British ex-model “too important” for prosecution under German race law.

February 18th 2018, Jewish News UK published this article, falsely claiming that Michele Renouf had been arrested in Germany :

Within less than a minute, both the URL and headline were altered. No arrest took place; the ex-model was merely “probed”(!) by Dresden police . The corrected article is still online.

My analysis of Renouf’s supposed arrest written at the time can be found here

Renouf’s trial date, more than two-and-a-half years after the Dresden rally, was set for October 16th. We learned this week, however, from Renouf herself, that she already knew that all charges against her had been dropped at least two days prior, on October 14th.

Rather than have the ever-faithful valet, Peter Rushton, announce victory there and then, Renouf decided to wait. Even if there were, as later claimed, a gagging order imposed by the Dresden court, any such order would likely only be valid under German jurisdiction.

In light of 32 months of hype for what was a non-event to start with, public interest in the Renouf case was limited to a tweet or two, asking for news.

In order to try and stir up some interest, on October 23rd came news via Rushton that the trial had been Suddenly Adjourned, Gag Order Imposed.

And yet Renouf had known, at the earliest on October 14th, if not before, that all charges had been dropped. Hence, Rushton’s claims are blatant falsehoods.

As well, on the day of the supposed trial, a group of activists including publisher of the above blog post, Canadian nationalist Paul Fromm, demonstrated outside the German embassy in Toronto. Perhaps not an entirely wasted journey. But where was the support for fellow Canadian revisionist and author, Arthur Topham, who was on trial that very same day, in Vancouver? Unlike Renouf in Germany, Topham is being persecuted by the Canadian courts, and for thought crime. It’s not as if Fromm was unaware of the Topham trial. So what on earth is going on?

This week, we learned that the final documents allegedly appertaining to Renouf’s case were delivered to Berlin lawyer, Wolfram Nahrath, November 5th. It took Renouf and her allies a further five days before announcing the verdict.

Huge victory! Aquitted! An historic precedent!

The hyperbole might have fooled one or two misguided souls. Nahrath’s translation of his client’s strategic spiel verges on the ridiculous with claims of “increasing worldwide media interest in the case”. There is not one single piece of evidence for this, asides the original article at the top of this post, published almost three years ago.

In yesterday’s Brian Ruhe Show with Monika Schaefer, both host and guest speculate on possible reasons why Michele Renouf managed to miraculously escape prosecution for “Holocaust denial” in Germany.

Prompted by Ruhe, Schaefer agrees that Renouf is simply “too important” for charges to be brought against her and that, somehow, this sets a precedent under German law and is a “sign of hope for all of us”.

The problem with Renouf and her admirers is that they believe in their own propaganda. Renouf – unlike David Irving, Robert Faurisson, Gerard Menuhin, Richard Williamson – would be “too important” and “too big” for the state authorities to take on and so they decided, according to Renouf, to “quietly” shelve the case.

There was never any case to begin with. Ergo, there can be no changes to German case law and no “historic” precedent.

The bigger question, of course, is whether Wonder Lawyer Nahrath can perform similar miracles with his German clients: Ursula Haverbeck, recently released from jail; and Marianne Wilfert, likewise convicted under Para 130, currently serving a suspended sentence. Wilfert’s latest trial began last Monday whereas Haverbeck is back in the dock next Tuesday, November 17th – which happens to coincide with my next appearance, this time back at my old haunt, Westminster Magistrates.

Just a reminder that Renouf, Rushton, along with a handful of TFABs (Talentless Frauds Ageing Badly), accused me of sabotaging Faurisson’s final conference in Shepperton, of being a Hope Not Hate spy(!!!) and, most astonishingly of all, held me responsible for the prof’s death the following day on his arrival back home in Vichy. When even that failed to break my spirit, they then tried to shame me into abandoning my High Court Appeal.

As is now widely accepted (confirmed by the complete lack of media interest in the non-existent Renouf trial) it is Peter Rushton who is in fact the long-time state mole, working for years with Searchlight Magazine before becoming Nick Lowles’ direct channel into the German “neo-Nazi far right” for Hope Not Hate (HNH). Rushton and Renouf probably planned the sabotage of their own conference. Their Bristol-based attack dog, Julie Lake, is the prime contender for HNH spy that day, posing as my friend Sophie Johnson. This is backed up by my recent discovery that Lake now uses Twitter account @CentralReserva9 to pass information about me to Eye On Antisemitism, as illustrated in this short video:

Rushton’s and Lake’s sabre-rattling demands for my “surgical removal” from “movement” circles were soon followed by threats of violence against me, posted on VNN Forum. Yesterday, others connected to Renouf emitted similar vulgarities. Mercifully, I am well-protected and now armed with hard proof that I have been right all along about the Dresden fiasco and about Rushton and Renouf.

The good news for Michele Renouf is, of course, that she can be thankful that she is not wilting behind bars and is therefore now free to devote herself fully to supporting those less important than herself.

2 thoughts on “British ex-model “too important” for prosecution under German race law.

  1. shjsophie November 19, 2020 / 5:36 pm

    Thank you for your latest lovable piece, Singin’ Through the Rain. A wistful voice floats through your wit and characteristic playfulness. Your strong spirit is still intact, thank goodness.

    Still, the times are sad. Our dear friend Dr Fredrick Toben, resolute warrior for Truth and tireless champion of the ethical in public life, has left this world. The London Forum is no more. And the hard-working Lehrer Nikolai Nerling has fallen silent.

    But the inveterate liar Michelle Renouf is claiming a great victory in German courts: She has set a precedent in [German race hate] law: the case against her has been dismissed! Little facts, such as that she was never charged by the German court, do nothing to inhibit her massive lie. But then, her entire history, as recounted by Renouf and written up faithfully by Rushton, is a long series of staggering lies.

    Sadly, even people like Monika Schaefer swallow this ‘precedent’ lie whole. Moni ca, and anyone else who thinks Renouf must have been ‘too important’ for the German court to charge, should read this article from The Australian:,25197,25048913-5012694,00.html

    Renouf pushed in to speak at the 2018 Dresden Memorial event. She had not been invited to speak. Why the push-in? She must have had an agenda.

    With characteristic contempt for facts, Renouf claimed that when she arrived at the Memorial venue, people recognised her, and demanded that she speak. So her speech was impromptu. Really? But we saw her on camera, reading her rambling speech from the notes she had brought with her! The gallant Nikolai Lehring , too chivalrous for his own good, came forward to interpret the words she read out.

    Well, the job was done: The police closed down the Memorial event. Renouf never saw the inside of a prison cell. Did the police van she was helped into give her a lift home?

    Actually, it is as sickening to talk about this woman as it is to take notice of her fellow liars, Julie Lake and Peter Rushton. Only Alison’s voice remains of the old nationalist/revisionist movement in Britain, albeit it a voice shackled by the courts. Let us see what Lake, Rushton and Renouf have in mind to do in the interest of the revisionist cause. Support Alison, perhaps? Well, you never know. Anything is possible. But in this case, it is more probable that St Michael will charge down the Milky Way on his trusty steed, and shelter Alison with his mighty sword.

    • Alison Chabloz November 19, 2020 / 6:40 pm

      Sophie, thanks for your comment. Nicolai is still active and has a website Volkslehrer dot Org. He was barred from entering court on Tuesday, where he intended to bring news of Ursula’s latest persecution.

      As for BEARs (Brit Ethnat Also-Rans), if anyone still believes that these parasites are there for any other motive than their own self-aggrandisement and trying to make money from well-intentioned but misguided patriots, then I’m afraid they are either off their rocker or else compromised in one way or another.

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