Why the entire System is unfit for office

Junior fellow at SLGO (Smirk Like Gideon Osborne) and local Conservative candidate in the upcoming UK General Election, Robert Largan can smell blood. To start off the week, Largan posted the following about his rival, Labour’s Ruth George, on his campaign Facebook page:


The post reads as follows, see Largan’s final sentence:

Ruth George is still trying to claim that well known racist Kasey Carver has “no role to play” in her campaign despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Remember, Kasey Carver has made a number of anti-Jewish racist posts including:

-Sharing a post about the “so called Holocaust”
-Advancing a racist conspiracy theory about Israel supporting ISIS
-Making racist comments about the “Zionist influence of the BBC”
-Was a long time friend of Alison Chabloz, a racist Holocaust denier, so notorious that she is banned from entering France.

No sooner had I politely responded to the call to war, Largan then dutifully moved the battle location over to Twitter – from where I am banned and therefore unable to reply directly. Was Largan hoping to attract an army of virtue-signallers complete with pitchforks? Sadly for him, only a couple of accounts with visible links to Campaign Against Antisemitism, CAA, entered the one-sided fray. Rattusbaum aka Nemo predictably came out to bat for Israel, squeaking plaintively. Amusingly, le gros porc was quickly out for a duck after being bowled over by another song.

Let me make it clear that I am not in favour of any of the main parties. True, there are entries on this very site, published not all that long ago, that are supportive of Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-Zionism. Now, however, the anti anti-Semitism lobby seems to be promoting me as one of the main reasons not to vote Labour. Quite a compliment, I’d say!

Whichever way the country votes, turkeys can still look forward to Christmas with Brexit well and truly stuffed. And yes, the Westminster gravy train rumbles on: vote for The System and you can expect to get more of The System. Therefore, it makes little difference whether or not the uninspiring Largan does manage to unseat Ruth George. When compared alongside the almost complete lack of desired response to Largan’s smears, the noises coming from George’s wide support base would appear to indicate that High Peak constituents are dismissive of attempts to score political points, especially ones citing the Labour candidate’s tenuous links to a notorious singer-songwriter. Voters want a hard-working MP and George has certainly proven herself in this respect.

Presently, George’s Facebook page shows ten times more support than her main opponent. In turn, Largan enjoys a similar ratio of support when compared to that of Lib Dem and Brexit Party hopefuls, Guy Kiddey and Mark Nolan. My suggestion to voters would be not to bother: show your dissent by refusing to participate in the present System circus.

(Earlier this year, I wrote to George about my case. I have yet to receive any reply. Beginning of August, during the Whaley Bridge Dam ‘disaster’, I remarked on George’s Facebook post of a photo shoot with the Labour Leader, also accompanied by opportunist Police and Crime Commissioner, Hardyal Dhindsa. For some reason, George then blocked me from commenting further on her campaign page).

Despite George’s guilt by unrelated association (see Largan’s comments above), realistically speaking, did she have any other choice than to bury her head in System sand on the Chabloz free speech issue? Seemingly, none of this year’s election candidates intends taking a stand on behalf of tax payers who, in accordance with last week’s court ruling, are being forced to foot the bill for my lengthy trial, including twenty-odd court hearings, lawyers, judges, etc. Do tax payers realise that their hard-earned cash is funding a System that wants to see their rights curtailed? Aren’t we constantly told that our freedoms are guaranteed only because we managed to defeat ze evil Nazis 70 odd years ago? How, therefore, can it be morally right that public money is being spent on prosecuting a singer?

To finish off, a brief word on some of the implications of last week’s unpublished appeal judgment in the High Court.

As Alain Soral rightly comments in a recent article on French state-sponsored censorship, in order that artists and, in particular, comedians function within the System, they must be part of that System. Multiple platforms will be offered to those who avoid politics or else to those described by Soral as System comics (e.g. Stewart Lee) who attack those most despised by the System, namely, ‘the far right’. Likewise, Charlie Hebdo touches on politics, but only in state-approved fashion, as similarly noted in Private Eye. Soral of course is referencing state censorship of France’s most successful comedian to date, Dieudonné.

Theresa May is responsible for barring entry to the UK to Dieudonné following the Nicolas Anelka quenelle salute case. Now of course, the French Ministry of the Interior has barred my own entry into France. Both Dieudonné and I have been convicted for singing songs, albeit obviously in separate jurisdictions and under quite different legislation. Today however, the Internet still has open borders, at least for now…

Last week’s High Court judgment is seemingly only available online by subscribing to Lawtel. We see from this tweet, however, that confusion reigns. The London Forum video of my songs was ’caused to be seen’ by being ’caused to be sent’..!

causing to be seen

Above: ‘Causing to be sent’ is S. 127(b);  S. 127(a) is ‘Sending’.

During the months that I reported my accusers, — who, as it was later confirmed in court, belong to the same gang (including CAA Enforcer Silverman), also responsible for targeting my professional and social life with the sole aim of bringing about my prosecution and conviction, — I was repeatedly told by police that if I had sought out the offending material myself, i.e. if it hadn’t been addressed to me directly, then there was nothing they could do. Even when police were shown evidence that I had repeatedly been sent threatening material to my home address, they dropped their investigation on the shakiest of grounds, including the sudden ‘retirement’ of two investigating officers.

Does this mean, therefore, that certain well-connected members of one particular ethnic group can seek out my blog posts and my songs, click ‘play’, steal my intellectual property and even twist the authorities arms in order to have me vigorously prosecuted on behalf of a foreign-based political agenda..? Does this mean that those whose families were brought into this country as guests less than a century ago are ‘more equal in law’ than those whose families have lived here for generations over thousands of years?

