Charity under investigation as puppet-on-a-string earns musical restraining order

Suzanne she goes down
Once more to Ealing cop shop
She makes an umpteenth statement
Falsely claiming she’s a victim

And we know that she’s half crazy
That her strings are pulled in Barnet
And the lies are fed from Finchley
Oh but she’s too blind to see it
Yet Suzanne does her duty
Carries out her orders
Just keeps on spreading nonsense
In the hope somebody answers
With angry words and menace

And again she runs for cover
Begging Mr Plod to nick me
But he only shakes his helmet
As she stands there
Playing victim with her lies…

(Sincere apologies to fans of Leonard Cohen – RIP).

Update 16:05:

If this news item had been published an hour earlier, I would have altered the refrain in my above tribute:

And again she runs for cover
Begging Mr Plod to nick me
As she cites her ‘former lawyer
And just stands there
Playing victim with her lies…


Original post:

Three days ago my probation officer and I had another long conversation during which I raised the issues parodied above. Puppet-on-a-string and puppeteers alike should be made aware that everything will eventually come out in the wash – in all probability much sooner than any of them realise. Everything is on record. Indeed, I am regularly advised by my legal team to keep a record of all publications concerning my case, whether these originate from mainstream sources or from individuals using social media.

Two more interesting points raised by the probation service: firstly, complications often arise when “victims” protected by a restraining order appear to be engaging in baiting-and-entrapment of those who, according to these same so-called “victims”, need restraining; secondly, the NPS has authority to make enquiries abroad which, in my case, could involve certain organisations which, to date, have only partially complied with requests for personal information. Failure to disclose, in accordance with data protection rules, is potentially unlawful.

As I was about to publish this post, an email arrived from the Charity Commission in response to a complaint concerning Campaign Against Antisemitism submitted January 13th(!) after one of my accusers from this same organisation admitted under oath that “Nemo” was Stephen Applebaum. This admission came 12 months after my accuser’s barrister had confirmed in the same court that his client was none other than Applebaum’s then-anonymous Twitter partner, Bedlam Jones.

Last May’s court ruling in favour of my accusers nevertheless contains a paragraph which refers to this crucial aspect of my case. Unscrupulous, disreputable online stalking as deployed by my accusers shall be exposed thoroughly in upcoming hearings, as will the roles of various police forces, Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s office and that of a supposed “charity” currently under investigation.

Dear Ms Chabloz,


Thank you for your form submission dated 13 January 2018.

The Commission has received a number of queries about the activities of the charity Campaign against Antisemitism Registered charity number 1163790.  We are currently assessing the information provided to us and considering whether we have a regulatory interest in the issues raised.

We do not propose to respond individually to everyone who has contacted us so please accept this email as confirmation that your correspondence has been received and will be considered.

Yours Sincerely,

[Name withheld].