Internet censorship – reap what you sow

No idea why YouTube sent me notification of the video captioned below. Tommy’s dual-citizen Zionist handlers fans might ask themselves if they’re now having to reap what they’ve sown over the past decade and more…

190504 brian of london

Above: Brian of London reaps what he sows…

Ever since my conviction last May on the exact same day Rabbisohn was locked up for breaching a court order, his media profile has continued to prosper. Rabbisohn might have spent three months inside, but he wasn’t banned from posting on social media.

True, like so many of us, he has now been removed from PayPal, Twitter and other platforms. And that is wrong.

However, Rabbisohn’s best Zio-buddy Brian (pictured above, in tears), along with Brian’s Likudnik associates have been conspiring to silence their political enemies for years – my own case being one prime example. Do they not realise? Or do they believe that midget martyr victim-playing will further enhance media reach?

Anything for a headline, eh boys?

Time to swallow your chutzpah and admit that a) censorship is great – until it happens to us; b) that you’ve not only ruined the Internet for anti-Zionists, you’ve also ruined it for yourselves; and c) that the rise of ‘anti-Semitism’ can be directly linked to Zionist bullying tactics of censorship, demonetisation and deplatforming – see Karl Sabbagh’s The Antisemitism Wars – how the British media failed their public.

I support freedom of expression. I support Rabbisohn’s and Brian’s right to freedom of expression. But you won’t see either Rabbisohn or Brian speaking up in defence of the same right for Chabloz. THIS is what Rabbisohn’s followers need to understand: double standards never look good. And when it comes to double standards, Team Tommy win the award for Plastic Patriotism every time.


Even Jewish Chron editor Pollard supports my right to freedom of expression although, unnaturally, the balding hack can’t resist a good old projectionist poke whilst he’s at it:

190415 pollard

Above: Stephen Pollard compares my satirical Shoatime songs with a ‘joke’ effigy of Grenfell Tower.

The perfect excuse for virtue-signalling on the right to freedom of expression, whilst invoking the spectre of burned corpses? Except that in the case of Grenfell, people were burned alive, whereas the Germans ‘only’ burned corpses. Asides Anne Frank who died of typhus, none of the (((survivors))) in my song were burned. Just like millions of other ‘survivors’ they lived to tell the tale and – along with their descendants – milked their sacred cash cow, as evidenced every week when Pollard’s paltry rag goes to press.

But hey, that is what freedom of expression and freedom of the press are all about, non? And if it weren’t for Chabloz’ unique brand of sizzling heresy, column space allotted to matters Shoah might be thin on the ground.

But let’s be charitable. Other Jews/Zionists share Pollard’s concerns regards my conviction. Perhaps they now need to ask themselves serious questions regards the future of the ‘Holocaust’ story – at the very least, admit that there is no physical evidence of the claimed death toll of six million, alleged method of killing with Zyklon B (and/or diesel!); and what about intentionality, body disposal, unreliable witness testimony, etc?

What will be the reaction of academics, journalists or researchers in, say, 20 or so years’ time when they study the mainstream ‘Holocaust’ garbage touted by Pollard and the rest of today’s mainstream media? Do Pollard and his Ziomedia bedfellows want to be remembered for having refused all debate with revisionists? Will future pundits (and indeed future Jews) look less kindly on Pollard & Co than on Ron Unz? I honestly think so.

Pollard, Rabbisohn, Brian, et al., must understand that such an outcome looks increasingly likely. At best, current ‘Holocaust’ orthodoxy will be designated to eternal oblivion; at worst, its former proponents will be remembered as having deliberately engaged in the greatest deception of modern history. They shall reap what they have sown.