In love with truth and married to the cause

Like many of us who champion the cause of historical revisionism, I am wedded to the idea of establishing the truth of what actually took place in Germany during World War Two. The official narrative of a past event, branded as a ‘holocaust’ of Jews living under the Third Reich – whilst no longer having credibility, historiographically speaking, – is now implemented, – i.e. shoved down our throats by ZOG at every possible opportunity, neatly assisted by Hollywood and the media, – as the latest imposed religion for the Goyim. You’d better believe in the six million, or else!

Like many who champion the revisionist cause, but not all, I am the victim of state-sponsored persecution, prosecution and a two year suspended prison sentence; not so much for my firm belief that the main posits of the official narrative simply do not stand up to scientific scrutiny, but for having ridiculed and blasphemed, in song, this founding myth of Globalism that is the so-called ‘Holocaust’ and, worse still, for pouring scorn on those who strive to maintain the ‘Holocaust’ myth.

Merely questioning or indeed pointing out the lack of forensic evidence can lead to a spell behind bars, especially in German-speaking countries. Sylvia Stolz is once again in prison in Germany for a speech given in Switzerland. The list goes on: 90-year old Ursula Haverbeck jailed for posing difficult questions on the same subject; ditto for Horst Mahler, now in a secure medical wing after suffering a second leg amputation due to poor health care in prison; in Austria, meanwhile, Wolfgang Fröhlich has at last been freed after serving 15 years – for expressing an opinion. Surely Fröhlich must be the main contender for the 2020 Prix Robert Faurisson?

In light of my own brush with the law – nothing quite like it for putting things into perspective – the authorities in the shape of the Probation Service (NPS) and those tugging at its sleeves (Derbyshire police have received anonymous letters, stating I must immediately be chained and gagged for writing here!), are trying to put together a report on my psychological profile. What happened to make this woman harbour such vile views? What does her family think of her? How did she do at school? Etc.

Thanks to not-for-much-longer government minister Chris Grayling’s failure to achieve anything by privatising the NPS to the tune of £500m, (– that’s right, British tax payers are footing the bill for trials which will ensure that their right to think for themselves and express those thoughts is removed –) regional probation services around the country are in a state of chaos.

I’m lucky to be based in rural Derbyshire and proud of my family history. Here’s a short extract:

My Grandfather was a hotelier in Torquay, Devon. Before that, he’d been in the merchant navy and then worked as a truck driver for Walls. My Grandfather was a spiritualist and faithful Labour voter all his life. In the post war 1950s era – as noted recently by film-maker Ken Loach – the British people worked for the good of nation; the means of production was owned by the populace which benefited from a free National Heath Service, free schools and social housing. There were no pesky racial inequality laws, no hate speech laws, no loud, lewd lobbying from the Gender Denial Lobby [GDL]; the term ‘holocaust’ was used rarely, if ever – and only then inside the pages of the New York Times, and the population of the British Isles was 99% white. Murders, stabbings, robbery and other crimes did occur, but at a rate far lower than today.

My Grandfather was a hotelier and a Labour voter. He was also a wonderful Grandad. He was astute, funny, and knew how to amuse his seven grandkids; a natural comic who used mime and ventriloquism. He could also hammer out popular songs on the piano and, much to my Nana’s disapproval, liked to smoke a pipe and bet on horse racing. They both loved the sun, which is probably why they moved to Torquay when my mother was aged ten. He died peacefully in his favourite armchair, watching a cricket test match, when I was six months pregnant with my daughter.

190526 Madeira

Above: my Grandparents’ hotel, Madeira, in Torquay, Devon.

Enough psycho-profiling. Let’s get to politics and other news:

The demise of UKIP

UKIP’s marriage with Tommy Robinson and various UK Alt-Lite YouTubers was promoted widely. Reports showing hoards of Tommy supporters at his various events, including Panodrama and his regular court appearances, gave the impression that the British patriotic working class wanted Tommy as their representative. Those Britons who bothered to vote in last week’s EU elections showed, however, that they really don’t give a damn about social media zelebs – even those with 400m YouTube views. Leader Gerard Batten’s invitation to YouTube personalities with massive popular support to join his party was a fatal blow. He was persuaded by mainstream and associated social media spin that these Alt-Lite YouTubers would win over British voters and simultaneously save UKIP and Batten’s own skin as a politician.

