For the record #1 – Suzanne Fernandes outs herself as a liar

A reliable source informs me that last Monday’s LBC radio phone-in with Muslim Zionist, Maajid Nawaz, featured a call from a disillusioned serving police officer who stated that his force had been obliged to arrest someone for singing a song. Who could that be, I wonder?

November 2016, bare-faced liar and useful idiot for the Israel lobby, Suzanne Fernandes, managed to have an officer from Derbyshire Constabulary arrest me – the officer told me he was acting on behalf of Essex Police – for alleged harassment. Fernandes falsely accused me of targeting her and her children on Twitter. I was never asked to answer bail and the charges against me were dropped. Indeed, Fernandes regularly posts photos of her young children online – most recently as her Twitter header. One may be forgiven for concluding that professional victims like Fernandes use their own kids as bait. She’s certainly not the only one.

As well as Fernandes’ false allegations to police against me, she publicly claimed on numerous occasions that her resignation from the advisory board of anti-Islamophobia monitoring organisation, Tell Mama UK, was also due to my “harassment” of her. Note the quoted tweet from Fernandes’ former lawyer and the date, August 3rd 2016:

160804 suzanne resigns 2

Above: August 3rd 2016, Fernandes clearly states she resigned because of yours truly.

For months on end, Fernandes repeats the same allegation to anyone willing to listen:


Alas, liars tend to make mistakes. October 10th 2017 on her own Twitter timeline Fernandes admits  that she in fact resigned in the first week of July 2016:

180929 fernandes tm july

Not August 3rd then, but the first week of July – because of death threats and knife images.

Fernandes’ resignation had nothing whatsoever to do with me. Her accusation is libellous, plain and simple.

The question is, of course, who was/is pulling Fernandes’ strings to make these false claims against me? Let’s see how we’re spoiled for choice :

Nemo, Bedlam, Ost, Shitrit, Silva. All present…

And last but not least, that former lawyer again:

170501 lewis suzanne

How sweet!

The above screenshots represent a tiny percentage of the 150 images in Fernandes’ sub-folder. Over a period of two and a half years, Fernandes has also mentioned my name in 300 tweets. Only Nemo has done better – or worse, depending on how you look at it. One slight difference: Fernandes used her own name to smear me, whereas Nemo was outed in court.

Fernandes might want to wake up to the fact that she has been used; plied like a Plasticine puppet with a big juicy carrot dangled in front of her nose. Sadly, the cavernous abyss that exists between her ears doesn’t look like it will be replenished with common sense any time soon.

Stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon.