Alison in Revisionland

190323 barnesMy grateful thanks to The Barnes Review for dedicating eight pages in their latest edition to an interview I gave to author Dave Gahary last year.

The magazine is the world’s leading revisionist periodical; its editorial team has staunchly resisted onslaughts by the anti free speech brigade since 1994, thanks to the philosophy of its founder and creator, the late Willis Carto.

It is an honour and privilege that my small contribution is recognised by leading revisionists.

Dave Gahary put a great deal of time, effort and patience into our collaboration. The podcast of our conversation and online version of his article can be found here, from where you can also find links for donations and subscriptions to the periodical.

Mr Gahary is also responsible for encouraging me over the past few days to dig out research I carried out in 2016 using the fantastic online resource at the US Library of Congress archive. It took me a while. Thanks to my enemies’ diligence in archiving some of my research (my Twitter account was suspended also in 2016), I eventually rediscovered this most useful site and some of its treasures.

190323 blacksmith holocaustBack in 2016, I had made searches for early mentions of ‘six million / 6,000,000 Jews’. Since accessing the site again this week, I’ve been making further searches using other terms, including ‘holocaust’.

This remarkable reader’s letter (left) makes Brenton Tarrant’s recent act of terrorism look rather tame. Furthermore, Mr Blacksmith’s wrath was directed against fellow Whites – in this case Dutch and Irish Catholics. If these ‘evil Papists’ managed to survive what subsequently became known as Bloody Monday, they then hurriedly fled Louisville and settled in other parts of America. Well, they would, wouldn’t they? In Puritanical times, there was no Campaign Against Anticatholicism to fend for these poor souls!

As for Mr Blacksmith’s offering of a ‘holocaust’ of charred remains of burned Catholic babies as a trophy – well, at least use of the term ‘holocaust’ is correct, i.e. a burned offering.

There are other interesting uses of the term, growing with frequency throughout the nineteenth century. Here, for example, another 1855 ‘holocaust’ victim happens to be one community’s entire supply of ‘society’s arch fiend’ – alcohol. And from 1842, an allegorical tale portrays a woman’s unrequited passion for her disinterested lover thus: “She gave him her heart embalmed in sighs, and its incense went up to him like the perfume of a holocaust from the plains of Israel.”

Maybe the woman would have had more success with Ayelet Shaked’s scent of Fascism?

Every man loves a Fascista? – Apparently not, at least according to YouTuber Dick Coughlan aka Brother Neuro. Coughlan sprang to fame recently when he was livestreamed delivering a writ to the home of Tommy Rabbisohn aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.

In his latest foul-mouthed yet entertaining edition of Neuro’Clock News, Coughlan comments on ‘news’ articles about YouTubers. A short segment in the middle features Alison in YouTuberLand.

Coughlan manages in just over three minutes to rip apart all the hypocrites of the self-appointed free speech lobby, including Gervais, Pie, Dankula and Rabbisohn. Without explicitly defending my work – Coughlan dutifully repeats all the usual buzz words and rather stupidly claims my satirical songs are not satire – his angle is nevertheless refreshing and he certainly hits the nail on the head regards today’s faux free-speech gurus.


Thanks also to Jeune Nation‘s Francis Goumain for giving me the headline for this post (it sounds even better in Goumain’s mother tongue: Alison au pays des révisionnistes). I hope you enjoy the updates. All in all, not bad for a woman who was recently described by one British no-risk-revisionist as someone who has never been part of the revisionist movement. Maybe the no-risk-revisionist in question needs to revise his views?

The next round of my appeal to be heard in the Divisional Court will be announced shortly. Yes indeed: the real battle for free speech continues. In three months’ time, I will be back on social media and, in the meantime, my Suspended Sentence Order obligations are being neatly tied off. Many thanks to Sophie, John, Graham and Mary for their recent contributions. Any financial assistance – however small – is greatly welcome. You will find the appropriate links on the right hand side bar.