Israeli think tank: Zionists lie most of the time

Over the past week we have learned from a study carried out by an Israeli think tank that Zionist leaders lie most of the time. Surely not?! Some would go even further, stating that Zionists in general lie most of the time. Despite Zionism’s original tenet of emancipation from religious Judaism by way of creating a homeland for Jews (Zionism = Jewish nationalism), the ideology of Zionism now relies heavily on the secular religious dogma of the ‘Holocaust’.

As well as being the principle reason behind the foundation of the state of Israel, the ‘Holocaust’ is now also the main identifier of Jewish-ness and, as most Jews are Zionists by default and seeing as our institutions are dominated by Zionists, Holocaustianity has become the main religion not only of Israel but of the western world in general. Zionists therefore have a quasi religious duty to lie, even to themselves.

Also over the past week or two, I have received numerous emails from The Jewish Chronicle (JC), partly explained in my recent posts. 90% of these emails are from editor, Stephen Pollard, whose role apparently also includes that of Data Protection Officer(!). In short, Mr Pollard refuses to comply with my Subject Access Request on the grounds that he is entitled to demand verified identification, in this case a ‘certified’ copy of my passport. More on this in my next post.

Other recent emails from the JC include one from the Head of News as well as several from reporter Ben Weich who has been following my case since earlier this year. Tuesday, Mr Weich asked for a statement explaining why I laid a wreath in honour of the 784 British soldiers killed during the Palestine Campaign at the Remembrance Day Parade organised by the National Front (NF). I duly complied and my statement is properly mentioned in an article in the online edition. Before publication late on Wednesday afternoon, Mr Weich asked if I would also like to respond to two comments made by the Community Security Trust (CST) and Hope Not Hate’s Jemma Levene. To paraphrase the angle taken by both organisations: Chabloz’ appearance alongside the ‘neo-fascist’ NF to lay a wreath in honour of British soldiers who served in Palestine must mean she’s an anti-Semite.

181122 jc armistice day

Better suited to my own website, here is my response…

Firstly, there is no doubt that our Prime Minister, Theresa May, is a Zionist. (As noted by French author Hervé Ryssen, all those in positions of power are either Jewish or married to a Jew, closely followed by Freemasons and homosexuals). When Mrs May addressed the recent annual dinner of yet another Jewish ‘charity’ clamouring for funds for Israel, she even had the chutzpah to declare that she was proud of Britain’s role in the creation of the state of Israel – a state built partly on the blood of hundreds of British servicemen, not to mention the blood of countless thousands of innocent Palestinian Arabs. Similarly, the failure of CST and Levene to recognise that British soldiers killed in Palestine were mostly victims of acts of terror committed by Jewish para-military organisations (Irgun, Lehi-Stern, Haganah) must mean that Sergeants Paice and Martin along with victims of the 1946 King David Hotel bombing in Jerusalem are spinning in their graves.



Above left: “That atrocity [kidnapping and brutal murder of Sgts Paice and Martin] was carried out by Menachim Begin who, and this point always sticks in my throat, went on to become Prime Minister of Israel”. – Eric Farthing, who served in Palestine in the 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards.

Above right: King David Hotel, Jerusalem 1946: Casualties: 91 dead (28 British, 41 Arabs, 17 Jews, 2 Armenians, 1 Russian, 1 Greek and 1 Egyptian) and 45 wounded.

How disrespectful and disingenuous of May, CST and Levene to brush aside British victims of Jewish terrorism in favour of a foreign political agenda and in support of the notion that criticism of Israel and Jews constitutes a form of ‘hate crime’. Ironically, whilst being staunch supporters of Jewish nationalism, May, CST and Levene baulk with sanctimonious, hypocritical horror when it comes to patriots in Britain wanting the same kind of rules that apply to Israel in their own home nation, i.e. closed borders and the protection of White British heritage and culture. Ethnic minorities – certain of which now form the majority in several major cities and towns – along with other identity groups such as feminists, LGBTQ, etc., etc., can always play the race/gender/religious card when it comes to protecting their own group interests. Yet it seems that very few Westminster politicians are willing to represent the interests of White Britons. Indeed, those defending the interests of Britain and Britons are regularly demonised as ‘haters’ by our Zionist-controlled leaders and press, as well as by CST and Hate Not Hope [sic].

The kvetching of CST and Levene is transparently intended to force the authorities to ban the march in future in the name of “anti-facism”. They are perhaps unaware that for half a century, the National Front has paraded to the Cenotaph with full permission granted by the authorities and with security assured by the police service.

CST and Levene cannot have it both ways: removal of civic rights and persecution of dissidents by authoritarian regimes past or present is wrong. So-called ‘anti-fascist’ organisations that actively engage in targeting their political opponents have simply transformed their ‘anti-fascist’ torch-bearing into a stinking pile of damp squibs. CST and Levene can rest assured that their anti-freedom Soviet-style tactics are part of the reason why nationalism across Europe and the western world is now flourishing and attracting the brightest and best. With a new and dynamic leadership in place and as seen at this year’s Remembrance Day Parade, the National Front shall remain committed to honouring all our war dead and ensuring that their sacrifice is not forgotten.

All nationalists are invited to join the march in honour of all our war victims, irrespective of the war in which they were culled in their prime in service of their country.  I am British and shall continue to defend British values. I call on all nationalist brothers and sisters to do likewise and to remain defiant in the face of Zionist-controlled media and our puppet politicians.