Robert Faurisson’s commitment to the Revisionist cause remained intact until his final breath

The passing of Robert Faurisson almost immediately after his final speech to an audience of Revisionist enthusiasts brings to mind other prominent figures who made similarly spectacular exits from this worldly stage. In 1673, French playwright Molière collapsed whilst performing the lead role in his comedy Le malade imaginaire (The Hypochondriac). More recently in 1984, British humourist Tommy Cooper suffered a heart attack whilst performing at the Royal Variety Show in London.

Molière was a satirist, seen as a potential dissident notably for works such as Le misanthrope, whose depiction of the hypocrisy of the dominant classes was taken as an outrage and violently contested. Cooper was one of Britain’s best loved comics (but also a wife-beater). Both Molière and Cooper have statues dedicated to their life’s work. The same goes for prominent suffragettes who, only a century ago, were considered the terrorists of the day.

A statue of Robert Faurisson would be a fitting tribute. Predictably, however, the enemies of free speech are calling for Revisionism to be laid to rest with the deceased professor. No chance. Early works by Paul Rassinier, Maurice Bardèche and Arthur Butz were the Revisionist seeds tended to by Faurisson with his renowned methodical and analytical thoroughness. From his writings sprang forth vigorous roots which began to undermine official “Holocaust” historiography, notably regards Auschwitz. Starting with Jean-Claude Pressac and culminating today with the works of Germar Rudolf, Carlo Mattogno and Jürgen Graf, Revisionist historiography has produced a lush field of scientific research bursting with irrefutable argument.

Thanks to Robert Faurisson, more than a quarter of the population in France is now skeptical when it comes to the ”Holocaust”.

On the pretext that book burning and removal of civic rights must never happen again, present governments, in turn, implement increasingly strict laws in order to … burn books and ban dissident opinions. However, sections of the mainstream are beginning to understand the futility of applying “hate speech” laws to Revisionism. (Statistics originally published by the Anti-defamation League):

“Twenty years of policing speech about the Holocaust has produced a perverse result. In the two countries in which Holocaust denial is freely available to anyone [The United States and Great Britain], the level of Holocaust denial and what might be termed Holocaust skepticism has changed very little. But despite the vigilance and police powers of the regulated-speech countries, the percentage of Holocaust deniers plus skeptics increased substantially, from 5 percent to 26 percent in France and from 8 percent to 11 percent in Germany.”

If, as claimed by the enemies of free speech, Revisionist theses are indeed a “falsification of history”, then surely all they would have to do is prove these theses wrong? But they are simply unable to do so. May the passing of Robert Faurisson also herald the end of these undemocratic and oppressive means of suppressing dissident voices.

Orthodox “Holocaust” historiography is the dead man walking. Faurisson’s spirit is alive and well and will continue to thrive, even in the absence of a statue erected to his memory.

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