in favour of another count under Section 127: causing ‘gross offence’ by posting a satirical parody song. Sigh.

I know, I keep repeating the same thing over and over again, but it’s important.

Do judges – or indeed police officers – ever enjoy an occasional night out at, say, a Jimmy Carr gig? Maybe that goes to explain the ‘culture’ (I apply the term loosely) of great British banter?

What am I saying?! Strike me down quick that I may sin no more with such wicked proposals! Our esteemed public servants would never engage in any such egregious behaviour, now, would they?

Back to the story. As mentioned in one of my recent posts, the new case was used as a reason to keep me locked up behind bars, twice, despite my approved eligibility for early release ‘on tag’.

Therefore, almost exactly one year after police investigations began, April 24th as already noted above, I appeared by video link from prison in front of Senior District Judge, Paul Goldspring. Precise details of what transpired have been stored for another day. In sum, the Crown and the Court wanted an immediate ‘guilty’ plea.

Easy to bully someone in prison. I resisted, pleaded ‘not-guilty’ and waited to see what came next.

Having lost on appeal my breach trial, by the time the new date for the new trial came around, scheduled September 1st, I was – surprise, surprise – back in prison. Again, no release on tag because of this latest case against me.

The trial date was vacated because of the complainant’s ill-health. Another hearing was listed for October 18th. By then back home, without needing to attend and still on strict Licence, I left the job in the capable hands of my Counsel, Mr Davies.

I was informed only by email of the new trial date of February 18th. I awaited official notification from the court. A month later, still without notice, and on advice from my solicitor Kevin Lowry-Mullins of TV Edwards, I presented myself at the Court reception and was told that the date was ‘pencilled-in’, had not yet been fixed for sure, and that there was no change in bail conditions. I would, said the charming assistant, get a summons in due course were the trial to go ahead.

Finally, as mentioned at the very beginning of this update, last Wednesday — after regularly updating my lawyers as to the continuing lack of any official summons — my solicitor asked the court why I still hadn’t been served. The following morning, less than 24 hours before the trial was due to start, the documents appeared as electronic attachments in an email, dated October 19th.

Originals stolen by the postman, perchance?


There have been at least seven hearings so far, and we are now on the third adjournment. Chances of the complainant being well enough to testify next time must be slim, as everyone in court on Friday seemed to agree.

Although, not being well enough for cross examination does not mean being too unwell to tweet…

I’m reminded of how ill I was, last March, during my breach trial in the same court. To prolong my distress, cross-examination by the Prosecution was halted mid-way through, meaning more stress and another sleepless night of vomiting and diarrhoea.

But I didn’t have Covid. And I turned up to Court both days, as I have always turned up in the past; including on Appeal last August, when the same technique of spreading cross-examination over two days was permitted, thereby increasing the pressure on the Appellant, yours truly. B*st*rds.

In the days preceding an important hearing, every ring of the door bell, every notification of an email, my heart begins to race and I am left shaking. But I still turn up to court.

Others, in my view, (no names mentioned), possess neither the physical nor mental state necessary to face and survive such a gruelling experience.

Two journalists were present in the public gallery last Friday. After listening to the application to adjourn, they didn’t bother waiting to find out the next supposed trial date. No doubt, once again, things will be dragged out to the very last minute; clear evidence of incompetence (and worse) will be brushed aside by way of some ‘administrative error’ vaguery.

As stated above, one might expect Counter Terrorism to have better things to do with all those extra resources. Bullying members of the public into submission using public funds isn’t a good look. Five trials and counting. I rest my case.


For many months now I have been planning to write down my experience properly, in book form, with musical accompaniment and, eventually, a new one-woman show. To be able to fulfill my aim, I need your help. Any donation, large or small, would be most welcome, as would indeed any form of sponsorship. All offers will be carefully considered and all those who participate will receive gifts ranging from individual songs and videos to compilations of my work. More info to come. In the meantime, please see here.

17 thoughts on “Accused without being served

  1. m0lah February 20, 2022 / 8:21 pm

    You are in my thoughts and prayers, always. Stay strong, and don’t let them shove that test up your nose. It’s tainted, as some Scientists have observed under microscopy.

