Abusive CAA-approved Twitter trolls sparked Songs of the Shoah

First off, a slight correction as to my speculations yesterday regards the Tommy Robinson affair. Apparently, Robinson was aware of reporting restrictions on the case. He simply did not understand why these restrictions were in place, namely to avoid jury contamination. Everyone has the right to fair trial. Similar restrictions are currently in place for several high-profile nationalist trials. We cannot complain about contempt rules only when it suits us. Readers will have decide for themselves whether or not Robinson’s actions were deliberately intended to a) jeopardise potential convictions and/or b) to deflect attention away from my case. The most relevant point is that it is indeed the issue of free speech which is the prime motivator of current support for Robinson. We now need to open his supporters’ eyes to those who are in fact behind the desire to further limit our most precious of freedoms.

180529 searchlightMany thanks to Dr Fredrick Töben for once again featuring my case in the latest Adelaide Institute newsletter where you will find a round-up of news reports. One article not featured (because of late publication) comes courtesy of Searchlight’s Gerry Gable who will have raised several eyebrows with his choice of headline (left). ‘Steve’ (real name Sidney) Silverman aka Bedlam Jones won’t be too pleased.

This morning, I received some interesting information regards Silverman. Asides trolling on behalf of Israel by way of the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), Silverman also runs a music school where he teaches vocal technique. I was already aware that Silverman is an opera fan. Would Silverman’s ethnicity have anything to do with the fact that he is able to enjoy a career in music here in the UK, whilst doing his utmost to prevent others from being able to perform and share their work?

Indeed, one Brit is currently facing jail for singing satirical songs – on evidence supplied by this very same chanteur, Sidney Silverman, whose anonymous Twitter trolling features in a Derbyshire Constabulary investigation for harassment of this same British singer, yes, the one facing prison!

Dr Töben’s newletter also features a copy of John Zani’s written judgement as well as an in-depth report authored by a certain “Leo Clitheroe” (first published by Heritage & Destiny) on the magistrate’s verdict. Mr Clitheroe’s article is well-written, with a crucial account of the inconsistency of reactions to my verdict by CAA’s Gideon Falter and Sidney Silverman:

In his first reaction after the verdict, Gideon Falter (chairman of the Campaign Against Antisemitism who had brought the original prosecution) delightedly asserted: “This verdict sends a strong message that in Britain Holocaust denial and antisemitic conspiracy theories will not be tolerated.”

Yet Falter’s CAA colleague Steve Silverman quickly contradicted his chairman, writing:

“There is a misconception that the trial of Alison Chabloz was about the criminalisation of Holocaust denial. This is a failure to understand the depth of her offending and the danger it presents to British Jews.” Silverman insisted: “This woman has been responsible for the vilest outpouring of antisemitic hatred I have ever encountered.” He gave various examples of her anti-Jewish rhetoric (strictly unrelated to ‘Holocaust’ revisionism) then concluded: “This is not Holocaust denial; it is the use of Holocaust denial to give people reasons to fear and hate Jews. Alison Chabloz did this for years, obsessively and with increasing malevolence.”

However, like many other reports in the press, the story of how my songs were ‘spiteful revenge’ after I was kicked off a cruise ship back in 2014 was picked up not only by the prosecution and by the magistrate but also by Mr Clitheroe. His final paragraph states:

The only clearing of this judicial fog will have to come from a new, British based, thoroughly researched challenge to aspects of ‘Holocaust’ history: a challenge that is indubitably grounded in reasoned argument rather than anything that can be easily dismissed as spiteful abuse.

I, for one, await with impatience Mr Clitheroe’s dedicated challenge on these particular aspects of history. Will we also be seeing an appearance of Mr Clitheroe on nationalist platforms, say, next September in Blackpool? If so then organisers can no doubt expect a full turn out.


The cruise ship angle is a ploy to deflect attention away from CAA-approved trolls – including Sidney ‘Bedlam Jones’ Silverman and his acolyte Steve ‘Nemo’ Applebaum, both mentioned in the written verdict. Ambrosine Shitrit (Chetrit) managed to have me sacked, but it was only after she tried to have my 2015 Edinburgh Fringe show pulled – and after my quenelle response – that harassment and stalking of me was taken over by CAA.

CAA trolls Silverman and Applebaum together did everything they could to destroy any chance I had of performing, culminating in my 2016 Ed Fringe show being pulled and, finally, by way of the private prosecution against me brought by Falter.

