Belated Happy New Year To All

I’m back. For how long is uncertain but, for now, I am once again at liberty to express myself in my own home country. This new-found liberty is necessarily tempered by way of another upcoming trial for another satirical song, rendering the art of expression somewhat limited. I’m sure you get my drift.

Above: keeping busy with sourdough, making preserves and tending to my little garden.

This journey is longhaul. As can been seen from the lack of content on this website over the past two years I have been effectively silenced. One result of my original trial in 2018, the proceedings of which were dragged out for eighteen months before I was convicted (under Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003) for Internet postings of my own artistic content: satirical songs deemed to be grossly offensive.

Those who have followed my story will know that my songs were composed in reaction to the witchhunt against me, beginning late 2012, for my research into and exposure of various censorious astroturfers. I shan’t be naming here the individuals who have, in some cases, publicly admitted working against me for years. Real names were cited from the witness stand, confirming my gut instinct and proving that my own and others’ research was correct. Denials and outright lies on Twitter will not alter these facts.

My visits to HMP Bronzefield were thankfully short. More on that later. Yesterday I was informed that I am no longer on Licence. Altogether, I spent four months behind bars and another five on Licence, meaning nine in total. The upcoming case against me was used to keep me locked up, including after the CPS had dropped the more serious charge of religious incitement in favour of another S. 127 trial, once again for causing gross offence. Easier to prosecute, therefore further indication that the UK criminal justice system is more interested in guilty verdicts than in delivering actual justice.

I wish to put the record straight about comments seen in the press about my reaction from the dock after I had finally been sentenced by HHJ Martin Beddoe. No, I did not shout. I spoke calmly and in a civil manner, thanking the judge before making my comment regarding a jury trial. HHJ Beddoe had resisted calls from the Prosecution and from the remaining magistrate to hand me the maximum. (The other magistrate was recused after disclosing a previous job on the board of the Anne Frank Trust…) I was grateful to the judge for not bowing to pressure and thanked him accordingly. Why the press chose to omit this part then distort the rest, readers will have to decide for themselves.

In happier news, I have several new recordings (including fresh versions of a couple of older numbers) and a magnificent new opus with lyrics once again by Menuhin. I Stand Accused will be available as Premium Content as soon as I have worked out how to get this website’s payments system running.

Speaking of pounds, you will no doubt have noticed a new subsciption button. I am trying to set up my website properly in order to offer some goodies. Still learning, I followed the tutorial and the One Pound (£1) subscription button above is the result. It’s just a test and shall be adjusted to something more appropriate in the upcoming days and weeks. Anyone who would like to donate is of course welcome to do so.

After last July’s freak flash floods in London, some of my electronic equipment was damaged, including my Yamaha keyboard. Therefore I have been back on acoustic guitar. I will upload a couple of demos later today or tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone for the love and support you have shown me during these surreal times. Happy New Year and thanks for reading.



4 thoughts on “Belated Happy New Year To All

  1. Sophie Johnson February 3, 2022 / 6:10 pm

    Hello, Alison darling! It is so delightful to hear from you, and to know that you are upbeat and happy. Thank goodness for your superb resilience and unquenchable love of life.
    Love you lots,

  2. ericgalati February 5, 2022 / 4:57 pm

    Dearest Alison,
    An understatement to say that I am ever so happy, and relieved, that you’re sound and safe at home with your family after the horrific miscarriage of justice imposed upon you. It goes without saying that if there has been anything grossly offensive it has been the liberticidal actions by those of Jurisprudence and Law Enforcement, and not your freedom of expression that bore no physical harm to anyone. And what a healing to your heart mind and spirit are the photos of your culinary and gardening.
    It would be beneficial and a positive act to reveal publicly those who’ve been working against you for years. The release of this information should be accompanied by an intelligent exact overview of these persons and their nefarious deeds, which contributed to your persecution.
    Now that your entire sentence is over everything must be approached with the wisest sagacity by you without corrupting your artistic-political creativity. Undoubtedly, The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism will never relent, and the effects caused by its actions only have such solid ground because of how those of the judiciary and the police allow its beliefs to take precedence and have a superior platform of freedom of expression than you. The criminal justice system of the United Kingdom is at fault entirely. We know very well that there never has been Freedom of Expression, the Press and Speech, in Britain as to be found in the laws of its child America, which is also of the Anglo-Saxon Legal system. Yet both parent and child more than ever have become Napoleonic: guilty until proven innocent, and in fact worse. Mind, miscarriages of justice take place everywhere, horribly to say the least. Laws of freedom signify zero if a given population isn’t psychologically and virtually free to be worthy of it, thereby activating it. An individual like you Alison will always be a victim of the apathy and complacency that this inactivity causes, even amongst those who should be one’s comrades, and more importantly friends.
    With concern as to why the press ignored the truth of your not shouting out during the trial, the recusal of the other magistrate and the omission of this replaced by distorting what really took place, is not a wonderment; what decisions are there to be made knowing of this? The mass media is part and parcel of the same criminal agenda as the two above mentioned institutional legal authorities.
    We are looking forward to your newer versions of songs co-composed reworked with Mister Gerard Menuhin.
    I can empathise with you with regard to the flooding: we were devastated in 2012.
    God Bless, Eric and A Most Blessed & Fulfilling 2022

    • Alison Chabloz February 6, 2022 / 11:47 am

      Thank you Eric for your kind message. Yes, this situation is both incredibly sad and very worrying. As always, one can only hope for the best whilst preparing for the worst.
      With best wishes to you.

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