Alexander Jacob ~ The End of American History

In this illustrated, high quality audio transcript of his recent speech in London, Alexander Jacob discusses Indo-European conservative political philosophy and the changes undergone in the west, particularly with the advent of Puritanism, since the English Civil War and settlement of America.


The rise of Puritanism and ensuing separation of Church and State in the west gave rise to contradictory intellectual movements that, according to Dr Jacob, have distorted Indo-European political traditions over the course of modern history.

Taking as a starting point the book The End of History and the Last Man by intellectual spokesman for the American ‘Neoconservative’ movement, Francis Fukuyama, Dr Jacob notes that American society today represents

a sort of ahistoric, quasi-Communist utopia,

and that there is

little also to distinguish the Communist ideal of equality from the liberal.

In comparing ancient India’s Āryan conception of an entirely spiritual social ethos with the spiritually oriented political theories of Plato and Aristotle, Dr Jacob expounds the idea that the good of the nation and capability of individuals to reach full potential can only be attained by restoring traditional values – notably: hierarchy, sovereignty and

a state structure that supports the religious and warrior aristocracy that [originally] founded, constituted and preserved the nation.

In Britain, according to Dr Jacob, the solution lies within our House of Lords.

Citing Hegel, Marx, Kant, Gentile, Evola and other thinkers, Dr Jacob’s lecture exposes the deceptive illusion of the Right-versus-Left status quo that has come to dominate western political ideology, beginning with the the ‘Glorious’ Protestant Revolution of 1688 and culminating today in what he describes as Judaised Americanism:

Indeed, all modern political theories that aim at a diminution or dissolution of the state or of the leading religious institution of a nation, whether these theories are called libertarian or populist or anarchist, may be recognised as derivatives of the defective Jewish economic mentality, which is also responsible for the social degeneration associated with modernism.


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