Reactions to my interview with Shazia Hobbs

When sleeping women wake, mountains move.

– Ancient Chinese proverb.

Shazia Hobbs is a Glaswegian author and staunch campaigner against the abuse by grooming gangs of tens of thousands of children. Shazia and others who were previously heavily involved with Tommy Robinson’s so-called ‘free speech’ bandwagon are now being rejected by Team Tommy for speaking out on forbidden topics.

Shazia’s novel The Gori’s Daughter (available on Amazon) deals with growing up as a mixed-race child of a Scottish mother and a polygamous Pakistani Muslim father.

Here is the BitChute link to our conversation:

Reactions are predictably varied, ranging from bold encouragement and praise to the usual ad hominem smears and outright lies. Anti-British scribbler Stephen Applebaum aka Nemo is becoming increasingly enraged that, partly by way of his own actions against me, my profile has been elevated to a level the sad hack can only dream of.

190809 nemo full

Of course, if there were any evidence of homicidal gas chambers, soap, lampshades, etc., then my songs might be considered as ‘grossly offensive’. But there is no evidence. Therefore, why should I be obliged to believe the Gospel According to Nemo and other raging Zionist ideologues like him?

If Ambrosine Shitrit had left me alone to pursue my musical career as a cruise ship entertainer, then neither she nor Nemo would be faced with the predicament they find themselves in today:

190809 shitrit full.jpgOnly last week, Shitrit — laughably claiming that she refuses to remain silent any longer — apparently went back to police to submit an umpteenth complaint about me:


190809 shitrit


Reasons why police failed to investigate my reports of abuse and harassment of me by both Shitrit and Applebaum may be explained by Shitrit herself in a video interview she recorded with comedy Christian-Zionist propaganda channel Revelation TV. As well as agreeing with the presenter that she would be a Christian — and therefore not Jewish as she pretends on Twitter and elsewhere — at 47 minutes in, she claims “We do have a very good organisation that helps us if we do get a sort of thick collar [sic] by the police..” As well, in a rare moment of lucidity, she also states that “It doesn’t take a genius to become an advocate for Israel”.

Ah, bless! Revelation TV does in fact live up to its name!

No doubt the legal organisation mentioned is UK Lawyers For Israel, comprised mainly of anti-British, anti-White solicitors like the recently disgraced Mark Lewis.

And as for Shitrit sharing platforms with ‘Holocaust deniers’, how come Lewis and Applebaum aka Nemo aka Sicaro aka Nevermore aren’t providing their usual professional complainant services in this particular case?

Nemo’s “Sadistic Jew hate” remarks, as well as his libel regards my conviction, shall be added to the full dossier already in the hands of police, the CPS, the NPS and the court. If he and his vicious pals — two of whom have been granted a restraining order against me by a compliant District Judge — don’t wish to be offended by my own and others’ reasoned beliefs regards gas chambers, etc., then they ought to stop seeking out my work in order to make further vexatious complaints. Too late now for them to admit that they would have been far better off simply leaving me alone to continue on my own little path.  They made me famous and are responsible for the messages of my songs now being heard and heralded worldwide.

Attempting to paint me as a “sadistic Jew hater” is now also a definitively lost cause, as indicated by my detractors’ typically sore reactions to Shazia Hobbs’ bravery in inviting me to speak on her BitChute channel. Justice has been served. May the butthurt long continue.




2 thoughts on “Reactions to my interview with Shazia Hobbs

  1. Ciaran Goggins August 9, 2019 / 3:15 pm

    Did Big Suze turn up? Or Margaret “Piggy eyes” Chap***?

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