The real campaign against anti-Semitism begins at home

My unexpected release from HMP New Hall on unconditional bail last week appears to have somewhat dampened my detractors’ celebratory mood, in particular for the start of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. Following vituperative pleas that I be shiv’d inside prison (= stabbed ), post-release whining has reverted to the usual calls for censorship and that I would do well to hang myself. Such nice people. Why they still think it’s a wise move to grant me further publicity is, frankly, unfathomable.

This latest round of persecution has led to my profile being raised further, with messages of love and support flooding in from near and far. Many thanks to everyone for their kind encouragements. Those of you frustrated in your attempts to donate (my latest donation pages at Patreon and Ko-Fi having been suspended with funds sequestered!) can find more information on how to help by clicking here.

Thanks also to Richie Allen who braved certain backlash by having me as a guest on his show last Monday. It’s a fascinating interview for several reasons, as confirmed by one commenter:

[T]his particular interview should be studied by Media Students in colleges. This interview is REAL TOTAL JOURNALISM – talking about a sensitive topic WITH REAL BALANCE – allowing the interviewee the time to explain themselves and the interviewer having the balls for sensitive information to be talked about and then to challenge and give an impartial/neutral stand point – but when things have to be challenged as there was no 3rd party to challenge them – the interviewer had the balls to challenge the interviewee – top class interview – would never happen on the BBC, ITV or Sky !

As well as a guilty verdict for breach of my suspended sentence last week, two staunch allies were experiencing similar persecution in the French courts. Jamais deux sans trois: Alain Soral was convicted for publishing a Yellow Vests rap song on his Égalité et réconciliation website and Dieudonné was again back on the stand, also for a song entitled C’est mon choix – (‘choix’ being a play on words with ‘Shoah’). I speak about this most interesting case towards the end of my interview with Richie Allen. I am hugely grateful to both of these brave Frenchmen and to Swiss revisionist René-Louis Berclaz for kindly publicising my recent incarceration and release.

Over on this side of the Channel, news of my brief spell in prison and quick release was relayed by David Irving on his Daily Action Report; by Simon Harris and Shazia Hobbs on their respective platforms and on Gab; by the wonderfully drole Ian R Millard (click here to view); and by Peter Hollings on Facebook, who faithfully liaised with my barrister, Adrian Davies, in order to keep friends and supporters updated. As well, much-loved ethno-nationalist Millennial Woes heroically fought my corner on Twitter, losing his account in the process. If I am forgetting any other independent sources, please let me know in the comments below.

Sadly, but not unexpectedly, there has been almost complete silence from certain other so-called British patriots. No sooner had I been locked up, however, behind-the-scenes gnashing of teeth by the usual backstabbers, rogues and cutthroats started up again. As well as the usual bad strategy blame-game, my songs and I are now, apparently, responsible not only for the demise of the London Forum, but also for the prison sentence dished out last year to its chairman, Jez Turner. Those spreading such nonsense are either delusional, parasitical, or both. Moreover, I was convicted for sharing a video originally uploaded to Turner’s own London Forum YouTube channel: an inconvenient fact that, for some unknown reason, these parasitical backstabbers prefer to ignore.

As mentioned above, attempts to stifle my speech and songs from all quarters have been counterproductive and indeed reminiscent of the Streisand Effect. With hindsight, I wonder if there was a certain visionary element in the now three-year-old lyrics of my most famous tune, (((Survivors))), especially in the refrain Safe in our tower, now is the hour.., etc? Something had to be done in order to halt the inexorable march to prominence of ‘Holocaust’ revisionism. Hence, the state-sponsored persecution of a previously unknown singer-songwriter, in the hope of bringing about some kind of ‘Holocaust denial’ legislation here in Britain. Since my conviction, however, Campaign Against Antisemitism’s misleading claim that my case heralds an anti-Revisionist law in the UK has been slapped down both in judgments and publicly on Twitter, by a retired Jewish QC no less.

Even if my case does eventually lead to some kind of legal precedent by way of case law, by what measure would this indicate that my songs and I are somehow responsible for others’ eventual loss of liberty – as per the above-mentioned backstabbers’ spin? Perhaps they might care to explain why some in their ranks have so far managed to escape prosecution, – this despite having publicly denied certain aspects of WW2 history, in countries where anti-revisionist laws are actually in place. And despite no prosecutions thus far, are members of this seemingly protected species unable to see that their own acts of revisionism and much-vaunted police probes could bring about similarly feared changes in case law and that therefore, by their own logic, they themselves would be equally to blame for putting at risk the liberty of others?

Are they too short-sighted or simply too dumb to even contemplate the utter hypocrisy of their own words and deeds? Do they not realise that they have basically given themselves character references worthy only of being sent to a landfill, alongside all the rest of the stinking trash they have produced about me and my songs over the past year and more?

In my view, these backstabbers would do well to target real anti-Semites, rather than spending all their time and energy attacking one of their own…

Thanks to David Icke for raising awareness of the decrepitude of the UK Israel lobby and in particular CAA boss and UK Jewish National Fund director, Gideon Falter, responsible on the one hand for attempting to silence a British woman for her songs and, on the other, for evicting a Palestinian family from their ancestral East Jerusalem home after a 30-year legal battle.

Here lies the real campaign against anti-Semitism, rather than the fake, weaponised version pursued by perfidious Zionists intent on destroying European culture, heritage and traditions.

I shall leave the last word to Dieudonné:

One thought on “The real campaign against anti-Semitism begins at home

  1. Ciaran Goggins October 3, 2019 / 10:31 am

    HNH gave your original jail address as HMP Foston, only later amended to New Hall.

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