Robert Largan, contemptuous of High Peak voters, in love with Israel.

I have already written about my first impressions of the Tory candidate for High Peak, here:

Why the entire System is unfit for office

Last night, I was finally banned from posting on Robert Largan’s Facebook page.

Here’s Largan’s post, to which the replies saw me quickly lose the right to comment, as already happened to me several months ago on the corresponding Facebook campaign page belonging to Largan’s Labour rival, Ruth George, who became an MP in the 2017 General Election. Back then, George narrowly won against Tory MP for High Peak, Andrew Bingham.

Bingham, unlike his successor and unlike Largan, did actually offer to assist me back in early 2017 when I was summonsed for the private prosecution brought against me by director of Campaign Against Antisemitism, Gideon Falter. However, Bingham’s offer amounted to nothing and he then lost his seat. His successor George hasn’t answered any of my correspondence. Until yesterday, Largan had allowed me to comment regularly on his Facebook page. Although Largan mentioned me first, he failed respond to any of my comments. (His mentor ex-Tory minister and Chairman of High Peak Conservatives, Edwina Currie, spewed out a predictably misleading ‘convicted Holocaust denier’ on the HPC Facebook page.) Largan did, however, post several screenshots of my comments to Twitter. It seems that all my comments on his Facebook page have now been removed.

largan yes

Above: Pure Tory arrogance. Did Largan and his associate doormats for the Israel lobby believe that he would win votes by allowing locals to read my side of the story?

Largan’s latest offensive post and the one that saw me banned is news of yet another “report” by CAA :

largan caa

Above: Robert Largan tries to convince voters that CAA is “independent”. 

I submitted three separate replies. One charming young lass and presumed supporter of Largan, “Caroline Bannon”, did respond: 

Above: click on separate images to enlarge. 

Strangely enough, it was my mention of the dealings between Labour Police & Crime Commissioner for High Peak and also responsible nationwide for “hate crime”, Hardyal Dhindsa, with CAA, which also saw me banned from Ruth George’s Facebook page, during the Whaley Bridge Dam Disaster reservoir overflow leak.

Once my heretical comments and profile had been removed from Largan’s page, Ms Bannon then popped up again, urging other posters to report me to police for breaching my social media ban – which finished in June (long story). Ms Bannon’s profile is obviously fake. Largan’s girlfriend, perhaps? There is something about that violin-shaped face and hair, not to mention an aura of Pilates-driven self-importance. No wonder when the pair first crossed paths, there was an immediate biological attraction: each saw a reflection of the same, sneering brand of smugness and disdain, as possessed by the large majority of Tory (and indeed most) MPs, peers, journalists, TV host “celebrities”, etc.

Above: Largan and his lady troll, ‘Powered by ç%&? dust’ ?!

Largan also had his big moment in the Daily Mail earlier this week, when he was presented with a chance to play victim and once again show his allegiance to Israel. No doubt, Largan’s transparently dim election strategy was concocted during some Conservative Friends of Israel event, possibly in the company of Miss ç%&? dust and even one or two representatives of CAA?

largan mail

Above: no wonder voters mistakenly believe Largan is Jewish. He certainly acts in Jewish-Zionist interests, even though at the last census, only 35 High Peak residents identified as Jews. 


So there we have it. Will CAA’s “report” have an effect on Thursday’s result? Doubtful. Largan’s behaviour since the beginning of this campaign (and indeed in previous similar campaigns) has been most off-putting. He is obnoxious, sarcastic and full of his own self-importance. The same goes for those who run CAA and their Stasi Volunteer Brigade. Like Largan, PCC Dhindsa was also made to feel important, wined and dined into swallowing nonsense about songs being a “hate crime”, whilst yet another Palestinian kid gets shot in the spine by an IDF sniper…

I noticed on Twitter someone claiming Ruth George is a Jew. Possible, I suppose. George goes along with kosherised, anti-Zionist, Momentum mantra. As I said earlier, George never replied to any of my letters. It was one of George’s closest confidantes who had me banned from Glossop Labour Club, beginning of 2016. Thus, for my views and my beliefs, I was pushed out of my social and professional milieu as a local folk musician in and around High Peak, on the orders of the Israel lobby, by local liberal leftist activists, many of whom I previously worked with, played music with, etc. Yes, thrown under the bus by activists who proclaim to be for equal rights and a fairer society, but who, in reality, are no better and perhaps even more sinister than their dim doormat counterparts in the style of Robert Largan.

