Zionists lack any sense of IHRA-ny

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of “anti-Semitism” isn’t working. Firstly, the term “anti-Semitism” is a misnomer: “Semitic” defines a group of Middle Eastern languages including Arabic and Hebrew. Jewishness is neither an ethnicity, nor a religion. It is simply a mindset. Those whose mindset betrays adherence to the cult of Jewishness i.e. those Jews and non-Jews who consider “Jews” to be a race, are often the ones crying wolf when it comes to allegations of “anti-Semitism”.

180926 IHRA definition

Out comes the IHRA definition – “adopted” by the British government just a month before my legal battle against the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) began almost two years ago in November 2016. “Adopted” is another misnomer: the definition was not passed into legislation and therefore it is not legally binding. Why the College of Policing and Crown Prosecution Service saw fit to incorporate the definition into their guidelines is puzzling: spending vast amounts of public money on prosecutions for “social media” offences when actual crime rates are sky-high… Theresa May’s tug-of-the-forelock in deference to a tiny minority whose families were invited into this country as guests gives the measure of our corrupt and compromised leadership, powerless and unwilling to counter erosion of our democracy from within by oligarchs. We are an occupied country and those who dare to speak out are treated like Palestinians: silenced, gulagged, their homes and livelihoods taken from them.

Out comes the IHRA Big Stick, brandished with sanctimonious belligerence. A quick phone call to one’s useful idiot Shabbos Goy in the Mail Online newsroom. More column space given to Zionists who spend their entire lives continually complaining about the lot of “British” Jews whilst occupying top jobs in government and media. The latest of these “poor victims” is lawyer Richard Millett, upset by an ancient video of Jeremy Corbyn stating that Zionists lack any sense of irony.

When the video emerged – suggesting once again that the state of Israel is indeed funding an anti-Corbyn campaign, i.e. meddling as per usual in our democracy – Millet was immediately given air-time and column space for a severe bout of predictable pro-Zionist whining. And now he intends to sue Corbyn for £100,000 for “hurt feelings” following last Sunday’s BBC Andrew Marr show. But Corbyn never mentions Millett by name, either in the original video clip or in his interview with Marr. And if libel protocol is to be instigated, then why is Millet announcing it to the world and – more importantly – WHO is funding his legal team?

No doubt, the IHRA definition will be deployed as readily as are skunk vans and white phosphorus gas over Gaza – a present day chemical slaugterhouse and weapons-testing ground in Israel’s very own back yard.

No doubt, Millett’s most vocal sidekick will be in court complaining to the clerk about deafness so he is able to sit with one eye on the judge and one hand in the pocket of his XXXXL pants in order to operate his unlawful recording device (oh yes, Jonathan, your fingerprints are all over that flash drive you dropped in Court 8. Tut tut).

Jeremy Corbyn is right: Zionists lack any sense of IHRANY despite some of them having been born in Britain and grown up here. The proof is in the pudding, notably with my own case. In short, the IHRA definition is not worth the paper it was written on and, like Theresa “Je suis juif” May, is unfit for purpose (which likewise goes for May’s command of the French language). 

In the event of a Corbyn victory in the next General Election, those of us in Britain with genuine concerns over mass immigration and population replacement are unlikely to be heard. Or perhaps we will? Can Labour afford to lose support from its traditional heartlands where Brexit was and remains a priority along with housing, healthcare, crime, jobs? If Corbyn enters N° 10 and continues to welcome droves of non-European migrants to these shores, then this must surely result in the revival of pro-White pro-European nationalism as we see happening in large swathes across Europe?

This is our struggle – Globalism versus Nationalism; Multiculturalism versus National Identity; Truth versus Lies.


More IHRANY: CAA is organising – wait for it – a benefit gig comedy night. Are the stand-up comedians due to perform aware that they will be raising funds for a so-called “charity” which is likely to then go on to use these funds in order to censor other artists?

During the Nazi and Soviet Communists era, art and artists considered “degenerate” by the ruling regime were censored. Laws were passed to prevent criticism of the authorities and, according to some sources, it was even forbidden to tell anti-regime jokes. Many Jewish artists fled Germany and German-occupied territory. Others, not so fortunate, were sent to labour camps as part of the German National Socialist programme of ridding Germany and other countries under Nazi control of all Jews, thereby removing Jewish power and influence from western Europe. However, there is plenty of documentation showing that labour camp inmates – musicians for example – were allowed to perform in the many camp orchestras and theatres.

This benefit gig, in my view, is also a way of sneering at those CAA have already managed to silence e.g. #EdFringe 2016 – #neverforget: no self-respecting performer should be seen to be help any such organisation raise money in order to silence other artists. The same goes for theatre venues.

We cannot on the one hand condemn the removal of civic rights under differing regimes, past or present whilst, on the other, pursuing and supporting the same practices being implemented in our own society today against artists, scholars or indeed against anyone else on grounds of their political views.

Another IHRANY is of course the planned new Shoah memorial to be built right next to Parliament, just a stone’s throw away from the already-existing huge exhibition space at the Imperial War Museum and monument in Hyde Park, both dedicated to the so-called “Holocaust”. A famous Pink Floyd melody comes to mind:


We don’t need no new memorial

We don’t need more mind control

No ugly building in our garden

Lobby leave us Brits alone

Hey lobby! Leave us Brits alone

All in all just another…

I’ll stop there before I get into even more trouble. In any case, it’s doubtful I’ll be invited to sing at the opening ceremony, although I might upload a video to celebrate the announcement later this week of dates for my upcoming Appeal.

Watch this space. X x