Conspiracy against Alison confirmed

The Subject Access Request dealt with by Edinburgh Fringe was the first and, to date, the most helpful of all SARs submitted. The 2016 EdFringe SAR contains much the same sort of complaints made against me as in 2015. Revealingly, even EdFringe staff admit that one particular Twitter account, RTingBot, is focused on me and is attempting to get me prosecuted.

181106 SAR EdFringe RT bot
Further emails included in the SAR are from The Jewish Chronicle, EdFringe-related organisations, as well as from other Twitter complainants. Now who could these be, I wonder? There is still a live record of one response from EdFringe to a complainant on Twitter, but for some reason all trace of the complainant’s Twitter name has vanished…

Important here to note that the conspiracy of hatred against me was severely ramped up following my EdFringe 2015 show, including my ban from Glossop Labour Club. My SAR to GLC is revealing in that emails sent to and received from one committee member at the time are being withheld. GDPR rules are perfectly clear that information can only be withheld for good reason and that these reasons must be stated in plain English within the deadline of 30 days. Having already been tardy with their original response to my SAR, GLC now has three more days to either produce the data or explain why this data is being withheld.

No conspiracy? Well, returning to the highly abusive RTingBot account, run by Andrea Silva on the orders of Ambrosine Shitrit, evidence of a conspiracy is plain for all to see. As for initial “anti-Semitic” tweets sent to me by the GLC committee member mentioned above, withheld from the SAR, I have the recorded originals and much more which, I am sorry to say, do little to negate the conspirators’ claims of No conspiracy!


August 24th 2016, little Nemo was frantic. He still is, and back in January 2016 he was even tweeting his own troll in an attempt to demonise me. And then in August the prospect of a bit of book burning was simply too much for Applebaum aka Nemo aka Sicaro aka Rattus.

160128 Appelbaum160824 Nemo frantic C Venues
Demonise the messenger – not the message (because they can’t): a tactic clearly exposed in the recent Al Jazeera – The Lobby USA, published by The Electronic Intifada. A must watch.