Anti-fascist ‘fascists’ in muddy waters

Last week, Hope Not Hate (HNH) ‘Head of Intel’ Matthew Collins was forced to delete a series of five tweets about me after I complained to both his boss, Nick Lowles, and to Twitter:

190801 collins twitter

Somehow, Collins had managed to acquire two of my ‘friends only’ Facebook posts which he then used to smear me in typical fashion, also insinuating that I had been sending information to HNH. Interestingly, Collins basically repeats some of the defamatory garbage first published by one of his supposed sworn enemies, assistant editor of Heritage and Destiny (H&D), Peter Rushton.

This development is unlikely to be welcomed by Rushton or his handlers, or by the rest of Rushton’s vicious little circle, now known as the Surgical Removal Lobby (SRL).

Likewise repeating SRL unfounded claims regards the sabotage last year of Rushton’s revisionist conference in Shepperton, another dedicated article from the summer issue of Searchlight Magazine is equally unimpressive in its attempt to smear me. As one friend puts it, the piece by “Sally Shaw” is the “usual disinformation admixture of fact, relying mainly on the omnipotence and infallibility of the writer”:

While [Jeremy] Bedford-Turner had his feet up behind bars, his erstwhile comrades were pursuing one of the bitterest internal rows that even the British fascist movement – no stranger to internecine disputes has ever experienced. […]

Obsessive Holocaust denier Alison Chabloz is behind the bother. Ms Chabloz just loves attention, especially if, while seizing the limelight, she can put other nazi noses out of joint. Her rivals blame Chabloz for the chaos that overshadowed the last far right get-together held by Robert Faurisson, a godfather of Holocaust denial. Maybe this prompted his early despatch to Valhalla, just a day after the row. Do London’s latter-day Hitler fans have reason to be paranoid? We couldn’t possibly say. But we can assure them that neither Chabloz nor Bedford-Turner works for us.

Ms Shaw clearly did not bother to watch my most recent video before parroting lines straight from the SRL Traitors Handbook.

N.B. this is the second time in as many issues that Searchlight insist I do not work for them. Of course I don’t. They prefer working with actual infiltrators, including vanity-driven faux Oxbridge grads and other assorted phoney erudites, some seemingly incapable of keeping their flies zipped or else possessed by a strongly developed penchant for sleaze; people whose lives are built on lies to the extent that they can no longer do anything other than tell more lies and bury themselves ever-deeper into more sleaze.

Ms Shaw continues:

The immediate problem for Bedford-Turner and his London Forum chums is whether to include Chabloz in their forthcoming plans. If they do, then Chabloz’s many enemies among hardcore British nazis might launch the most serious internal attack since a dissident NF member threw an axe through the window at a Yorkshire unity meeting 30 years ago.

The above is clearly a reference to last February’s SRL-related threat of acid being thrown in my face if I attend any nationalist meetings in my own home country.

The article goes on:

But if Chabloz gets frozen out, she might turn into a dangerously hostile element, joining forces with Bedford-Turners most vitriolic enemies, former British National Party leader Nick Griffin and ex-UKIP candidate and BNP member Jack Sen…


Really? From whence comes this snippet of unadulterated speculation? – Straight out of the pages of the most recent issue of H&D magazine!

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-23 at 21.53.57

That Shaw’s article attempts to paint me as something of a pivotal figure within the British ‘far right’ will no doubt stick in the SRL’s collective throat. Food for thought indeed for all those sore-arsed fence-sitters yet to come to terms with the actual facts of the matter, as related in my above-mentioned BitChute video.

Speaking of recent BitChute videos, what are the odds in favour of commenter ‘Martin Webb’ being a Bristol-based part time member of both the SRL AND the Shul of Gefilte Fishwives? Dead cert, in my view. No self-respecting male patriot would spout inanities about charity shop shoes. ‘Webb’ is clearly wading in muddy waters. Lake waters, to be precise.

Question: Is Collins’ deletion of tweets partly meant to shield prying eyes and ears and to deter certain quarters from asking too many embarrassing questions?

Searchlight, it appears, have yet to make the connection. Or maybe it simply suits them to ignore…

Back to court

As noted in my last-but-one video, Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) have threatened the National Probation Service (NPS) with a Judicial Review for failing to place me in breach for posts published on my website during my 12-month ban from social media. This Prohibited Activity Order (PAO) came to an end almost two months ago.

Parts of the NPS report of my alleged breach – three posts out of a total of 50 – read like an Auschwitz survivor’s sermon on Holycause Remembrance Day: my words would be the cause of yet more “emotional harm” done to Jews.

As I do not believe in the Official Holycause Narrative, how reasonable is it to accuse me of wishing to deliberately offend anyone? My advice to CAA professional complainants would be to stick to the original aim of having a District Judge grant them a restraining order against me. Surely it makes little sense to invent a sob-story, persuade a judge that the wicked Jew-hater in the dock is about to start plastering yellow stars and waving canisters of Zyklon B pellets everywhere, – and then, despite a restraining order, continue to dig the knife deeper into self-inflicted wounds by deliberately seeking out content on my website which also happens to be my main source of income?

A tiring and trying trip to Chesterfield Mags yesterday, including a two-and-a-half hour wait before going into court. I denied the breach and was granted unconditional bail until the breach trial, scheduled to last three hours(!) next month, also in Chesterfield.

The NPS report clearly states that neither police nor the Crown consider the three posts cited as breaching the now-dead PAO to be new offences. Therefore, it is manifestly unjust to haul me back to court after the PAO has ended and when no written warnings were issued during the time the PAO was active. On and on, so it goes…

Coming soon

Ending on a more positive note, I was interviewed earlier today by Glaswegian author and campaigner, Shazia Hobbs. As soon as the audio is available, I shall be posting the link.

We spoke about the events that led up to my trial and then discussed the double standards coming from certain sections of the ‘free speech’ counter-jihad movement. A fascinating conversation which I’m sure many will enjoy listening to.


Many thanks to David, Mary, Laurent, Mervyn, Gordon, Willem, Ole, Peter, Paul and Sophie for their recent donations. 

2 thoughts on “Anti-fascist ‘fascists’ in muddy waters

  1. Ciaran Goggins August 6, 2019 / 8:28 pm

    Be careful of whom you let in. Facebook can be deceptive. THEY MAY STEAL PHOTOS! Carlos C? Heard of him in the early days of “MyT”.

  2. Sophie Johnson August 17, 2019 / 5:16 pm

    I have seen photographs of Martin Web in Lake waters. Each one recalled the most terrifying, nightmare-giving sight of my childhood: In a car with my Dad one very hot summer’s day in rural Australia, we came upon an open-air sewage farm. The horrifc stench was nothing compared with the huge amorphous shapes that Lake of Shite burped up from time to time.

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