Pianist Stéphane Blet and the French Yellow Vests

Stéphane Blet is a French classical pianist and composer living in Turkey. In 2005, he was awarded the prestigious title of Knight of the Order of Arts and Literature by Jacques Chirac. A longtime supporter of Palestinian rights, Blet suddenly found himself a target of the Israel lobby in 2017 when he was prosecuted by the notorious pro-Israel League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism (LICRA) – a government-funded NGO that fulfils a similar role in France as do Hope Not Hate and Campaign Against Anti-Semitism in Britain.

Having emigrated to Istanbul to avoid further bullying from what he describes as the Jewish Mafia (see below death threats sent to Blet by members of this same mafia), Blet continues to be politically active and is now subject to further prosecution by another French-Israeli NGO, the National Bureau for Vigilence Against Anti-Semitism (NBVCA), for his videos in support of the French Yellow Vest movement.

In the short video below taken from two separate clips and with voiceover in English (click here if problems viewing), Blet praises the Gilets Jaunes movement (Yellow Vests) and attacks those Zionists currently occupying France and their attempt to do to French citizens what they’ve already done to the Palestinians. Regular readers will immediately understand the similarity of Blet’s situation to the one currently faced by this writer.



Like millions of people worldwide, Blet understands the need to liberate ourselves from the scourge of Zionism. In Britain, alas, the Yellow Vest movement appears to have been immediately kosherised – with leftists and media only too happy to oblige, pleading in unison that Brexiters and now Yellow Vests are a sure sign of the rise of “far right fascism”.  Similar soundbites can also be heard in the French press regards Les Gilets Jaunes.

However, numbers on the street appear to suggest that, like Blet, the French ont tout compris. Indeed, just take a look at these images of last Saturday’s Gilet Jaunes public meeting in Paris:

Above: patriotic podium. From left to right, Elie Hatem (Action Française), Jérôme Bourbon (RIVAROL), Alain Soral (Égalité et Réconciliation), Yvan Benedetti (Parti Nationaliste Français), Hervé Ryssen (écrivain). Several hundred members of the public attended the meeting and speakers earned a standing ovation

British patriots still have some way to go before achieving similar levels of mobilisation. Perhaps if we Brits were to emulate our French counterparts and spend more time tackling the real enemy as opposed to engaging in gratuitous Muslim-bashing and pointless infighting, then we might at last see some progress.