How I managed to recruit the enemy and claim victory

My YouTube channel is now no longer available in the UK –  presumably the same applies in other European ‘free, democratic’ states. I’m told that a well-meaning message appears when trying to access my videos: ‘This channel is no longer available, you can unsubscribe here’.

Ah well. I guess I should consider myself lucky that my channel does at least still exist everywhere else – unlike Richie Allen’s.

My critics are certainly spending vast amounts of time, energy and money trying to silence me.

But not all of them!

180302 tower
Above: the famous Schwarzbadturm, Nordpier mit Sonnenrad

I am reliably informed that one of my most tenacious and dedicated detractors, fishwife Ambrosine aka Amanda from Finchley, has been promoting my work on Twitter and is even considering a trip next month to Blackpool (renamed Schwarzbad for the occasion) to hear me sing accompanied by one of her überjüdin pals. Well, hardly überjüdin – more like halbwenigerjüdin. It seems both their mothers were Roman Catholics. Zwei Halbwenigerjuden fahren nach Schwarzbad. For book/movie rights please contact DizzyHazbara in East Finchley.

Questions arise as to whether Ambro will turn up wearing a hijab. Probably unwise, considering the political nationalist leaning of the Schwarzbad event. Ambro’s halbwenigerjüdin pal is aptly named ‘Never Again’. Here, further questions arise as to whether their respective mothers similarly regretted les liaisons judeuses juteuses from which sprang forth des métisses malheureuses? Never again without a condom? In Schwarzbad, both luscious lasses might want to join ranks with the lone activist from Preston Antifa who, last time, managed to post one sticker on the wall outside the venue? Nick Lowles would appreciate any help he can get.

Schwarzbad’s very own beefy northern lads security team will make sure there’s no bullshit. But if Ambro and her fellow métisse halbwenigerjüdin pal fancy some real northern hospitality, served up with fish, chips, onion rings, a Tower burger and lashings of vodka – all at prices that instantly make Londoners cry out in pain (the Shoah was NOTHING in comparison to the suffering inflicted by London prices) – then they are most welcome.

Not wishing to blow my own trumpet – although on second thoughts why not? – it’s quite a feat to have managed to recruit one’s worst enemy. Much to her chagrin and despite her urge to see me play live, Ambro reckons my Schwarzbad gigs are proof I shall not be ‘going down’. No doubt more to come on this rather fabulous development in future blogs.

Speaking of which, next Wednesday March 7th I am once again back in court – for singing satirical songs which must be censored at all costs – except when tweeted by Ambro.

‘Chabloz mouthed the words to her songs from inside the dock,’ lied the press in unison. The press now labels me a ‘self-proclaimed revisionist’! The list goes on: ‘Holocaust denier’ (hark the squelching of (((editors))) and other (((lobbyists))) pleasuring themselves in anticipation of being able to add ‘convicted’ as an adjective before the improper noun); the labelling of yours truly continues – ‘anti-Semite’, ‘blogger’, – ANYTHING GOES!  Except of course ‘musician’ or ‘artist’.

Describing me by my actual profession as confirmed by a HEM (Haute Ecole de Musique) diploma from Lausanne Conservatoire (2004), 12 years secondary music teaching, countless years in local rep, ditto as a solo performer, member of various bands and three cruise ship seasons would be far too truthful a term for journos trained in the art of lies and dissimulation. The only mainstream article to ever describe me as an ‘artist’ was published by The Times of Israel in 2015!  This fact alone, in my opinion, tells us everything we need to know about the (((British press))).

So, how should alleged gross offence caused by my songs be judged in comparison to, say, Progressive Christmas Carols by the ‘group’ Paint ? Jesus was gay..? If I am found guilty on Wednesday, then grossly offended Christians surely would be equally entitled to cite Section 127 of the UK Communications Act? I see it all now: Archbishop Welby using his unelected position in the House of Lords to vociferously condemn the denigration of true, Christian values…? Oh no wait. Instead, Welby speaks at a ‘Holocaust’ memorial event, urging his peers to condemn my songs for heresy.

‘But she uses Jewish tunes in her songs!’ they wail. And Paint use Christian tunes. My accusers have lost all grip on reality with this prosecution. Rather than pulling the plug on my music, they’ve helped to create an ever wider audience. Hence, the draconian censorship of my songs and YouTube channel over the past few months.

Locking me in a cell made no difference. Now, they must use unlawful, fraudulent methods to reverse a process which they themselves instigated the day I published (((Survivors))) – June 8 2016. ‘Though I say it myself, it is a brilliant song. Just three weeks after publication on YouTube (now over 40k views!), Elie Wiesel dropped dead. OK, he already had one foot in the grave. Nevertheless, my song is the accomplishment of a lifetime. Few others could boast as much.