All is on record, including details of events leading up to my sacking from the cruise ship. The Musicians Union did offer some modicum of assistance, but with the cruise company denying my right to data protection (“We have no record of any documents concerning you sent to the ship” – documents that were shown to me in the Captain’s office the same day I was sacked!), I stood very little chance of bringing a case against my German employer.

Also on record is Derbyshire Constabulary’s decidedly unethical handling of my case since the very beginning.

In short, my Songs of the Shoah were a direct result of the years of provocation, stalking and harassment of me, mainly by Silverman and Applebaum. I am far from being their only target. The diabolical pair have been using the same baiting and entrapment tactics against innocent individuals ever since CAA was founded in 2014. Falter must have been aware and therefore must have condoned the use of anonymous trolling to bring about the prosecution of his dreams. Shitrit certainly has a role in all this – she being the person who originally alerted CAA to my presence. But it is misleading to say my songs were the result of Shitrit’s harassment of me at my place of work.

What punishment awaits on June 14th is anyone’s guess, but already this guilty verdict boils down to the plain fact that we, as native Britons, no longer have the right to express ourselves freely in our own land. Those wishing to further curtail this most fundamental of human rights do not hold dear British values. If they did, then they would not be working day and night to suppress voices of political dissidents. The very fact that these agents of a foreign state are so clearly and deliberately working against our long cherished values should be enough to worry even the most apathetic citizens.

38 thoughts on “Abusive CAA-approved Twitter trolls sparked Songs of the Shoah

  1. Sophie Johnson May 29, 2018 / 2:56 pm

    Spot-on as usual, Alison! Thank you.

    But to our Mr Clitheroe: He has decreed that English revisionism has to be ‘indubitably grounded in reasoned argument rather than anything that can be easily dismissed as spiteful abuse’. (And so our Mr Clitheroe unmasks himself! For indeed, we have heard this one before.)

    Himself past-master of the art of ‘spiteful abuse’, what does Mr Clitheroe have in mind as the spiteful abuse that has to be avoided: satirical songs, cartoons, poetry, films, stage performances, lectures, public protests?

    Oh, clever Mr Clitheroe! He has, in one smarmy swoop, banished every genre from the hands of English Revisionists other than prosaic argument. (This is indeed a neat curtailing of English Revisionists’ right of free speech!)

    Tell me, Mr Clitheroe: Have you come upon the view that every attempt to persuade is an argument? Needless to say, songs, cartoons, etc. are top-notch persuaders, ipso facto top-notch arguments.

    Sadly, English Revisionisms does not have a cartoonist or a poet. But it sure does have a singer! And she sure is persuasive: charm, wit, verve, humour, superior intelligence, profound knowledge of Revisionist issues, exquisite musicality! That is why the (((apparatchiks))) are baying for her blood. And that is the pack of scabrous mongrels you are running with, is it not, Mr Clitheroe?

    What a pity, Mr Clitheroe, for your just-published H&D article is otherwise brilliant and very useful.

  2. Teresa May May 29, 2018 / 4:40 pm

    You should avoid Heritage and Destiny articles and people at all costs. MI5 through and through that lot. Thick as theives with MI5 agent Bedford-Turner and MI5 street army the National Front.
    They all meet in a rather dubious military club near Marble Arch. Here they laugh and plan and get a little tipsy. No one at Heritage and Destiny has ever been real Nationalists, and they even have active Muslim members.
    So not surprised at this turn of events at all.

    • Sophie Johnson May 29, 2018 / 7:27 pm

      So MI5 agents are being gaoled these days, TM? (Love them lies!)

      • Teresa May May 29, 2018 / 9:25 pm

        Turner has been on the go for a decade lying to Nationalists about his non existent political activities which included standing for parliament as a NF candidate in a South West London constituency when he was a teenager. Only problem in those days you had to be over 21 to be eligible to stand for parliament if you really were a member of that organisation. Might be beneficial if you did some research before you pass judgement.
        And who exactly funds Turner? No one knows. I would suggest that you are a little gullible.

        • Alison Chabloz May 29, 2018 / 9:40 pm

          ‘Teresa’, shall I again dig out that post by Morgoth?

  3. Derek G Haslam May 29, 2018 / 6:31 pm

    Mr Robinson is on the front pages again. As is Judge Geoffrey C Marson of Wetherby. Ooh Matron!

