Chronic, hopeless and desperate

It’s at times like these that one gets to know who one’s true friends are. Huge thanks for all the kind and supportive messages received over the past few days. I am still waiting for proof – one SINGLE proof – of allegations made against me. So far, nada.

There was, however, enough proof to find lawyer Mark Lewis guilty of bringing his profession into disrepute. In a report published yesterday, the Jewish Chronicle predictably claimed I was one of his “attackers”. Poor man. In the warped minds of certain hacks, being asked questions in a civil manner equates to being “attacked”? Twice in the space of less than a week, this same publication has also stated that I was given a “two-year suspended sentence”. As one good friend notes: would that be illiteracy, ignorance, or a wish to mislead? Oh well, at least the JC can be said to act in the tribal interests of its readership.

Readership of Hate Not Hope [sic] is perhaps wider than that of the JC, but HnH is in reality a similar tribal outfit, funded of course by Globalist George Soros’ Open Society, with the aim being to erase national identity except one: Zionism. Hence, both the JC and HnH share the same fundamental ideological values.

For sure, HnH owes “nationalist” website Hapless & Desperate [sic] a pint or two. In comparison to HnH’s coverage of BRAND Alison Chabloz which wavers between mild flattery and typically weak attempts at humiliation, H&D’s latest hatchet jobs might come across as positively hateful if they weren’t so utterly daft. Still, as the old saying goes, all publicity is good.

HnH has also recently announced a new pamphlet on “Holocaust” revisionism. Amazon’s preview page suggests a school text book. Rather than offering a pint, perhaps Mr Collins might wish to send a copy to his H&D colleague just in case the latter is ever caught short?