Review of 2019

Season’s greetings to all. Here is a brief review of 2019 that, in the end, turned out to be not so brief. The new year is fraught with the prospect of yet another upcoming spell behind bars, for singing songs. More on that later…


Veteran nationalists got the year off to a good start for British patriots and revisionism by again slandering me in Heritage & Destiny, H&D online. This time, the complaint came from a man who likes to blow his own trumpet in reverence to the countless number of years he’s served both causes; who repeatedly tells audiences that he’s only managed to survive in nationalism for so long by refraining from naming names and by not making a fool of himself over women… Maybe when it comes to breaking his own golden rules, even Richard Edmonds realises he’s now past it? As one mutual acquaintance noted recently:

The more impotent the nationalist movement becomes, the more inclined some nationalists are to needlessly attack others within our ranks who differ from them in some small way, ideologically speaking. It seems to be a form of catharsis, if they can’t score any meaningful victories politically, they feel compelled to vent their frustration scoring points in petty and spiteful vendettas against those on their own side.



Edmond’s latest H&D lament was this time centred on my appeal, due to take place at Southwark Crown Court, and the grave danger posed by my appeal to historical revisionists in the UK and, in particular, to Vincent Reynouard. A further H&D hit-piece by Peter Rushton, ignoring the ruling and claiming I was responsible for a new ‘Holocaust denial law’ in the UK, was published alongside a rambling video.

Another associate of Edmonds and H&D, parroting Rushton’s spiel that the rejection of my Appeal had set a legal precedent, then threatened to pour acid over my nose and announced a £10k bounty on my head if I dared attend any meeting or event! Contrary to police handling of previous threats of violence against me from individuals with links to Campaign Against Antisemitism, CAA, in this instance the boys in blue were on the phone like a shot. Normal police procedure to act on threats coming from “the far right” and ignore those coming from militant Zionists?

Does Edmond’s plea, – that I give up the fight and do what I’m told, i.e. STFU -, perhaps render slightly less embarrassing HJH Chris Hehir’s ruling? What ho! Oh yehesss, the Chabloz case! Yes, ahh well, hopefully we shan’t be hearing much more from her…

Since then, one High Court judge and the CEO of press watchdog IPSO have both asserted that no one has the right not to be offended.

In between his performance acts for the H&D circus, the nonchalant Frenchman Reynouard brushes off neurotic scaremongering and continues to fight for the revisionist cause.


Following yet more gnashing of teeth and sick hyperbole from Rushton in H&D as mentioned above, including demands that patriots withdraw their support and stop donating to me, I finally responded to the H&D lobby, both in print and in a video:


Efforts by yet another false prophet of British patriotism, Tommy Robinson, to rebrand himself as a free-speech advocate weren’t amounting to much. Was this the beginning of the end for Robinson & Co?

190504 brian of london

Internet censorship – reap what you sow


The first of two eventful trips across, or rather underneath, the English Channel. The day before I was due to travel to speak and perform at the Forum de l’Europe in Paris, I received a letter-before-action, signed Peter Rushton of H&D, threatening to sue me if I didn’t pay him damages of £5,000. Rushton’s remarkable complaint concerned my reply, in French, in RIVAROL, to Rushton’s translated H&D smear article which had featured in the magazine two weeks earlier. Upset had been caused by my reference to Manfred Roeder’s description of certain other third parties as “rogues and cutthroats”. It is plainly obvious from Roeder’s text that there is not a single to reference to Peter Rushton. What was he hoping to achieve with his ridiculous letter-before-action? In short, yet another embarrassment for state-approved nationalists, still free – unlike so many other nationalist figures – to swan around Europe, reporting from the sidelines without ever getting down into the trenches themselves.

The letter-before-action was binned and I spent a wonderful evening in Paris. Robert Faurisson’s brother, Jean, was a surprise guest of honour. Epona and I – with just one rehearsal on the rainy, Friday evening, and a great deal of help and kindness from Hélène and all the team – were on fantastic form.


A second opportunity for dissident divadom in France, thanks to Dieudonné: two songs and a short intro (below) at the 2019 Bal des quenelles, very much welcomed by the large audience, as can be heard from their reaction. As well, my first year on probation was over and I was again free to post on my main social media outlets, Facebook, VKontakte and Gab.


July saw my first encounter with District Judge Jonathan Taaffe, who cancelled my remaining hours of slave labour. I recorded and uploaded two videos, both of which can be found in the archives for July. Finally, I received a written warning from the National Probation Service, NPS, concerning my Prohibited Activity Order, PAO, which prevented me from “posting or attempting to post on any social media outlet” for 12 months and which ran from June 2018 and which, therefore, had already been over for almost a month by the time I eventually received the written warning.