  4. alemild May 29, 2018 / 7:50 pm

    can’t wait for the CAA to demand prosecution of Mr William Shakespeare for his vile antisemitic play ‘Merchant of Venice’. Or indeed the next theatre company that dares to produce it.

    • Y-Man May 31, 2018 / 10:05 am

      You don’t have to go that far back. What do you think would happen to Mel Brooks if he tried to make The Producers in the U.K. today, or in any country for that matter

  5. Felix Culpa May 29, 2018 / 9:04 pm

    You found CAA’s harassment of you grossly offensive. You refused to be bullied by its henchmen but instead called them out on their game.

    So would anyone reasonable.

    But like so many other beautiful words in our times, “reasonable” has been subjected to tacit redefinition. Under a Zani judgement, reasonable will mean being governed not by sound thinking, but by expediency.

    When “reasonable” means governed by sound thinking, we get a trial where one cannot be found guilty of a gross offense based upon a definition of “grossly offensive” to be determined by the party bringing the charge.

    When “reasonable” means governed by sound judgment, we get a trial where one may not cynically dress an attempt to get a conviction sans objective evidence as selfless, altruistic regard for people of all races.

    But when “reasonable” means governed by expediency, well then, we get a verdict which is no ver (true) dict (saying), but a ruling contemptuous of the truth– if the true word to be spoken has the capacity to interfere with its deliverer’s livelihood, social status, comfort. We get a verdict where the outrage its deliverer feels at the possibility that he could very well lose all, should he exercise his office justly, transfers that outrage, out of pusillanimity, to the defendant because, were it not for her fighting this fight, he would not be in this position, because, were it not for her example of courage, he would not be stripped of the rationalizing that it were not possible to stand up to tyranny after all, because, were it not for her prizing genuine human dignity over her job, his overpowering desire to throw everything else overboard but his job might not be a reproach to his conscience.

    Such a Zani judgment would look like the judge visiting his self-reproaches upon the defendant’s head. His judgment’s nature would be a manifestation of “conscience will out” and be most clearly seen in the judge’s projecting his preoccupation with keeping his occupation onto the defendant and finding her guilty of his own crime.

      • Felix Culpa May 29, 2018 / 10:52 pm

        My friend just said to me, “The issue is not the judge’s deliberations; the issue is being on trial in the first place.”

        That point must never be lost, sight of and in that way, ceded gratis.

  6. henrythefifth May 29, 2018 / 9:23 pm

    Good evening Alison. I have been following your case and I would just like to express my support for your right to free speech and sympathy with the outrageous guilty verdict you have received in this kangaroo court!!!!

    Obviously, i will be making people i know aware of your case and the sorry state of free speech in this country. It is a disgraceful and disgusting situation when the freedoms many fought and struggled for in this country are being undermined by a foreign clique with no roots or loyalty to this country or its people.

  7. Jeff Fenske May 30, 2018 / 1:34 am

    Reblogged this on tobefree and commented:
    Alison writes:

    “In short, my Songs of the Shoah were a direct result of the years of provocation, stalking and harassment of me, mainly by Silverman and Applebaum. I am far from being their only target. The diabolical pair have been using the same baiting and entrapment tactics against innocent individuals ever since CAA was founded in 2014.”

  8. czakal May 30, 2018 / 6:51 am

    Is it true you were reporting people for “Islamophobia” to Tell Mama? If so, why would a “white nationalist” want to give currency to the Islamophobia narrative? How did the Jews get on to you in the first place? Could it have been through your reporting to Tell Mama, which, you may have been unaware, has close ties to the CST and is, in fact, now run by a Jew?

  9. Poseidon May 30, 2018 / 7:36 am

    The Grossly Offensive Slanders of Anti-Gentile Haters, Part One

    Eric Pickles, former Conservative Friends of Israel chairman and suitable contender for “Brain of Britain”, has called for a new law to criminalize so-called “Holocaust denial” in Britain.

    Anyone who still hasn’t twigged that the “gas chambers” stories from the 1940s are merely wartime atrocity propaganda – i.e., a total pack of lies to (i) allow Zionist Jews to realise their dream of seizing Palestine in 1948, and to (ii) deflect attention from Allied war crimes such as the Dresden, Hiroshima and Katyn massacres, is necessarily almost unbelievably retarded or almost unbelievably ignorant. After all, this is 2018, the age of the internet!!!

