Latest Freedom of Information request sheds more light on my conviction

A meagre yet nonetheless revealing Subject Access Request (SAR) has finally arrived from Derbyshire Constabulary. The most important revelations are as follows:

  • Reports against me all were made to local forces outside Derbyshire. In simple terms, therefore, I am being forced to carry out Serf Labour as “payback” to a community that has no complaint against me. Indeed, there exists (thankfully) not a single synagogue within the entire county.


  • The SAR confirms (finally) that I did indeed deliver more anonymous post (including another, unopened “greetings card”) to Glossop police station shortly before I was first arrested November 2016. The officer in charge at the time had expressly asked me not to open any more of these greetings cards before handing them over to police. Why wasn’t this unopened card sent for DNA testing? Why was this case only partially investigated and why was this new evidence not taken into account? Why was I suddenly informed that the investigation had been dropped a week before I was the one being arrested for alleged harassment of the suspected sender and why was this person never interviewed by local police? – The SAR states categorically that my reports concerning this particular individual span a period of over 28 months.


  • The SAR also contains a short report of the interview I gave to police after my first above-cited arrest. Why did the CPS Counter Terrorism Unit prosecution barrister, Karen Robinson, then claim in court March 2018 that a second interview I gave in October 2017 was the first time I had ever been interviewed by police about my songs? What happened to the process of full disclosure?


  • A number of reports from the usual suspects are vaguely alluded to, one of which accuses me of “selling a CD” of my songs! It appears that Derbyshire police weren’t too fond of the idea of having me re-arrested for alleged breach of my bail conditions throughout most of 2017, despite reports coming thick and fast. Perhaps that’s why the Met was sent to do the dirty work outside court, October 2017, resulting in two nights in the cells and then bizarrely, according to the SAR, two days later “all charges dropped” by my own local force?


It has been brought to my attention that the opposition is haranguing both the probation service and Derbyshire police to place me in breach of my Suspended Sentence Order (SSO) for publishing on my website. Apparently, there is a monthly attempt – no doubt around the time of the full moon – to have me dragged back to court, then to jail.

Moreover, despite an initial promise from the London probation service that the “Rehabilitation” part of my SSO would comprise of one-to-one meetings and would in no way be an attempt to force me to change my views, the National Probation Service (NPS) is seemingly also being leaned on to have me attend some kind of Prevent Rehab workshop – a service that simply does not exist in rural, synagogue-free North Derbyshire. Perhaps my accusers and those under their influence at CPS are as yet unaware that I was removed from the Prevent Counter-terrorism list some time ago?

Of course, it’s no surprise that the usual suspects would act to further their undemocratic cause. On the other hand, scaremongering attempts by so-called nationalists to persuade me to abandon my appeal fail to take into account the importance of my case regards freedom of expression.

Was part of the reason for my Appeal being adjourned last December to allow more time for attempts to a) have the probation service place me in breach and/or b) have sinister “friends” try to persuade me to abandon the fight for our most important freedom: the right to think for ourselves and express those thoughts?

For what ends? And more importantly, for whose ends? I shall leave those still in possession of a critical mind to reach the obvious conclusions.