Yellow Vests – The Coming Revolution VIDEO


Above: The recent French Yellow Vests public meeting in Paris was attended by several hundred supporters. British racial nationalists eat your hearts out! 

French patriots Yvan Benedetti, Alain Soral and Hervé Ryssen are all victims of draconian ‘hate speech’ laws in France. However, differences in the French legal system may in fact give our Gallic cousins an advantage over us Brits. Indeed, current trends in the UK system appear to be harsher on rosbif nationalists: go straight to jail, do not participate in public meetings, do not use the Internet, etc., etc.

Will the French authorities dare to lock up such high profile Gentile heroes? Whatever the verdict, I wish my French brothers the very best.

I hope you enjoy watching and listening as much as I did.


Introduction – YB: The task in hand.

2’45” – AS: Reconnecting with western values; the rise of Wahabbism; La République = Lodge = Synagogue

6’00” – YB: France is a Christian country. Muslims in France should reconnect with their own faith in countries where such traditions are losing ground.

7’50” – AS: We’re heading towards a Springtime For The People

13’27” – YB: The revolution will be long, difficult and dangerous.

17’20” – HR: The prospect of prison.

18’40” – AS: The strategy of self-sacrifice.

20’25” – YB: Our ideas would be worthless if we weren’t prepared to suffer.

21’02” – AS: Globalism vs National Zionism.

24’05” – YB: Mental and physical repression of the Yellow Vests.

24’40” – AS: Our allies in the security forces.

25’07” – YB: How long will the security forces continue to defend those criminals currently in power?

26’27” – HR: Our collective goal must be to take back control of our own country and get rid of the oligarchs.

29’19” – YB: The authorities are held hostage by Globalism.

30’35” – HR: Future of the movement.

34’00” – YB: Conclusions. Hail victory!