    HoloHoaxers, aka crackpot anti-Gentile conspiracy theorists, allege that between one million and nine million people were murdered at Auschwitz, depending upon which particular liar or crackpot is making the claim. For example, the Jewish Virtual Library declares, “Historians and analysts estimate the number of people murdered at Auschwitz somewhere between 2.1 million to 4 million, of whom the vast majority were Jews.”

    Now the so-called “Wannsee Conference” took place on January 20, 1942, which is when Hoaxers claim (despite having no evidence) that a so-called “Final Solution of the Jewish Question” involving “exterminations” was discussed and implemented. And November 25, 1944 is when the hate-filled anti-Gentile bigots say that the Germans destroyed “the gas chambers” and crematoria. Thus, the so-called “exterminations” are supposedly perpetrated over a period of approximately 34 months. Let’s take the lowest alleged death toll of 1.1 million that is frequently touted by the Zionist propagandists (after they reduced the official figure from 4 million with no corresponding reduction in the headline “six million” total, that itself had already been predicted by Jews in 1906, 1910, 1919, 1921, etc.!!!). And so, dividing 1.1 million by 34 months, the alleged murders had to have been perpetrated at an average rate of 32,353 people monthly.

    The total coke deliveries to Auschwitz-Birkenau over the 20.3 months between February 16, 1942 and October 25, 1943, as documented on approximately 240 delivery notes (Pressac, 1989), is 1,037 tons. Thus, the average monthly consumption is 51 tons. The period of 20.3 months covers most of the 34 months when the alleged “mass murders” were supposedly perpetrated.

    In 1941, the Topf double-muffle oven at Gusen is known to have consumed 30.6 kg of coke per corpse when operating continuously, and 47.9 kg of coke per corpse in semi-continuous operations. Let’s assume continuous operation and take the lower figure to be as fair as possible to the haters – not that they deserve it!

    So, 51,000 kg divided by 30.6 kg allows for 1,666 bodies to be cremated monthly, which is 19.4 times smaller than the above-mentioned 32,353 that Hoaxers require. 34 months x 1,666 corpses totals 56,644 corpses, which of course is also 19.4 times less than the 1.1 million claim requires.

    We can add several tens of thousands for bodies disposed of in pits, fuelled by wood, when the three double-muffle ovens of Auschwitz I could not cope with the load during typhus epidemics prior to the use of Krema II to V, and the total is broadly in agreement with the ~69,000 recorded in the Auschwitz death books to end of 1943, and quite clearly still at least an order of magnitude short of the outrageous allegations that range from 1 million to 9 million murders.

    Most cremations were carried out on the Topf triple-muffle, which in theory was capable of slightly better fuel economy than the double-muffle. It had lower conductive losses, but with only two gasifier hearths to serve three muffles, the final muffle in the center was heated only by the hot gases entering from the other muffles. Unlike the latter, the final muffle did not benefit from direct heating as the CO from the gasifier combined with fresh combustion air in two of the muffles to release 283 kJ per mole of carbon consumed in the final step of the reaction. Cremations in the final muffle would have taken longer.

    Whereas the double-muffle was known to achieve cremation times a little under one hour in continuous cremations, the triple-muffle would have averaged no more than one body per muffle per hour. This means that even if we forget about the coke consumption, the ovens still needed to be capable of cremating 3.2 times faster than they were actually capable of (see Ref. 1). And even if, at a stretch, we suppose that the triple-muffle could bring about a 1/3 reduction in the fuel consumed down to some 20 kg of coke per corpse, this is still a drop in the ocean compared to the 19.4 times reduction required by the orthodox narrative.

    Hoaxers contend that between 1941 and 1942, the Germans suddenly found a way to bring about a massive improvement in fuel consumption and cremation burning rate – by stuffing multiple corpses per muffle simultaneously. Problem is, there is a pesky little fact known as the energy conservation law, which prevents cremators or incinerators from exhibiting a supernatural performance and transforming into the equivalent of perpetual motion machines. And this can be demonstrated empirically by the performance of modern animal cremators and incinerators, in which multiple carcasses are simultaneously disposed of [Ref. 1], and by the writings of cremation experts both pre- and post-WWII (e.g., Paul Schläpfer in the 1930s, and C.H. Beek, 1979) [Ref. 2].

