ADL demands my removal from Facebook

Exactly a year ago today, I received in my inbox an extraordinary missive sent by veteran nationalist, Richard Edmonds, relaying the text of a statement published online by Heritage and Destiny deputy editor, Peter Rushton. Initially signed by Rushton, Edmonds and Michèle Renouf, the statement slanders me as a ‘traitor and a saboteur’. Below are links to several self-penned articles on this astonishing chapter in British nationalist-revisionist history:

For the Record: UK ‘patriots’ distinguish themselves by emulating enemy tactics

In response to cries for my SURGICAL REMOVAL from movement circles

Reply in under one minute to Richard Edmonds

Drawing a line – Far right treachery and betrayal from within

A year on, the outright failure on the part of these so-called nationalists to have me surgically removed from movement circles is no better illustrated than by today’s demands by the Anti Defamation League that my Facebook account must be suspended immediately. Indeed, according to both the ADL and the Jewish diaspora’s seethingly vengeful and most anti-White publication to date, The Algemeiner, the removal of my presence from Facebook is a top priority, as is the removal of online accounts run by a host of other notorious luminaries including David Duke, Louis Farrakhan, Richard Spencer, Gilad Atzmon, Kevin MacDonald, Kevin Barrett, Texe Marrs (RIP), Gordon Duff, E. Michael Jones and Nathanael Kapner :

I did try to respond directly to the Algemeiner‘s post. Apparently, the editorial board does not tolerate any right of reply:


This latest round of foot-stamping from the Zionist lobby proves the theory that my prosecution and ensuing catapult to fame will be used, now and forever, to promote the idea that any questioning or mockery of the Jewish ‘holocaust’ is somehow morally wrong and therefore should be illegal.

Would I be banned from Facebook if, say, I recorded and uploaded a parody version of Borat’s famous tune? – Borat of course being a creation of Sacha Baron Cohen whose speech at the recent ADL award ceremony foreshadowed today’s call for more censorship.

Note, the persecution of a singer shall not strictly be limited to censorship only. Last week, I received the latest in a series of phone calls from police. (Something of a novelty, however, to be informed by police of such matters because, usually, news of my impending rearrest and re-incarceration comes not via police themselves, but rather courtesy of the Jewish press.) This time, it was a request to attend a voluntary interview under caution for something I apparently said in an Internet radio broadcast last July.

This phone call was slightly different than previous, similar ones, in that the officer ordered to investigate left a mobile phone number. He also refused to state where in Derbyshire he happens to be stationed. I politely declined the offer, also saying that if I am required to attend a police interview, I shall be reserving all my rights and will refuse to comment.

I’ve listened again to the two-hour long radio show and can’t see anything remotely offensive, although I do mention the police at some length… We shall see if DC Re-dact-ed – of whom there is not a trace online – keeps his promise to issue a warrant for my arrest.

As a last word, it was a great pleasure to finally receive and open the mail that was sent to me during my brief incarceration at HMP New Hall last September. Thank you so much to everyone who thought of me. For each of the three days spent behind bars I received three or four different items, including a book, stamps, postcards and letters. One letter with stamps, however, sent by my parents, never turned up. Why would this particular letter with wishes from my own family be retained, I wonder?


Please don’t forget to write to political prisoners here and elsewhere. Your letters are always appreciated. I will respond personally to all those who gave a name and address very soon.

P.S. Finally, last week, the written judgment of last month’s application for Judicial Review was published. Those interested in viewing may click here.

8 thoughts on “ADL demands my removal from Facebook

  1. Arch Stanton November 27, 2019 / 2:43 am

    If this keeps up, next thing you know the ADL will have you on trial for being a secret former commandant of Auschwitz! You wouldn’t laugh if you knew how many people would believe it.

    Try This – Hey! All I did was sing a song for chrissake! Go away! I’m not even old enough for this kind of treatment. Can’t you brave, democratic, lads find someone more threatening to persecute, like mebbe a ninety-something Nazi janitor or German grandmother?

    To be honest, I am surprised that Lady Michèle Renouf would be involved in something like this.

    • Alison Chabloz November 27, 2019 / 12:46 pm

      Thank you for your comment. Once I discovered the ugly facts – that the authorities of supposed liberal western democracies lock up dissidents for their beliefs – indignation took hold and I had to do something.

      Yes, very strange that Mrs Renouf would allow herself to engage in destructive rivalry. Even stranger that supposedly intelligent men who describe themselves as patriots would wish to project themselves as a band of obsequious forelock tuggers…

  2. Raeto West November 28, 2019 / 3:40 pm

    I googled your name, Alison, and was rather shocked at the jew-controlled media and sub-media’s constant insults against you. I hope you keep strong.

    • Alison Chabloz November 29, 2019 / 7:44 pm

      Water off a duck’s back, Rae. But thanks for your concern.

  3. Sophie Johnson November 28, 2019 / 4:33 pm

    It is old news that the various forms of the British Nationalist movement have all been raddled with spies/saboteurs. There is no good reason for them to have disappeared. For one thing, what else were they good for? And I think one conjectures safely, Alison, that you are the only serious threat to certain interests to have appeared on the Revisionalist/Nationalist scene. It stands to reason that the Edmonds-Rushton-Renouf (ERR) tiresome threesome stood to be well remunerated for your scalp. Fortunately, you were onto them very quickly, well before they could do lasting damage. I doubt they have the resources to rally, for surely the antifa will not again take them seriously as allies. The ERRs went in boots and all, all too eager to let blood. One of them could not contain her eagerness for your imminent felling, and prattled about it in your very hearing, the cretin! She and the others can be left to rot quietly now. You were just too good for them. They surely know that, despite their massive inferiority-spawned inflated egos.

    I cannot understand that police invitations to you for your preliminary cautioning. Are they hoping to entice you into a rendezvous in the hope that they can persuade you to say something self-incriminating? Fat hope. But still, I am really glad that you are not accepting those invitations.

    Too bad that the courts were so disappointing. I still blink in disbelief about our courts that can be held collectively to the same political agenda. That, sadly, has proven to be a fact. We just have to re-define our concept of legal justice.

    You were brilliant and valiant all the way through this whole ordeal, dear Alison. Congratulations, and a million thanks, with lots of love. Enjoy your busy life! Ironically, and this must be making the ERRs grind their false teeth, it was, in considerable measure, their malice that built your international reputation and popularity. Onwards and upwards!

  4. Ciaran Goggins November 30, 2019 / 7:52 pm

    Farrakhan I can do without, had to listen to a tedious speech in Philly in ’93/94. Use of an alias often works if trying to get a point across. Oh, lovely flower card whilst in jail, Irish stamp on it?

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