As mentioned above, CAA is now promoting my harmonious heinous heresy at every possible opportunity. And with every gloating publication, my audience share increases – as has Dieudonné’s in France. As shown by three years of legal hassle for a summary offence, including constant delays, adjournments, deliberate inconvenience caused to my legal team, the apparent reticence to make last week’s judgment public, would it be fair to say that my case has been one long humiliating embarrassment for police, the CPS and the judiciary?

Like Dieudonné, I have been shafted by the System, censored, demonised, harassed and criminalised for singing silly songs. Thus, occupying the moral high ground is a pretty good feeling. It’s also why the mainstream refuses to debate the serious issues raised by the criminalisation of Dieudonné’s and my own songs. Immoral censorship will not bring about the suppression of dissident views. On the contrary, the more the Holocaust lobby stamps its feet and rattles its collection boxes, the more frustrated and angrier people will feel. Abuse of the judicial process by organisations such as CAA – claiming victimhood over a song! – is wholly counter-productive for society in general and for Jews in particular. Frankly, if CAA’s belligerence on behalf of the world’s most racist endeavour and modern history’s biggest ever lie is not properly reined-in, then the situation can only become worse. As noted shortly after my conviction, many Jews are fully capable of comprehending that the appalling behaviour of CAA puts them at risk of more danger, not less.

Most importantly, for those interested in such matters and who keep track of the UK Zionist cabal on Twitter, it is obvious that plenty of Jews esteem that CAA, the Community Security Trust and even The Board of Deputies do not speak for all Jews. The same is true in France, as confirmed by leader of L’Atelier de chansons potaches, Dieudonné’s (and now Chabloz’) co-author, Germain Gaiffe-Cohen, whose particularly powerful musical satire and infamous catchphrase: Allez tous vous faire enculer! could not be more fitting.


13 thoughts on “Why the entire System is unfit for office

  1. Ian Millard November 6, 2019 / 5:22 pm

    I noticed that Robert Largan was on a “Conservative Friends of Israel” trip to Israel/Occupied Palestine in June or July of this year. Presumably subsidized. The bastard cannot even wait to be an MP before he starts freeloading! I suppose that Marks & Spencer gave him time off (?).

  2. Arch Stanton November 6, 2019 / 5:48 pm

    I thought it understandable when it was revealed Kasey Carver shot a Jewish synagogue parishioner begging her forgiveness.

    And just because she was caught carving a swastika on a 12 year old Jewish girl’s forehead while screaming anti-Semitic remarks shouldn’t make her indictable.

    So what she led the violent BDS protest that resulted in the death of 600,000 Jews.

    But when I saw she was a long time friend of yours, I was flabbergasted! This is simply over-the-top “anti-Semitism” of a different color, like uncle Muary’s green smoke going up the Auschwitz chimney! Such in-your-face goy chutzpah cannot be tolerated – Off with her head!

    All the worst,

    Seymour Kippahs


    • Alison Chabloz November 6, 2019 / 6:22 pm

      Carver’s grave error of judgment didn’t stop her speaking at the recent Labour party conference, much to the horror of Jewish nationalists who identify with their own nation whilst occupying ours.

  3. Sophie Johnson November 6, 2019 / 6:41 pm

    Ahhh, is it possible, just a bit possible, that a huge majority of voters sees all too clearly that the System is locked down impenetrably, and nothing we do can change it, so not voting is the only way to disconcert them?

    ‘… did she have any other choice than to bury her head in System sand on the Chabloz free speech issue?’

    She certainly did have a choice. But she knew that bury her head she must. They know their cues so well.

    ‘… the anti anti-Semitism lobby seems to be promoting me as one of the main reasons not to vote Labour.’

    Right. Yet readily to hand is the terrible threat that Jews will leave the UK in droves (google ‘jews leaving uk’) if Jeremy Corbyn becomes PM. So why are they not promoting you also as the cause of that huge threat to the nation? Because then Labour would certainly win on 12 Dec.? 🙂

    Then the CAA can decide that you caused Jeremy Corbyn’s election victory by your grossly offensive communications that you sent to the electorate. (So what? My reasoning here is no more stupid that was the High Court’s on 31/10.)

  4. Ciaran Goggins November 6, 2019 / 7:41 pm

    Don’t worry about the Tories, can you imagine? Knock knock “I am your Conservative candidate” Pause “Oh, the ones who promise Brexit, no ifs no buts? Brexit or dead in a ditch? Brexit by 31 Oct?” They will sink to zero. Oh did you notice Gab is being niggardly? My Alsatian is called Rin Tin Tin!

  5. James Bond November 6, 2019 / 7:50 pm

    We all know who the real haters are. They are also in league with the anti Islam movement big time as if their constant pushing for middle East bloodbaths isn’t bad enough.

  6. Ian Millard November 8, 2019 / 4:36 pm

    “Conservative” candidate Robert Largan has an odd way of endearing himself to the voters of High Peak (Derbyshire): he knocks at their doors, and if the householders say something with which he disagrees, “makes reports” about them! If I lived in High Peak, I should certainly not vote for a little sneak like Robert Largan.
    Largan’s tweet, in which he admits that he is “making reports” about at least one High Peak voter whom *he* disturbed at home:

    • Alison Chabloz November 8, 2019 / 6:13 pm

      I’m surprised that Largan still hasn’t blocked me from posting on his Facebook page – as did his rival Ruth George several months ago.

      He has gained two dozen or so “likes” this week, most probably from the genre of anonymous Zionist account retweeting the usual propaganda: no doubt non-locals (even non-UK residents?) who rush to bolster the appearance of online interaction.


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