Throughout the year-long ban, I continued publishing HERE on my personal website I do not and have never considered this site to be a “social media outlet”. Thuggish charity CAA badgered police, the CPS and NPS from the very beginning, trying to have me re-arrested for alleged new offences and/or breaching the PAO because, they argued, my website is “a blog” and therefore is a “social media outlet.” The first instance hearing would take place in August, again in front of DJ Taafe at Chesterfield.


I pleaded not guilty to breach of my suspended sentence and a date was set for the trial in September.

Once again, I made the headlines by being refused entry into France, at St. Pancras International because of my performance three weeks earlier at Dieudonné’s Bal des quenelles. And still not a peep from Tommy Robinson! Nor indeed any explanation from Edmonds, Rushton, Renouf for having defiled the field of historical revisionism with their garbage.


DJ Taaffe found me guilty and sentenced me to eight weeks in prison, of which I was to serve four at New Hall Closed Women’s prison near Wakefield. I served three days, all on the remand wing except for the final hours of the third day, and then granted unconditional bail – also by DJ Taaffe – pending my appeal (details below.)


Also in September, I had the honour of becoming a member of l’Atelier de chansons potaches, ADCP, a social reinsertion Comedy Song Workshop programme for offenders serving long-term jail sentences. Several well-known French actors, comedians and writers have collaborated with the scheme, the most high-profile being Dieudonné. Two cult comedy ADCP songs, both performed by Dieudonné, have been the subject of harsh verdicts in the French courts. According to la cour correctionnelle, 17ième chambre du Palais de justice, the songs mock the findings of the Nuremberg Military Tribunal and are therefore contrary to French law on le négationnisme – ‘Holocaust denial’ (which perhaps sounds less elegant, albeit more dramatic and hard-hitting, in English.)

Dieudonné confirmed in court that the lyrics to Shoananas! and C’est mon choaaa… C’est mon choix were written by ADCP founder member and Dieudo’s co-author and Directeur de publications, Germain Gaiffe-Cohen (who, I am told, is impressed by my work.)  The French court refused to accept testimony of the author – a Jew! Because if they had, then the world would have seen crystal clear evidence that the LICRA, Crif, CAA, CST, the ADL, SPLC, etc., do not speak for all Jews. Those in charge of any such censorious, money-grubbing cover operation for Israel might want to lighten up and admit that the masquerade is over, rather than ramping up fake charges of “anti-Semitism”.


CAA’s Steve Silverman, aka Bedlam Jones, made a counter-claim to the copyright takedown notice I had submitted to Google for his unauthorised publication of two of my videos: one of my entire London Forum performance and another of (((Survivors))). Silverman and CAA are claiming “fair use”. What would happen if I shared Silverman’s public links to my own songs? 

Apparently, my videos are used by CAA for educational purposes, to train police and other system drones to recognise the danger posed by a middle-aged woman’s end-of-the-pier, musical mockery of wartime propaganda lies and Jewish power. Yes, this is the same Silverman who sermonised from the witness stand about the offensiveness of my songs, and the impending danger my songs pose to Jews… Occupying what they perceive to be the moral high ground whilst simultaneously behaving like thugs without manners, Silverman and CAA believe they are entitled to rob me of my intellectual property – the same intellectual property they wished to eradicate because they found it “grossly offensive”? – and now the songs are being used by CAA without a licence, to entertain the police?

And yet… It was CAA boss Gideon Falter who initially brought a private prosecution against me for (((Survivors))). The other two songs were the result of Silverman and then Jonathan Hoffman crying victim over two more of my songs, Nemo’s Antisemitic Universe and I Like the Story As It Is! – SATIRE. I kid you not, CAA provided police with questions to use during their interrogations and even persuaded local officials to pressure police into harassing my elderly parents at home.

In defiance, my ADCP contributions got underway with a song in French in commemoration of the final round of appeal for my main case, this time in the High Court, scheduled for the 31st: Hallowe’en that was; and Brexit Day that wasn’t. Here’s the photo-montage version with subtitles:

My application to bring a Judicial Review was dismissed by the High Court. My predators are still intent on extracting their pound of flesh, salivating at the thought of Chabloz soon to be locked up in jail…


Because of the character he portrays in the film of the same name (Borat), Sacha Baron Cohen is the most hated man in Kazakhstan. Baron Cohen has now had his day, as seen by widespread reactions to the recent speech he gave at the annual ADL award ceremony. Baron Cohen built an entire career, painting racial stereotypes, earning for himself unimaginable wealth, fame; now winning awards from self-defined “anti-fascist” pro-Israel lobbying organisations and giving “serious” speeches?