Neither Labour nor Tories are the answer to Britain’s problems. We need a hung parliament and then a complete change of the electoral system. Most importantly, we must stop Boris Johnson getting a majority. If you’re still unsure, please see Ian Millard’s excellent analyses, updated daily, sometimes hourly. 

I cannot bring myself to vote for either of the main candidates in High Peak. The others don’t stand a chance. I will metaphorically spoil my ballot paper by continuing to write down my thoughts here and on social media. Please join me.


7 thoughts on “Robert Largan, contemptuous of High Peak voters, in love with Israel.

  1. Ian Millard December 10, 2019 / 5:44 pm

    I have heard tell that some voters express their thoughts directly on the ballot paper, usually pithily.

    The High Peak “Conservative” candidate, Largan, is obviously a doormat for Zionists and Israel. He even works as an accountant for Marks & Spencer!

    Pity that his main opponent seems to be the usual spineless Labour “socialist”, who may well be (probably is) a supporter of migration-invasion. I hope that she is re-elected though, purely because Boris-idiot has to be denied a majority. A Boris-Con majority would pave the way for a ZOG [Zionist Occupation Government] tyranny.

    Look at the Cabinet! Most are not even British except in terms of their passports (and “Boris” held a US passport until a year ago!).

    As you say, a hung Parliament is best. That may lead to both a change in the voting system and the emergence of a real social-national party. Labour, though better than “Conservative” in *this* election, is a busted flush.

    That “Caroline Bannon” seems to be the sort of halfwit who follows the likes of Tommy Robinson and/or Katie Hopkins. Complete idiot, quite obviously.

    • Alison Chabloz December 10, 2019 / 7:13 pm

      At first, I thought “Caroline Cnut-Dust Bannon” might be Falter’s latest squeeze (CAA boss awaiting his very own #MeToo moment..?) But the person who most wants to see Largan elected, asides Largan himself and of course Falter, is Largan’s odd-looking partner who occasionally publishes lifestyle pieces for The Sun “newspaper”.

  2. Ciaran Goggins December 10, 2019 / 7:19 pm

    I will see your banning and raise you my banning on Norfolk Police’s Facebook page (soon after I began a corruption inquiry).

  3. Sophie Johnson December 10, 2019 / 10:46 pm

    Does anyone know whether Farage destroyed his party intentionally by standing candidates down in favour of the Tories? I was very suspicious to see the msm giving him so much un-hostile coverage … then suddenly ‘poof’: he’s gone. He did say that he means to put into parliament a healthy number of his own, ‘to keep the Con’s feet to the fire’. That seemed like a jolly good idea. What’s more, I was hearing a good volume of noise in the South East from people who intended to vote for Farage, for the simply reason that he would bring new blood into parliament.

    The Brexit Party seemed to be flying. But was it, or were the pollsters lying strategically, knowing that the Brexit Party enthusiasts are to see themselves let down? Certainly, I do not believe that the pollsters’ outputs are straight, nor are they much given over to the quest for the sacred truth.

    And it looks to me as if we haven’t a clue about how the election cauldron is being stirred. It is definitely not being stirred by the vaunted ‘main players’, all of whom are arseholes to an astonishing degree, and apparently aimless. It would be lovely if the voting public boycotted this election, wishing the plague on all their houses. I wonder how many boycotters we need to invalidate an election, if that is at all possible. Oh, yahboo: I am certaily making plans for Thursday that do not include the ballot box. (The day after the elections is Friday the 13th. hehehe.)

    Alison, I am not surprised that Largan intends to be no friend of yours. With the Jewess Edwina Curry doddering around, he’d get the boot in no time if he were nice to you. I have met three of the local MPs. All are of no account politically: one got turfed for sexual harassment; the others busily fight a bit with local councils for people’s rights, then happily watch their bloating waistlines. Yuk.

  4. marymc50 December 11, 2019 / 1:59 pm

    Hi Alison fighting the good fight as always love it! No doubt the Facebook ban wil be coming soon from those despicable people. Unfortunately I think Boris has a lot of people who voted to leave the EU fooled into thinking he will deliver Brexit and will vote for them (there is certainly nothing conservative about the Conservatives). His Brexit will be fake we are already signed up to th EU Defence Union since after the referendum by Mrs May. I will be spooling my vote there is no choice x

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