In Defence of a Myth – ‘Holocaust’ lobby shifts into top gear

Yesterday’s spin from Zionist-controlled mass media regards ‘Holocaust’ Memorial Day 2019 was slightly different than in preceding years. There were, of course, plenty of films and documentaries meant to reinforce the current state religion of Holocaustianity – the world’s newest foundation myth, created in order to control western society and prevent Europeans from attaining their full potential.

From The Guardian – whose founder’s motto, ironically, was Comment is free but facts are sacred:

Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress, said: “As each year the number of Holocaust survivors able to share their personal testimony diminishes, our responsibility to honour their experience, to educate the uninitiated grows ever greater if we are to ensure that Jews can live as safely as all other European citizens.

“On 27 January, the world will unite to remember all the victims of the Holocaust – let their voices give us the call to action we need to work together, united, to ensure the future of the Europe we know.”

Exercising moderation, I shall simply say that Mr Kantor’s wish to see a continuation of multi-racial policy in Europe is, in all probability, diametrically opposed to the vision he and his fellow Zionists hold dear for the future of the Jewish state. Israel for the Jews; Europe for anyone ZOG deems should be allowed in? And if the flow should decrease, then it will suffice to bomb to smithereens yet another Middle Eastern country, just to keep numbers up and international financiers in business.

Back to this year’s #hmd19 spin. According to latest polls, there would be nigh on three million evil, Jew-hating ‘Holocaust’ deniers in Britain today. Less than in Germany or France, I might add. Still, with plans to deface one of central London’s vital green spaces with the latest concrete shrine to Holocaustianity, ZOM (Zio Occupied Mainstream) decided that the emphasis must be placed on further brainwashing education for the masses. I almost wrote another song, but managed to stop myself just in the nick of 6/8 time; a nice little ober-Waltz complete with squeeze-box and kosher spoons donated by Katie Hopkins, Tommy Robinson and Jamie Goddard…

The Nazis were evil
As bad as can be
Sent Jews to camps
Saying Work sets you free
So now and forever
We carry their flame
Another museum
To shame and to blame

Elsewhere, in the outer reaches of the Interwebz, #hmd19 was commemorated with a nod towards persecuted dissidents, including yours truly:

190128 hmd19 2.JPG

Above top row, left to right: Alison Chabloz, Ursula Haverbeck (first ever winner of the Prix Faurisson), Monika Schaefer; second row: Ernst Zündel, Sylvia Stolz, Horst Mahler, Robert Faurisson. Not to be forgotten: Wolfgang Fröhlich, Germar Rudolf, Alfred Schaefer, David Irving, Simon Sheppard, Vincent Reynouard, Siegfried Verbeke, Gerhard Ittner, Jürgen Graf, Gerard Menuhin, Gaston-Armand Amaudruz, René-Louis Berclaz and Fredrick Töben.

Increasing scepticism of the Mytholocaust narrative will inevitably produce more and more people willing to lead by example in the Quest for Truth and Historical Exactitude.

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