  2. ericgalati February 20, 2022 / 9:58 pm

    Dear Alison,
    I suggest given the devious nature of the powers that be of The Courts And Tribunals, that you make sure they do not attempt to claim you were already notified that notification would be communicated to you within a certain time span, up until even one day before your new trial. Sophistical logic is a pernicious weapon by those who deviate from any respect for The Philosophy Of Jurisprudence. Their ethical values point downward to darkness.

    Upon reading your latest communication above, my point composed previously in my first paragraph is a fact. And one excuse to their equivocal deliberate deceptiveness is the computer culture: you were supposedly notified last October by post. In to-day’s culture the follow-up electronic mail message is a manner of information taken for granted to be more efficient while being a great excuse for a malicious end. No Alison! They have decided, did decide, not that they can’t! They know what they are doing!
    It is obvious and this has been blatant since I left England, that whatever defects of justice there were in England, and defects is a light term, the law there has become far worse than any Napoleonic Legal System, which has its own rhyme and reason. Anglo-Saxon countries are the center of control for nefarious reasons and the moment has come in their history to pull out all of the stops for their Satanic agenda of domination. God Bless, Eric

  3. Alison Chabloz February 21, 2022 / 8:12 am

    Thank you for your comment, dear Eric.

    I would at least put some of the blame on incompetence. This case began under a different (albeit Tory) government, thereby heeding a change of regime after the 2019 General Election and, apparently, a change of police investigators in my case, too.

    • ericgalati February 22, 2022 / 5:07 pm

      Dear Alison,
      I no way could I ever deny your REPLY to me that the reason was due to incompetence. This is true and often happens. With that said I ask you to please contemplate what I composed above as not a refusal to your answer but as a contribution to what you and all of us are confronted with. Sophistical Logic’s Satanic Dialectic. God Bless, Eric

      • Alison Chabloz February 24, 2022 / 9:19 am

        Dear Eric,

        I am sure you would agree that, with arrival of the Internet, a light has been shone on the functioning of various groups, said to be acting principally and indeed primarily in their own self-interest. Despite all the documented evidence of behind-the-scenes lobbying at the very top of government, in every nation, by these same groups, and despite all the dishonest Hollywood historiographics, those who speak out are ‘conspiracy theorists’ who must be cancelled.

        In order to attempt to clearly make their point, the NGO that lobbied for my prosecution has, to date, also successfully prosecuted three of the people who supported me (- either in court or over the airwaves.)

        And yet in other blatant cases (from NGO accusative angle) of wrongthink from people who once supported me but who then stabbed me in the back, these same NGOs now choose to turn a blind eye.

        More recent developments, dear Eric, clearly show just how tarnished the bling has become. Shabby Volkskraft kitsch might be some people’s cup of tea, but it’s very hard to see what has effectively been achieved, apart from more arrests, more jail time… But never for them.

        Clearly, the only interest being worked towards in the case of such backstabbers is the remplissage of their own pockets. You know who I am taking about. I’m also sure that you would be able to place yourself in my position – with empathy, as you rightly say – and understand that anyone hearing such a story with a supposedly sympathetic ear who then posts comments, basically stating the obvious that I have heard countless times from these same people, including in one letter sent to prison(!)… Well, dear Eric, apologies if my brusque manner offended you. Put it down to ‘trial nerves’ – that was always a favourite of theirs.

        A couple of days before my last court hearing was due, I received a predictably long-winded re-rendition of the Great Dresden Successful Glorious Aquittal Victory. Of course, one needs reminding at such moments of the lidy’s importance.

        Apparently, the documents and proof necessary to win any trial for denial in Germany are at hand. In which case, why was the court’s supposed offer to drop the case accepted in the first case and why is Ursula Haverbeck back on trial next month?

  4. Ciaran Goggins February 21, 2022 / 4:54 pm

    As I said to you elsewhere, you are now a professional defendant. Bit like a dream (with posh frocks. Hilarious in joke). I do not agree with denial of the Shoah as an historical argument but uphold your and others, right to free speech.

        • nativewarrior14 March 5, 2022 / 3:27 am

          You obviously disagree with Alison and Ian r Millard for that matter, which begs the question: why do you bother to comment on various websites that espouse opinions diammetricaly opposed to your own? I smell a rat I am afraid!

          • Ciaran Goggins March 5, 2022 / 9:22 am

            I disagree with denial of the Shoah. I agree with free speech.