    Are we really supposed to believe that all manufacturers of human and animal cremators throughout history, and all cremation engineers (even pre-WWII !!!), are part of a politically motivated ‘plot’ to rehabilitate Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists? A ‘plot’, moreover, to which the laws of causality have been suspended, in which case the HoloBeliever might be better off assuming a violation of the law of energy conservation. Moreover, since the 48 MJ released (at best) from burning the (1,737,000 / 1,100,000 =) 1.6 kg of coke available per corpse only suffices to evaporate half of the water in the typical corpse, before even beginning to supply the hundreds of MJ necessary for calcining the bones, without which the skeletal material remains quite strong and hard to crush, nature herself would need to be “in on” the ‘plot’. More about that in Part Three.

    Ref. 1 http://www.takeourworldback.com/vanpelt.htm
    Ref. 2 http://www.takeourworldback.com/holohoaxdemolished.htm

  10. Poseidon May 30, 2018 / 8:43 am

    The Grossly Offensive Slanders of Anti-Gentile Haters, Part Two

    Treblinka was another one. According to HoloHoaxers, some 870,000 Jews had been “gassed” and buried at Treblinka. And then in February of March of 1943, Himmler supposedly panicked and gave an order to exhume and cremate all those bodies, and others elsewhere, as part of a massive cover-up “plot”. One of the funny things about that claim is that the same Heinrich Himmler is supposed to have gone on to talk openly about exterminating the Jews in a “secret” speech – and even had it recorded so that it could be used as evidence against him (!) – at Posen later that year, on 4 October, 1943. And bizarrely, the recording was not made on tape, a technology that was already in mass production in Germany, but in the primitive early 20th-century shellac disk format, as was used by Allied forces.

    Now Treblinka didn’t have any crematoria, and so they had to use wood for fuel. Moreover, the eastern so-called “death camps” used green (wet) wood not seasoned (dry) wood. For green wood, 300 kg is needed to cremate a body in the open air; most of the heat released is lost by convection or radiation. Thus, for 870,000 corpses, 261,000 tons of wood is required.

    It is known that six Italian woodcutters were able to cut and saw 50 tons of wood in 15 working days, working from sunrise to sunset, which is 0.555 tons per day per woodcutter. They were twenty-year-olds with “muscles of steel”, were fed on bread and cheese, sausages, eggs and bacon, and had good quality, sharp hatchets and a variety of saws. At Treblinka, on wartime rations, there were 25 Jewish woodcutters. Let’s suppose for the sake of argument that the Jewish woodcutters in wartime were able to achieve the same productivity rate as the Italian woodcutters in peacetime.

    The Jewish woodcutters can provide 25 x 0.555 tons = 13.875 tons per day. 261,000 tons of wood required, divided by 13.875 tons available per day = 18,811 days = 51.5 years. And so, starting in March of 1943, the Jewish woodcutters would have taken until September, 1994, to gather the required wood for body disposal.

  11. Poseidon May 30, 2018 / 8:49 am

    The Grossly Offensive Slanders of Anti-Gentile Haters, Part Three

    HoloHoaxers face numerous other insurmountable problems. For example, the lack of soil disturbances or deforestation commensurate with 870,000 bodies buried, exhumed and cremated at Treblinka. The lack of photographic evidence of mass cremations when 2,955 Einsatzgruppen are miraculously alleged to have murdered between one and three million Jews (depending upon whether we invoke a suspension of the laws of arithmetic in order to maintain the headline “six million” figure), and then somehow eliminated all “the evidence” by digging up and burning the bodies. The fact that Iron Blue is clearly visible in the delousing chambers but not in alleged homicidal “gas chambers”, and the cyanide concentrations in the delousing chambers are on average 2,586 times higher than the trace levels seen in the so-called “gas chambers”. The fact that no “Hitler order” has ever been found, there are no references to “gassings” in encrypted intercepts or in private diaries, and there was no budget, blueprint or central office for “exterminations”.

    The crackpot conspiracy theory of a National Socialist “plot” to “exterminate” “six million” Jews is particularly hilarious because it requires the postulation of a bizarre, “anti-Semitic” pantheism. Just for fun, let’s ask ourselves how the “Holocaust” could have been possible.

