Forum de l’Europe: an Englishwoman in Paris

Last weekend, I was once again privileged to speak and perform in Paris on the occasion of the Vème Forum de l’Europe, organised by Jeune Nation and Yvan Benedetti of Parti Nationaliste Français (PNF), and to participate the following day in the traditional parade and banquet in honour of the patron saint of France, St. Joan of Arc.

190513 forum de la nation

Above: European speakers on the podium. From left to right: Pierre-Marie Bonneau (PNF), Sorin Olariu (Fondation Ogoranu, Romania), Hervé van Laethem (Nation, Belgium), Alison Chabloz and Yvan Benedetti (PNF). Photo © Jeune Nation.

The theme of this year’s conference was Europe-Nations-Revolution. Speaking from the heart without any script as such (many thanks to John for the pre-meeting coaching session), I gave a brief recapitulation of my own legal case, as well as my views on the ongoing Internet censorship crackdown, Brexit, the Yellow Vest movement and the somewhat lamentable state of nationalism in Britain today.

Quality speeches were heard throughout the day, much appreciated by the 100 or so attendees – a great improvement on numbers from last year. Special mention goes to Messieurs Hervé van Laethem, Youssef Hindi, Yvan Benedetti, Jérôme Bourbon and Hervé Ryssen.

Forum de l’Europe is a great opportunity for like-minded patriots to meet, mingle and exchange ideas. Speaking for myself, it’s a pleasure to be in a situation where I’m able to indulge myself in the practise of my second-favourite language and reconnect with European friends and allies. The organisation was top-class and the ambience was convivial. My gratitude in particular goes to Hélène – what a fine lady!

More fun still was to be had during the evening concert when I was lucky enough to perform together with a well-known young French nationalist singer, Epona. Together, we performed ten songs – nine in French – including a special dedication to the late Robert Faurisson with lyrics courtesy of a certain Monsieur X. Audience participation was encouraged – nay, demanded! – and strains of the final refrain could apparently be heard in the street outside the venue.

As I left the next day after the Joan of Arc celebrations to take the Eurostar back to St Pancras International, Hervé Ryssen made a special point of congratulating me for my performance. Needless to say: j’suis pas peu fière!

Vive la France! Vive le Forum de l’Europe!

Featured image: La sainte Jeanne d’Arc by ProjetKO – a talented artist who deserves our support.