Q: When is a criminal prosecution not a criminal prosecution?

A: When it’s a photo-op!

With gratitude to Gerard Menuhin for the lyrics, for the photo-op idea and for the inspiration to use Schubert’s adaptation of Goethe’s Der Erlkoenig.

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Singin’ Thru The Pain

In total, I received three separate summons for Tuesday’s hearing. The court clerk should perhaps consider new ways of declaring his (or her) flame?

By Monday evening, my lawyers had not seen any sign of a skeleton argument from any “Special Counsel”, supposedly hired after this latest trial against me for thought crime was again adjourned, for the third time, on October 26th.

The Crown now has a further four weeks to come up with the proof that their latest prosecution was carried out a) in good time and b) within the lawful limitations of criminal standards necessary to go to trial.

District Judge Michael Snow did alleviate my onerous bail conditions somewhat. I am now free to post online, bar a list as long as my arm of forbidden topics. The only report to be published (behind a paywall) by the far-from-impartial Court News UK repeats some of the more preposterous claims made by the opposition, and which I will not repost here for fear of already breaching those same terms.

My trial is now adjourned until 10 am, Demember 17th 2020, once again at my old haunt, Westminster Magistrates Court.

Two fellow freedom fighters came along to lend support. After the hearing, we sat and chatted together with my barrister, Adrian Davies. The pub would have been preferable, but these are all closed due to Lockdown.

British ex-model “too important” for prosecution under German race law.

February 18th 2018, Jewish News UK published this article, falsely claiming that Michele Renouf had been arrested in Germany :

Within less than a minute, both the URL and headline were altered. No arrest took place; the ex-model was merely “probed”(!) by Dresden police . The corrected article is still online.

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