    Let’s suspend all credulity for the moment, put ourselves in the mindset of the HoloBelievers, and try to see how it could have been true. How could the Germans have got down to a mere 1.6 kg of coke per corpse for cremations at Auschwitz-Birkenau during 1942 to 1944 as more than a million people were allegedly “exterminated”, when in 1941 the Topf double-muffle oven at Gusen consumed coke at a rate of 30.6 kg per corpse for continuous cremations and 47.9 kg per corpse when run every other day (over 260 days)? How could the hydrogen cyanide gas fail to react with the brickwork in the homicidal “gas chambers” when Jews were being exterminated, yet merrily form the stable cyanide compound Iron Blue, even permeating through the walls to the exterior side, whenever lice were being exterminated in the delousing chambers? How could the Einsatzgruppen – all 2,955 of them including the clerks, have been capable of identifying and selecting one to three million Jews from a hostile population of tens of millions, exterminating all the Jews, and then eliminating the evidence by cremating all those Jews in massive open-air barbecues (somehow having to gather enough fuel, and carrying out all such operations in enemy territory, in a war zone!), unseen, under the noses of Soviet reconnaissance aircraft crew? And if the Germans had such superb fighting skills that each could kill up to 1,000 men, then why did they lose the War? How could the topsoil at Treblinka return to its undisturbed state after 870,000 Jews were buried and exhumed?

    There is an explanation. Not only all of the Gentiles, but also the “Nazi” cremation ovens, the coke, the gas chambers, the topsoil, the laws of logic, and even the humble photon, are all part of a vast, intergalactic, supernatural conspiracy to get the Jews, which has been running for thousands of years. In this “anti-Semitic” (we must forget the fact that most Jews are of Caspian, not Mediterranean, origin) pantheism, the Auschwitz cremation ovens collude with the infra-red photons and the coke, suspending the laws of thermodynamics and thermochemistry, such that the coke can yield more energy than should be released according to the heat of formation of the carbon dioxide product, and the photons bizarrely choose to converge on the corpses rather than travel in a random manner and heat the exhaust gases instead. Thus, the ovens have enabled the ‘evil’ “Nazis” to despatch more than a million Jews, not to mention all the other “undesirables”, whilst the Auschwitz-Birkenau coke delivery records show only 1,037 tons between February 1942 and October 1943, which at a generous extrapolation of 2,000 tons including 1944 and an even more generous 20 kg per corpse suffices for a maximum 100,000 corpses, just as if the claim of over a million (or four million!!!!) was a lie, and there were no exterminations. The gas chambers have enough sentience, sapience – and ingrained “anti-Semitism”! – that they can detect the spirits of dead Jews, and so choose to participate in the colossal cover-up by forming Iron Blue only when lice are being exterminated, to make it appear as if there were no exterminations. The “racist” topsoil can sense when Jews have been exterminated and buried, and reforms itself as required for the cover-up, to make it look like there were no exterminations. And the photons have a high enough IQ to recognize when the Einsatzgruppen are carrying out mass cremations, so that some 10^34 of these “anti-Semitic” photons (each ~1.9 eV) can play their part in the cover-up by adjusting their energies as required, and skyward-travelling photons of orange wavelength depicting flame and a mix of photons representing smoke can camouflage the ‘evils’ of “Nazism” by transmitting the appearance of green and brown forests to observers in aircraft, just as if there were no exterminations. Strangely enough, although this enormous plot to get the Jews has been operative for thousands of years, not only are they not as extinct as the dodo, but there are now fifteen million of them thriving throughout the world!

    We have to forget that there is a far more economical interpretation.

    There were no exterminations of Jews during World War Two.

    It is outrageous that a cult of baby-molesting, male-genital-mutilating, child-killing, white phosphorus and cluster bomb-using,accusation-inverting, fake-news-fabricating, porno-peddling, cultural-Marxism-promoting, nation-hating, rootless cosmopolitans should become arbiters of right and wrong in other people’s countries, and have grabbed so much political power – thanks to their libellous sob story about having been hard done by in a World War that they themselves were the cause of *- that they can have people arrested whom they hate, merely for exposing the truth about their sick fanaticism. Why should these aliens be allowed to trash other people’s nations and replace their indigenous population, as a means of achieving their age-old Isaianic fantasy about the wealth of the nations passing over to their own supremacist group?