If a precedent is set in my case, then it will be a free-for-all. It will be enough for snowflakes to simply stamp their feet and summon the sirens. Handcuffs obligent along with prolonged custodial detention for alleged do re mi terrorism offences (- so do mi in the case of ‘Lord’ Janner’s associates)

Happily, for now, areas of the Internet still provide welcome relief from Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. One such safe space is Jan Lamprecht’s HistoryReviewed.Com. Some may argue that Jan is an ‘extremist’. Having listened to Jan more than I’ve listened to any other YouTuber (now banned like Richie), I can say that he’s no more of an extremist than Jeremy Clarkson, although to my knowledge, Clarkson is the only one of the two who’s actually thrown punches.

A couple of weeks ago, Jan and I had a marathon two-hour Skype conversation which he’s now uploaded to as a three-part video series. The same evening, I was a guest on the Daily Kenn livestream which you can find on YouTube. My bail conditions prevent me from sharing the actual links. You’ll have to use a search engine.

This coming Saturday i.e. tomorrow, I will again be a guest on Dennis ‘the Fetch’ Fetcho’s Inside The Eye Live! from 4 pm UK time. The last time Dennis and I spoke was in November 2016, the day before I was arrested when my legal troubles began.

Next Monday 5.30 pm UK time, you’ll be able to hear all about the upcoming second day of my trial during my chat with Sven Longshanks on Radio Aryan’s The Daily Nationalist.

See you Wednesday if not before. Same time and place as usual: Westminster Magistrates Court, Marylebone Road, London, 9.30 am. Nearest tube/train Edgware Road / Marylebone. If you’re unable to make it but would like to leave a small donation, you can find links on the right hand side bar to my PayPal account and BitCoin wallet.

Thanks to all who have donated and helped me over the past year and a half. Onwards to victory!

180111 undefeated

26 thoughts on “How I managed to recruit the enemy and claim victory

  1. Ciaran Goggins March 3, 2018 / 11:28 am

    Alas, Wednesday I will be packing to head to another part of England. Will follow events avidly. Legally, an important case. There is always the Court of Appeal…

  2. Sophie Johnson March 3, 2018 / 7:16 pm

    ‘Schwarzbad’s very own beefy northern lads security team will make sure there’s no bullshit. But if Ambro and her fellow métisse halbwenigerjüdin pal fancy some real northern hospitality, served up with fish, chips, onion rings, a Tower burger and lashings of vodka – all at prices that instantly make Londoners cry out in pain (the Shoah was NOTHING in comparison to the suffering inflicted by London prices) – then they are most welcome.’

    Ah, Alison! Such was the stampede to get to the beefy northern lads that the two métisses set out early, way too early, and on the trot, sparing no thought for body fat. There was a wrong turning (yet another!), then whiteout conditions. And then … and then … I sob! I sob! How I sob! For:

    Two big, snow-white mounds had mounted a bench by the Thames, and were now frozen to it!

    ‘Mummy, mummy! Look, look! Two funny snowmen!’ a young boy cried out his joy.

    ‘Shutup you little bastard!’ one snow-white mound cried, but with a dying fall. ‘I’m a lady! A Real English Lady!’

    Clever Mummy would have no more. Cor lummy! Even badly botched snowmen are lying to her son now! ‘Run, run, little one! Never trust a lady snowman who’s down on her luck. She bites you know. And her fangs are poisonous. She’ll never make it to where she wants to be. We’ll get there, though. Run! Run! Run! And sing out loud to make the world laugh: ‘My name is Irene Zizlblatt …’

    And that’s it: end of boring story. It’s best to return to the celebratory Alison fireworks above, provided you have recovered from the spasms of hilarity you suffered on first reading.

    Alison, chapeau bas! (((Survivors))) attracted 40k views! WOW! WOW! WOW! So YouTube pulled it. Who can miss (((their))) point? Too, late, though: the whole world knows the song. And loves it.

  3. les havell March 3, 2018 / 8:44 pm

    yo …. “”we all stand together “” ….. words from …. the only song that i liked by Paul McCartney ….lol

  4. VictorMc (@albanvic) March 4, 2018 / 8:47 am

    Chabloz is another nasty ignorant anti-Semite. Some tell this moron there is no such place as palestine nor ever has been thus there is no such thing as a ‘palestinian’ I don’t suppose she gets that, words of more than one syllable way over her anti-Semitic head.