          • claudius1889 March 5, 2022 / 12:01 pm

            [In reply to nativewarrior14]

            Very good observation. Why bother? Perhaps to show how “noble and tolerant” I am?

            The fact that the sadistic persecution of so many brave and decent men and women who dared to fight this hateful pack of lies known as “the holocaust” has not awakened him is proof of his lack of intelligence, moral fibre and common sense, and let’s not even mention that a theory that needs to be “protected” with laws that will cripple you financially, ruining your life, and put you in jail if you dare to disagree, is rubbish! How stupid can you be to believe in crap like that?

            Mind you, “There is none so blind as those who refuse to see”

  5. Patrick Hair February 23, 2022 / 7:33 am

    They don’t want to touch this case anymore. They don’t know what to do with you. They don’t want to back down or look soft or look like they f**cked up. But they did. Some of them know that the whole justice system is about to change to Natural Law. In which case the whole thing will be thrown out.

    • ericgalati February 23, 2022 / 3:11 pm

      Dear Mister Hair,
      I find it interesting that you believe that the whole justice system is going to change to Natural Law. Would you kindly explain this, and are you referring to only the Anglo-Saxon Legal System? If this were to be true it would be a blessing, but considering that our system has become more and more liberticidal regardless of the law, I cannot see how, which is why I should appreciate what you have to explicate on this.
      Let’s keep in mind the mother country of The Anglo-Saxon Legal System, England, where there never has been Freedom Of Expression, Press & Speech, and what has been happening for a number of years to Alison. America, where the powers that be have circumvented deviously at the American level and State civil liberties. In the past few years with the excuse of a Russian Collusion and so forth: the respective cases of Messers Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, just to name two, and the further Napoleonic actions of brutality, imprisonment without Due Process and Habeas Corpus, and the murder of Misses Ashley Babbitt, of the falsely defined insurrectionists and rioters of January 6th. Australia! Who would have evr imagined a total military-police enclosure of all human actions due to the sham of The Coronavirus 2019 Disease Pandemic, and lastly the Emergency Powers Act activated by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau against the Truckers in Ottawa a population’s monies.

      Ergo, my friend, from whence comes transition to Natural Law? I am not being sarcastic with you, all the same this reminds me of the Flower Children and Hippies well-intentioned communes and that song by The Youngblood’s, “Get together”, as if nirvana was on its way, just show the effort of brotherhood and love amongst us all and ipso facto we are back to The Terrestrial Paradise. God Bless, Eric

      • Alison Chabloz February 23, 2022 / 7:43 pm

        I would note, here, Eric, that hope is the most important factor in my own particular struggle.

        To dampen hope, here and now, and especially in view of last Friday’s hearing, seems inappropriate.

        If you are unable to offer a positive message of hope (or indeed include me in your Cc email list) then I’m not quite sure what is your purpose here.

        • ericgalati February 23, 2022 / 11:37 pm

          Dear Alison,
          What a strange reaction to what I replied and questioned from Mister Pat Hair and his belief on a change of a justice system to Natural Law. My inquiry was an intelligent one to a man who put forth an interesting belief. Hope? I have always had hope, and for you undeniably.
          Your particular struggle has not been dampened???? How? I questioned the jurisprudential foresight of Mister Hair.
          I know not the person who wrote to you a letter in prison, but I can only think of two fine comrades who possibly might have. To face the reality of the legal facts at work today is not to harm your case.
          Blind Carbon Copy lists are to be respected; I am not one to impose myself on others reasons. I comprehend them; I have seen and lived through experiences in Europe where innocents even lost their lives because of their beliefs. You and I aren’t Blind Carbon Copy, fair enough, if others decide this fair enough also. As far as other State Sponsored Nationalists, they are Satanic. These people of all political stripes are always present: Confidential Informants and even Agent Provocateurs.
          I am not angry I have empathy for you; I will continue to have hope for you, and support you. Yet, since you lack a broad spread scope of where I am coming from, I won’t be contributing to your BLOG anymore. Nor do I feel offended by you. To have hope doesn’t negate the reality of the world we are in. I am not a delusional child living in an illusionary world. I will always have a love for you as a friend and be here to give you assistance if need be. Take Care. God Bless, Eric

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