The results proved to be an excruciating embarrassment for all concerned. Moreover, I suspect that none of those mentioned above can speak any European language other than English – a shortcoming shared generally by UK MEPs, which also explains why most of them are useless. It’s also worth reminding readers that Robinson, as one of Batten’s advisers, stood as an independent. But it was surely Sargon who finished off UKIP for good last week, whilst simultaneously committing digital suicide?

As far as Robinson is concerned, Hope Not Hate‘s (HNH) Nick Lowles is predictably taking credit for preventing Robinson’s election as MEP. The whole sorry debacle will be a harsh blow for Tommy’s Zionist helpers who, naturally, were part of the media propaganda campaign to portray Robinson as a populist messiah for dispossessed patriots. Attempts by the press to give Robinson credibility by promoting him constantly, including labelling him a ‘far right extremist’, now appear more bogus than ever. Robinson, if anything, comes across as a politically-naive Zionist stooge and victim of his own hubris. Moreover, mainstream and HNH handwringing over Robinson fails to follow the money, presumably because their own sources of funding are largely the same as Robinson’s. Soros and Netanyahu might war with each other on the MSM stage, but when it comes down to it, as fellow members of the same tribe, both are simply protecting their own tribal interests and helping to keep the narrative strictly on Jewish terms.

By promoting pro-Israel Alt-Lite social media personalities, by giving them a platform and presenting them as credible yet dangerous election candidates – at least in Robinson’s case – the NWO Zionist agenda has once again exposed itself. And many British patriots have seen through the quagmire and sent Batten’s UKIP packing. Patriotic Britons are not haters. There is however, growing discomfort and increasing awareness among generations and across the political spectrum that diversity is NOT our strength. Now more than ever before, Britons understand the machinations of establishment stooges who, like outgoing PM Theresa May, must swear allegiance to a foreign power and to members of a certain community before they have any chance of political success.

‘Oh, they must be very clever, then, if they’ve got all that money and power?’

They push our lawmakers to betray Britons; the same is true in all white European nations, old and new. Our large towns and cities are no longer predominantly white. They’ve been taken from us, whilst for generations most Brits have been asleep at the wheel; distracted by soap opera trivia, free love, free porn, gender denial and still believing what they’re told on BBC and ITV news. Even Batten fell for it! And lost his seat.

Let this be another sign that British politics is changing for the better. Nigel Farage’s strategy of dumping Batten’s YouTuber-infested UKIP paid off, as did putting forward candidates from across the left-right spectrum illusion.

Discerning ethno-nationalists in Britain are no longer fooled by Robinson’s anti-Islam pro-Zionist clown act, nor by the selection of sedentary flash-in-the-pan twits Sargon and Dankula as potential MEPs. Most Brits are no longer fooled either by Globalist liberal posturing on the part of establishment figures; nor are they ignorant when it comes to understanding exactly who owns and runs the media and, accordingly, who runs our politicians.


In related news, the Labour Party – also having suffered abysmal but not quite as disastrous election results as Batten’s UKIP – is now being investigated by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) for, you’ve guessed it, not acting in the Jews’ interests. IHRA-nically, EHCR chief David Isaac blames deepening divides within society on identity politics. Needless to say, there is one, enormous elephant in Isaac’s Guardian angle: every paragraph – if not almost every sentence – should be asterisked, with accompanying footnote: *With the exception of British Jews.

OK, I exaggerate. But speaking of Christian-Zionists, two of my most ardent followers, Ambrosine Shitrit and Suzanne Fernandes, are still champing at the bit to have Chabloz clamped in irons, again. Fernandes’ identity, as per her latest Twitter profile, centres around a total fabrication that I would be to blame for all her failures.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she, at the behest of Shitrit, is the anonymous author of the letter to Derbyshire police.

Like Fernandes, Shitrit is another odd individual. A staunch Tommy Robinson fan, Shitrit is a devout apologist for Israel’s crimes against humanity – a country she in fact hates when she happens to be over there. She is presently whining over Alt-Lite hack Nick Monroe’s suspension from Twitter. Once again, the fact that Alt-Hacks and even mainstream gobshites pay any attention to liar Shitrit is a fair indication of their lack of integrity and impartiality. Or else – as with Monroe and Shitrit – they are simply idiots.

Monroe had no intention of listening to what I had to say. He’s not alone, of course. But isn’t it something of a compliment and indeed amusing to see others castigated because – according to my vocal accusers on Twitter and elsewhere – Suchandsuchabody once had some exceedingly tenuous link with notorious convicted JEW-HATER Alison Chabloz, i.e. they once retweeted or liked one of my songs, or boldly suggested that even I deserve the right to freedom of expression? Such heretics! But you will never see the likes of oh-so-patriotic, self-declared free speech advocate Robinson speaking out against my conviction.

