More Jewish concern over my conviction as Anglicans flounder

As the old saying goes, my enemy’s enemy is my friend. Tony Greenstein is something of a loose canon when it comes to talking about Jewish-ness and Zionism. Hated by my accusers, Greenstein’s petition to have Campaign Against Antisemitism investigated by the Charity Commission was quite a coup, although Greenstein himself was expelled from the Labour Party for – wait for it – “anti-Semitism”.

Greenstein’s latest post condemns my conviction on grounds of wishing to protect freedom of speech, at the same time covering his own back with the old obligatory mental health smear. The first of two notable quotations:

In my view Chabloz should not have been convicted. I also take the view of Raul Hilberg the most distinguished of all Holocaust historians that even holocaust deniers make us question our knowledge of the Holocaust.

The second quote in Greenstein’s piece relates to a recent article by Eve Mytykun:

In Chapter 7, Eve Mykytun has an article ‘Exposed! How Britain’s Anti-Semitism scaremongers operate.’ It contains a lot of useful information about the CAA. It describes how in 2006 the Chair of the CAA, Gideon Falter, fitted up a civil servant Rowan Laxton who he alleged had said ‘fucking Jews’ when hearing about the Israeli massacres in Gaza. At the magistrates court Laxton was found guilty of using threatening behaviour and he was fined and removed from his Foreign Office position. The Hitler loving Daily Mail played its part in ensuring that the case got national attention but surprisingly failed to publicise Laxton’s successful appeal to the Crown Court where he was found not guilty. Not for the first time Faltier had lied. Eight years later Falter formed the CAA, which has developed lying into a fine art.


[Mykytun’s] article is a very serious analysis of the fraudulent use of statistics by the CAA in order to generate headlines in a gullible press. Their 2016 annual audit of anti-Semitism reports a 14.9% increase in crimes ‘targeting Jews’ yet violent anti-Semitic crimes fell by 44.7%. The CAA admits it can’t find an explanation for this anomaly although the obvious one is that the 14.9% increase is bogus.

Mykytun proves that the CAA is utterly dishonest in the way that it uses statistics. Because many police forces don’t keep records the CAA ask them to conduct a keyword search for the word ‘Jew’ despite being warned that not all such occurrences are in relation to anti-Semitic incidents. Northumbria Police described CAA’s attempts at finding the level of anti-Semitic incidents as a ‘fishing expedition’.

The CAA’s primary concern is in producing headlines that can frighten Jews into believing there is an upsurge in anti-Semitism. […]

The absurdity of the CAA’s figures were demonstrated by the results in Derbyshire where there was a 1050% increase in non-criminal anti-Semitic incidents (from 2 to 34).

Further elaboration is unnecessary. Much of the above is backed up by my own writings here on this very website as well as by other publicly available sources.


In contrast to Greenstein’s condemnation of my prosecution, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, positively applauded it. The Subject Access Request (SAR) received from the prelate’s office is somewhat thin, containing only two partial emails and a copy of Welby’s obsequious speech in commemoration of the “Holocaust” to the Foreign Office last January.

The first email is from a person within Welby’s own diocese as can be seen from the heraldry on the letter head. The second is from one of my CAA accusers who attended the event. As confirmed in the SAR, Welby’s approach is merely a repetition of Zionist-controlled media spin that I would have ‘sung along’ to my songs whilst in the dock at Westminster Magistrates Court:

[…] words can undermine, demean and dehumanise. 10th January, not quite two weeks ago. Alison Chabloz in court singing, mouthing along to the words of horrific anti-Semitic songs that she had posted on the web. Prosecuted through a Jewish charity – a private prosecution because we had failed to launch an official prosecution. Talking about the ‘Hola-hoax’. Demeaning Elie Wiesel. Demeaning the great heroes of that appalling period – that unspeakable moment in which words turned to deeds that destroyed six million.

Anglicans and indeed anyone else who might like to respond directly to the Archbishop are invited to contact Lambeth Palace.