Groyping by Gaslight Part 1

Cancel Culture is not the dominion solely of the liberal left. It exists within British “ethno nationalism” too.

This post concerns the comments section of a Radio Albion Christmas podcast with Michele Renouf. My comment was removed.

After three years of helping to engineer increasingly sinister attempts to freeze me out of “the movement”, the Australian ex-model’s entourage of menials should know, at least by now, that there is no point in telling me to “pipe down”. I expect some obey orders just to get a bit of peace and quiet. Others seem to take sadistic pleasure in publicly attacking me, either for more ominous reasons (deep state shenanigans) or, seemingly, just for the thrill.

It must be discomforting for normies, and especially for those in search of an alternative to Lib/Lab/Con/Globohomo, to see the quasi-moronic ad hominem coming from, apparently, yet another member of Richard Edmonds’ inner circle. NB Both my comment and the uncouth reply have since been removed. See image below, showing my partial (quoted) reply:

My obituary probably didn’t to go down too well within that same, small pond of self-appointed big fish. Ah well, that is a shame. The strange news (tbc) that Edmonds had in fact lain dead for at least two days before his body was found on December 23rd, would suggest that he died, in all likelihood, shortly after participating in a final Zoom conference on YouTube.

His demise echoes that of Robert Faurisson, who also succumbed to heart failure shortly after delivering his final talk, in 2018. Like Edmonds, Faurisson also appreciated my songs. In 2016, before publishing one of my more notorious numbers, out of courtesy, I sent a copy of the lyrics to Faurisson, whose name is mentioned in one of the verses. He immediately replied, in French, with a resounding “J’approve!”.

For me, if the above claims (from Antifa) are true, then the most interesting aspect of Edmond’s death would be the “communications” I received, as noted in my obituary. At the time of writing I had assumed he was still alive when the “communications” arrived. It now seems that he was in fact already dead. The important message is that he loved my songs. Nothing else matters.

Nevertheless, I would be interested to know why my response was removed from Radio Albion’s comment section. For starters, I am surprised that the author (of the comment to which I was replying) would manifest public support, at this point in time, by appearing to disregard the actual outcome of the Dresden “trial”. In my now-deleted reply, I pointed to a URL and timestamp of a podcast featuring German lawyer, Wolfram Nahrath, who sets the record straight. There was not even a first instance hearing. Michele Renouf did not once set foot inside court.

Was the comment (still up on the site) posted out of “free will”, without the author being under any kind of pressure to do so by a third party? I would be surprised if this were the case. Likewise, did Radio Albion capitulate to this “honorary man” (cf. Sheppard) because they actually believe the propaganda being spouted? Or would there be more “practical” reasons, for example, withdrawal of advertising?

As for a more likely scenario consisting of eventual claims, behind the scenes, that I would be the “incessant and insane stalker of a celebrity” [sic], I have in my possession an array of forwarded emails, dating back more than two years, that blow any such nonsense completely out of the water.

These people will stop at nothing: lies, smears, accusatory inversion, threats of violence, gaslighting. So far, from my own and others’ perspective, all they have managed to do is discredit themselves and further undermine the cause of historical revisionism – a cause they claim to represent.

The main issue here is whether Radio Albion wishes its listeners to be able to make up their own minds, or whether they should just believe what they’re told. Cancelling my socio-political commentary is something the opposition has been engaging in for more than a decade – to the point of being criminalised for singing satirical songs. On top of this, during the past four years, the English courts have consistently issued various gagging orders against me.

This same de-platforming of my voice continues, not only courtesy of the usual suspects, police and the courts, but also on the part of supposed British ethno-nationalists.

These same fellow “nationalists” have been using similar tactics against me since my first trial began in January 2018. They are no better than my accusers. In fact they are worse: both groups want me silenced, – my accusers perhaps for understandable albeit inappropriate (and under Art. 10. possibly unlawful) reasons; the ethnats because – as is clearly shown by my case — they bend to pressure from this same group, also demanding that I “pipe down,” “She’s on bail, she’s insane,” etc., etc. The only differences between my accusers’ defamation and character assassination of me and that coming from the camp of these “ethnats” are the missing usual labels, “denier”, “racist”, “anti-Semitic”, etc., etc.