Two days after Baron Cohen lamented the fact that the days of the mainstream media stranglehold on so-called “news” and “entertainment” are coming to a swift demise thanks to the Internet, the ADL published a hit list of names they want removed from social media. A is for Alison, top of the Facebook list.


The Conservative Party won the General Election, with Prime Minister, Boris “I am a passionate Zionist” Johnson, gaining a sizeable majority. My newly-elected Tory MP, Robert Largan, is likewise a member of Tory Friends of Israel, CFoI. and therefore wilfully oblivious to Israeli war crimes. Largan is now being groomed by CAA, ready to cheer loudly, once I’m safely back behind bars next month, for breach of my PAO as mentioned above.

Or, perchance, those pulling strings will decide that this show trial has now gone on for long enough. If it drags on for much longer, then might it not eventually prove to be even more of an embarrassment for police, the judiciary, the CPS, right up to the Ministry of Justice..?

As noted at the start of this post, Christmas was somewhat subdued. My mother’s health is uncertain following another stroke, and there looms the prospect of her only daughter, yes me, being banged up in prison again at the end of next week…

And yet, despite all the doom and gloom, an unexpected star of hope rises from the east, or more precisely from the Temple of Jerusalem in North London… Christmukah has finally arrived !

When it comes to lapping up media attention, CAA Head of Political Investigations, Joe Glasman, unlike his fellow board members Falter and Silverman, prefers discretion. Not that the Glasman family shies away from celebrity: Glasman’s elder brother, Maurice, is a Labour life peer and founder of Blue Labour. Both brothers are musicians, although Joe Glasman admits to spending far more of his time astroturfing for CAA and Israel than composing music – a fact strangely absent from his Wikipedia biography.  The night before the General Election, he expressed despair at the possibility of Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister:

And then, on Christmas Day, in a remarkable video, Glasman took credit for defeating Corbyn and Labour in the election, on behalf of the Temple of Jerusalem, with the help of a team of anonymous volunteers, “the Maccabees”. By the time Glasman had received orders to set his video to private, it was too late. In essence, his spiel is a near-perfect spoken-word reiteration of the infamous refrain of (((Survivors))) – a song which, according to CAA, was about to spark a holocaust unless its author was immediately incarcerated and severely punished for blasphemy.

If Silverman is Bedlam Jones and Steve Applebaum is Nemo, then Glasman is “robbersdog”. The first two we know for certain, as confirmed at Westminster Magistrates and Southwark Crown Court. When asked by senior magistrate Emma Arbuthnot to clarify in December 2016, both Falter and Silverman denied all knowledge of the “robbersdog” Disqus account. Jamais deux sans trois. As Head of Political Investigations, Glasman, along with Falter and Silverman, would have been aware of CAA’s agenda and the arrangements to groom meet various amenable local officials, in order to have me and others silenced. Here’s what Glasman and CAA have planned for anyone they dislike:

If cases are strung out for too long, or if they hit the buffers completely, then we reserve the right to privately prosecute any case that we believe warrants that approach… If it’s all too complicated for you to comprehend, just think in terms of private medical insurance; the treatment might be the same as that offered by the NHS, but because it’s not paid for by the taxpayer, ie, it’s ‘privately’ paid for, it happens that much more quickly and efficiently.


Following the unexpected election victory of Boris and annihilation of Labour, safe in his Jerusalemite tower, Glasman jubilates over what he perceives as a massive victory for Zionism. Venom is directed towards Jews who supported and who still support Corbyn, whereas there is praise for “non-Jewish allies” of the Maccabees.

At the end of his video message, Glasman states emphatically, twice, that Corbyn and his supporters lack a sense of humour. And yet Glasman had a hand in making sure compliant police and prosecutors jumped to Talmudic orders when it came to harassing, persecuting and jailing an artist for posting humorous songs about the ‘Holocaust’! – songs, much to CAA’s horror and dismay, that are liked and appreciated by hundreds of people all over the world.

How can the Charities Commission grant registered charity status to such an organisation? Glasman confirms everything that I and CAA’s other victims have been saying for years: CAA is an extremist Zionist astroturfing front for Israel. Rather than engaging in charitable acts, CAA prosecutes people for their beliefs, undermining the basic democratic principles of this country, – a country where their parents were invited in as guests. They operate as a mafia and everyone knows it. Even CAA board members admit to anonymous online stalking and harassment, mainly of women. And if the women complain, these same abusers then play victim and phone their pals at Scotland Yard, Canary Wharf and the Ministry of Justice, demanding that action be taken against “Jew hatred” – a frequently-used Jewish euphemism for “the Truth”.