    People don’t start out hating the Jews. They don’t hate them for their race, since there is not a problem with Semitic races in general (such as the Palestinians) or with Caucasians (of which the majority of Jews are comprised). They don’t hate them for their religion, since few care what others worship in the privacy of their own homes or churches. They hate them for what their religious doctrine makes them do. And once someone learns about the behaviour of Jews, then hate, dislike or repulsion is a natural human reaction.

    *Zionist fanatics’ machinations in arranging for the US to enter WWI in 1916 in return for the Balfour Declaration resulted in severe impositions on a vanquished Germany that would lead to the need to prevent abuses of ethnic Germans in Polish-occupied territory, and the financing of the traitorous warmonger Churchill by the Jewish-backed Focus group ensured that peace efforts failed and a “phoney war” and regional military conflict escalated into a world war that led to the deaths of tens of millions of Gentiles. The Jewish Bolshevik Revolution, financed by Jewish bankers Jacob Schiff and Max Warburg, was also responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of Gentiles, sacrificed on the altar of a communist tyranny.

  12. BMan May 30, 2018 / 10:50 am

    You are a hero to many, Ma’am.

  13. rogerglewis May 30, 2018 / 1:10 pm

    Reblogged this on MUSO MUSINGS ON FATHERHOOD THEORY AND STUFF and commented:
    Both of these cases and the Dunkula Case are very important. My own belief is that all 3 victims of State over-reach are useful idiots to some extent for an overarching authoritarian power grab by the Corporate State.
    Free Speech is our best weapon against Authoritarian excesses of an All-powerful state so Each of these 3 deserves our Support and Solidarity regardless of how we view each of the Three as Individuals. #JusticeForAlsionChabloz #FreeTommyRobinson #AquitDunkula On Contemp these guidance notes I think suggest a Good QC would overturn Tommy’s conviction, I would also be interested to know if the Attorney General was consulted as per the Guidance Notes.
    Previous Posts on this case.

  14. Meryl Bonderow May 30, 2018 / 3:49 pm

    Blab allllll you want, Alison. I can’t imagine how it must feel to be found guilty of Holocaust denial and hate.

    Don’t toy with the idea that you’re some sort of homegrown hero/victim. You’re not. You’re shameful, and you’ve hoisted yourself on your OWN petard.

    • kingedward1wasright1290 June 4, 2018 / 7:45 am

      The holohoax worst enemies are questions, blind obedience are its allies.

  15. Henry B May 30, 2018 / 4:15 pm

    Meryl, no offence intended (‘n’ all dat jazz) but is the following person telling the truth or being “hoisted with her OWN petard?….

  16. Last unctives May 30, 2018 / 6:27 pm

    So if someone does a cover version of Alison’s libeled songs , what happens ? Force them to go for another libel? , or show them their victory is a one off one time only conviction , that means nothing. Might be able to turn this in to an even bigger disaster for the submensch , but dump that barrister , these are political trials , not academic arguments about their unlawful judgements, bet that barrister didn’t even force the judge to repeat his oath of office?

    • Alex May 31, 2018 / 2:32 pm

      Farage was specifically referring to religious groups in that clip. Under British law Jews are considered both a religion and a race, and are therefore covered by racial discrimination law as well as religious discrimination law.

      • Felix Culpa May 31, 2018 / 8:15 pm

        In reversing its initial refusal to prosecute this case, the Crown engaged in viewpoint discrimination. That Jews are covered by racial discrimination law is true and good. And entirely beside the point.

  17. Last unctives May 31, 2018 / 11:12 pm

    Vote Nigel , get Nigeria

  18. Last unctives June 1, 2018 / 9:47 am

    Thanks POISIDON for that summary of their , criminal libelcaust of hate , but apparently the white race doesn’t exist in Jew’s law UK .We are not recognized as a race , in law . The fictional non race of ugly criminal Semitism , does exist in British Law , thus any equality before the law is null and void. Rabbic hate courts for the white man. Their Talmudic law UK is always pointless for ourselves. Why even bother ? Really Alison was found guilty by a filthy Rabbi .

  19. kingedward1wasright1290 June 4, 2018 / 9:27 am

    Sorry for what these demons have done to you Alison.

    Keep Troth.

  20. kingedward1wasright1290 June 4, 2018 / 9:29 am

    Some great information and photos of German internment camps during WWII from the site below, the crooks and swindlers received far better treatment than German POW’s got in the gulags and allied prisoner of war camps, left to rot and die behind barbed wire fences and freeze to death from exposure.


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