Zéro points!

Then there are those cowardly and deluded so-called ethno nationalists here in Britain who take a similar line. Over the past year or so, a small squadron of vicious ‘neo-Nazi’ sockpuppets suddenly sprang into action to attack me in mass emails, on various blogs and YouTube channels  – some even using the same IP address!

The defamatory smear campaign against me initiated by these so-called nationalists, recently regurgitated almost word-for-word by Hope Not Hate and Searchlight Magazine, is now widely considered to have been counter-productive and detrimental for the nationalist-revisionist cause in Britain and indeed further afield. Moreover, it’s easy to prove that, rather than accept my repeated offer of an olive branch, these same people went out of their way intentionally to make things worse. Time and time again, as shown by a worldwide digital trail of similar behavioural patterns, there have been regular attempts to provoke me into angry, emotional responses. Such behavioural patterns are in many ways identical to those of bored housewife Shitrit, who sparked the chain of events that led to a huge spotlight being shone on Holocaust revisionism in Britain, thanks to my satirical songs and an ensuing farcical show trial. Zéro points for the Israel lobby on that one, I’d say.

A gold watch for 25 years faithful service

Hope Not Hate‘s Lowles is also boasting that he and Matthew Collins are heroic knights of Britain, having saved yet another female Labour MP from certain death at the hands of a drunk kid, now banged up for life for terrorism. Twenty years ago, Lowles – along with Searchlight‘s Gerry Gable for whom Lowles worked at the time, – was also instrumental in the conviction of London Nail Bomber, David Copeland. Copeland’s home-made devices killed three including a pregnant woman and injured 140 others, some of whom lost limbs.

Like Jack Renshaw, it is thought that David Copeland – a male in his early twenties when he made and detonated the three nail bombs – was groomed as a ‘terrorist’ by persons whom Copeland trusted as his elders and political allies. But there are also those who question whether Copeland’s groomers were possibly agents being run by organisations like Searchlight with links with to police and intelligence services. One of the Crown witnesses in Copeland’s trial was an infiltrator at the BNP branch where Copeland had been an organiser. As with HNH’s infiltrator in the Jack Renshaw case, Robbie Mullen, the witness who helped convict Copeland was likewise granted immunity, although this particular informant’s identity is still unknown. Copeland received six consecutive life sentences. Renshaw – who killed no one (but who was also convicted for sending lewd images to underage boys) – was also given life.

Lowles was BBC executive producer of Panorama’s documentary on Copeland. Now graced with an OBE for ‘anti-fascism’, Lowles – in self-congratulatory style echoing similar past claims by Searchlight and Campaign Against Antisemitism – blames the authorities and in particular police for not having acted sooner, whilst polishing his own silverware and applauding long prison sentences given to young, hot-headed, misled nationalists whose crimes involve the hoarding of ceremonial knives and assorted Nazi paraphernalia, and being too outspoken in their rejection of the globalist policy of mass-immigration into white countries. In an article published in last week’s New Yorker, Lowles – whilst not known for being particularly truthful – claims that one of his sources is an anti-fascist campaigner who went underground almost 25 years ago…

To me, Matthew Collins’ latest poorly written piece, trying to tie National Action ‘terrorism’ trials with the London Forum and my nationalist detractors – albeit without mentioning either my own name or Jez Turner’s – merely shows once again that HNH desperately needs ‘neo-Nazi Jew-haters’ in order to function and survive. If, as proclaimed in their mission statement and in daily tweets begging for donations, HNH really did manage to eliminate for good those they label as ‘far right’, then Lowles and Collins would both be out of a job. Searchlight and HNH scaremongering regards the supposed terrorist threat posed by the ‘far right’ is summed up perfectly by both Collins’ and Gable’s verbatim parroting of distorted and defamatory garbage about me that came directly from their own publicly sworn enemies!

Happily, my invitation to speak at the Forum de l’Europe in Paris earlier this month helps to confirm and consolidate my genuine commitment to the Cause. My songs speak for themselves. Those wishing to silence me share common traits of taking themselves far too seriously and believing in their own propaganda. Accordingly, they cannot take ridicule and, thus, they ridicule themselves further by dishing out more lies and threats.

Rather than eat worms, I think a satirical song or two will do just fine.


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