Future generations will look back in disbelief and horror that our rulers turned a blind eye to so many instances of treason. Yes, our rulers are to blame, with the help of police, police informants, Stalinist Crown prosecutors; vain and greedy politicians, biased judges, vicious media hacks, vapid TV celebrities and the heads of all the major social media outlets.

Why doesn’t anyone dare challenge CAA? Isn’t it obvious, especially considering the logic behind Glasman’s Judeo-centric gloating, that the “campaign against anti-Semitism” is no such thing? It is an astroturfing operation intended to provoke real anti-Semitism, so that CAA and the hundreds of other similar NGOs can then ask for more protection for schools, synagogues; for special laws to protect the official “Holocaust” narrative from scrutiny and to shield Israel and Zionist Jews from any criticism.

I hate to burst Glasman’s balloon, but the plan to go after me for my songs fails to substantiate the much advanced claim of higher-than-average Jewish IQ. On the contrary, CAA’s private prosecution of an artist has shed an entire galaxy of light on the double standards and chosenite idiocy of the Jew Suis Charlie brigade. Whilst they point a scrawny finger and screech ‘Chabloz is a convicted neo-Nazi Holocaust denier!’, they fail to grasp the irony of their own their words and deeds. Jewish power – the power to suppress debate about Jewish power – has undermined itself by attempting to silence a singer who dared to mock Jewish power – to boot to the tune of Hava Nagila!

Throughout the process, CAA’s actions meant that the songwriter received tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of pounds’ worth of free publicity. Rather than being consigned to the dustbins of musical history (- a fate that most definitely awaits Glasman’s own musical contributions), the message of (((Survivors))) was heard far and wide – thanks to the private prosecution originally brought against me by Gideon Falter. Now in its fourth year, what will be the final cost to the tax-payer of my prosecution, two year-long stint on probation, endless hearings and prison sentences? How does HMCTS justify the staggering waste of precious court resources, causing one senior judge, Sir Wyn Williams, to describe my case as “a procedural nightmare”?

Censorship maniacs who, on the world stage, display blatant in-group preference do not help to improve the already dismal image of Israel – which must by definition include most Jews and all Antifa. Presently, and in light of Glasman’s timely gift, it would seem that they are most definitely beyond help.

Who knows what 2020 will bring? Not much, with Boris’ ZOG-infested cabinet and media fuelling ever-deepening division, country and union-wide. However, there is still hope: despite all the noise pollution from the mainstream, there are plenty of exciting newcomers to white nationalism and the year may hold promise for the creation of a new, patriotic movement that wishes to ensure the future of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, for those who truly belong here and others deserving of citizenship, if not nationality. Such a movement must continue to forge ties with our European cousins across the Channel, the North Sea, the Atlantic, as well as with our friends and former trading partners in distant lands.

Happy New Year to all.






8 thoughts on “Review of 2019

  1. Arch Stanton December 31, 2019 / 5:21 pm

    One of the Jews greatest victories was, and is, their ability to program the goy mind to an extent that it refuses to broach certain subjects. Jews have goy minds shutting completely down at the mere mention of a single, hot-button word or phrase Jew wordsmiths set up for that very purpose. Mind triggers that shut down all thought, rational or otherwise. One can readily see this effect at work in those individuals that watch television, basing their worldview on its lies.
    Here is an interesting “eastern” take on the Jew-programmed “west.”
    “Years ago, when Communism collapsed many people left Eastern Europe and moved to America. Someone asked one of these people what was the biggest difference they noticed when moving to the U.S. I found the reply interesting and unexpected. They said that the level of propaganda in the U.S. was so incredibly high and so ubiquitous that they were shocked. In the communist countries they had propaganda, but nowhere near this level.
    “This reminded me Srdja Trifkovic’s extremely revealing interview, where he said: ‘Today in the postmodern West, it is very hard… to exchange any meaningful thoughts on race, on immigration… without encountering some seriously strained looks!, and even stunned and uncomfortable reactions from friends and neighbours, and that is why you avoid these conversations’.
    “Today’s West is far more totalitarian than the communist countries of the Eastern Bloc when I was also a teenager. Don’t believe it? Watch Trifkovic’s interview:”

  2. wikispooks (@wikispooks) January 1, 2020 / 8:34 am

    God Bless you Alison Chabloz; and may 2020 bring you peace and a measure of protection from the vicious oppression of our self-appointed Chosenite thought police

  3. Ciaran Goggins January 1, 2020 / 3:56 pm

    Happy New Year, one notes that Emma Arbuthnot was also recused from the Julian Assange case. Partiality, much?

  4. marymc50 January 1, 2020 / 9:46 pm

    Great synopsis of the year Alison. 2020 The Battle Continues x

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