Conspiracy against Alison comes to light

With dates of my appeal against conviction and sentence fast approaching, I have recently  submitted several Subject Access Requests (SAR) in accordance with the new GDPR and Data Protection Act. Results so far have been revealing. Let’s start with my SAR to the Edinburgh Fringe. The screenshots below are selected from an 89-page SAR concerning my 2015 EdFringe show Autumn’s Here. My annotations in red:

181102 edfringe SAR 1st letter


The second letter of complaint is perhaps the most enlightening:

181102 edfringe SAR 2nd letter - shitrit
The SAR archive shows four more similarly predictable complaints from members of the public, bringing the total to six, before former Sun on Sunday columnist, Louise Mensch, sticks her Zi-oar in (click to enlarge):

A further internal EdFringe email exchange confirms that I was up front right from the start:

181102 edfringe SAR internal freestival

More to come soon.