As shown during several decades of “British” nationalist “struggle”, most of these people are a complete waste of space. Politically, they have achieved nothing. They have, however, done quite well out of fleecing gullible, disillusioned patriots far and wide, for more than a decade.

Remember, too, the enthusiasm shown by Edmonds and his pals for the plight of German activists, Ursula Haverbeck, Horst Mahler, Sylvia Stolz and the Schaefer siblings. Always trotting off together to Germany, seemingly to indulge in volkisch fairy tale fancies. As Searchlight Magazine once noted, Renouf, together with her strategic team, Peter Rushton, and Richard Edmonds, once formed “The Holy Trinity” of UK historical revisionism. Not that Searchlight is particularly well-known for being a beacon of truth. To my knowledge, none of the so-called “Trinity” has ever produced any real revisionist content, unlike Irving or Kollerstrom. Now Edmonds has departed, rotund state asset, the uncouth Julie Lake from Bristol, will no doubt remain available for fishwife duties, alongside a couple of other weirdos.

This evening, I learned that the fake news of a Dresden court victory is currently being circulated around Mark Collett’s Patriotic Alternative inner circle, promoting Renouf as some kind of revisionist “role model”. Without wishing to breach my latest gagging order, I simply say this: as French writer, Eric Conan, once described a certain famous exhibit at a certain famous museum in Eastern Europe: “Everything is fake”. Fake at least in so far as Renouf’s Dresden episode goes. Time has proven that I was right from the very beginning. Furthermore, everything is on record.

This 2009 article from The Australian (original taken down for some reason…) helps to shed more light on the character and mannerisms of the former actress-in-ads. Because of her politics, she claims, she can no longer make money from modelling…Small Pond Echo-Chamber Nationalism is one way to earn alternative income AND remain “in the limelight”. Alas, for Renouf, the mainstream seems as uninterested as ever. Presumably, news editors for once have done their research.

Still, she did get some national small pond coverage on Radio Albion. Lucky gal. In the end, it is of little importance whether she is remembered as the blue-eyed blonde, dirndl-clad, monolingual “fragrant fascist”, or whether she is remembered as a Clown World Mata Hari. The main thing, for Lidy Big Fish, is to go down in history and be remembered, for something.

In follow-ups to this post, I will be sharing further, important updates. All are interrelated. This first instalment is already too long, and I have vocal and piano tracks to record for a new parody – coming soon!

Happy New Year to all my supportive readers, friends and family.

6 thoughts on “Groyping by Gaslight Part 1

  1. Peter Presland December 30, 2020 / 4:05 pm

    You’re a brick Alison – entertaining, very funny and doggedly good natured with it; a rare combination indeed, and especially so considering what you’ve been put through this past few years

    “… will no doubt remain available for fishwife duties” Love it!

    HNY and best wishes in your continuing battles with both the pompous ethno-nat pygmies (Sebastian’s toys from Blade Runner spring to mind – wind ’em up and let ’em go!) and the other tribe of unnameable self-styled perpetual victims. Desperation to smother truth makes for some very strange allies eh? – even though dreary, self-promoting stupidity – or money – or both – seems to render their public attack-dogs oblivious to it.

    • Alison Chabloz December 30, 2020 / 4:26 pm

      Thanks, Peter. Glad you enjoyed the post. Happy New Year to you, too.

  2. stepfordpunx December 30, 2020 / 6:11 pm

    Happy New Year Alison,

    And may 2020 be a wake up call to all people who value Sovereignty and FREE SPEECH, without being castigated for expressing concerns about Zionism and its fanatical supporters.

    • Alison Chabloz December 30, 2020 / 6:32 pm

      Many thanks, stepfordpunx, and a HNY to you too:)

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