    • Martin March 4, 2018 / 9:24 am

      Before the Nakba, everyone called the place Palestine, and its inhabitants were called Palestinian Arabs, Palestinian Jews and Palestinian Christians. Two Israeli scholars I am aware of have argued that the Palestinian Arabs may be descended from Jews who remained in the region – mostly in the hinterlands of the Decapolis – who were allowed by the Roman authorities to continue to supply wheat and olive oil to the Empire. Over time these Jews converted to Islam to avoid the tax or were forcibly converted. Amusingly, most Jews in the Diaspora at the time of the revolt were conversos. Descendants of mythical Jews such as yourself would do well to ponder the many ironies of history.

    • Poseidon March 4, 2018 / 10:12 am

      When Herodotus wrote about “Palaistinê” in the 5th century BC, or when French explorer Jean LaMotte named Palestine, Illinois, in the 17th century AD after the biblical land of milk and honey, no one told them that Zionist fanatics would go on to deny its existence in the 21st century, nearly 130 years after Nathan Birnbaum would coin the term “Zionism” to refer to a plot to steal the land.

      (See here:,0016,001:2:104 for English translation of Herodotus. Also, re Palestine, Illinois, see: “This area reminded Frenchman Jean LaMotte of the land of milk and honey, Palestine”. )

      As for the old chestnut about “anti-Semitism”, anti-Gentiles who play the “anti-Semitism” card are being disingenuous by implying that most or all Jews are Semites. In fact, as proved by Israeli-born molecular geneticist Eran Elhaik in a 2012 study published in a peer-reviewed journal, the vast majority of Jews are of Caucasian origin.

      This is corroborated by the massive IQ difference of at least 12 points between Ashkenazi ‘Jews’ and the Sephardim, and nearly 20 points between the Ashkenazim and the Mizrahim (e.g., see R. Lynn, The Chosen People, 2011, or for a summary, see: ). It’s also corroborated by the fact that the Ashkenazim are (with a few blemishes) of ‘white’ appearance – which enables them to blend in with the host population and play the “my fellow Whites” card, whereas the original Jews are of Mediterranean (Semitic) appearance and stock. And since Palestinians are Semites, Jews are the greatest anti-Semites by far.

      Moreover, the Gentile hater presupposes that telling the truth about Jews’ crimes and deceptions is somehow “racist”. They are supposed to be a special case, who can finance and orchestrate revolutions or world wars that slaughter tens of millions with impunity, or lie about historical events, and we’re supposed to forget about it and pretend they’re as innocent as new-born lambs and as pure as the driven snow. No group should be beyond criticism.

    • Sophie Johnson March 4, 2018 / 11:54 am

      Get this, you pig-ignorant, insolent git who needs a heafty kick up the arse to teach you decency and give you a basic education: The MANDATE OF PALESTINE was granted to Britain in 1923 by the League of Nations, the pertinent area having long been known as ‘Palestine’: Herodotus referred in his Histories, 5th century BC, to ‘the district of Syria called Palaistinê’. The Philistines (‘Filistrin’ is still the self-naming of the modern-day Palestinians) came to the area (now Gaza, Syria, Lebanon and the territory occupied by the criminal artificial state ‘Israel’, created per force by the United Nations in 1948) in the 12th century BC.

      Come to think of it: You are probably a virulent antisemite whose ploy is to make Jews out to be the unsavoury likes of you. Or else are who you are and cannot help yourself. That must be extremely depressing.

    • SB March 6, 2018 / 7:44 am

      Victor you historical revisionist you! Watch out Victor you will have a heart attack if you don’t calm down.

  5. Alison Chabloz March 4, 2018 / 12:35 pm

    VictorMc, @albanvic on Twitter (see comment above) does our cause a big favour: no decent person is impressed by his abusive tone, nor by his hasbara-for-dummies stand regards Palestine.

    Looking at his Twitter feed, it’s clear he lays the blame for everything that’s wrong in the world today on Muslims. Yet at the same time, he defends those responsible for bringing these mass waves of immigrants into our lands.

    An intellectually-challenged Shabbos Goy rather than one of the self-declared ‘chosen’? The likes of ‘Victor’ are the gifts that keeps on giving as far as corrupt members of the establishment and our predatory enemy are concerned.

    Thanks to all who responded to Victor above. When I read his comment this morning I knew it would provoke a reaction and that he’d soon be on the receiving end of a well-deserved verbal kicking.

    • Laskarina March 12, 2018 / 6:48 pm

      Dear Alison, Thank you for great work. I support your courage and your ideas.

      I just wanted to let you know that I have seen comments identical to “Victor”‘s on many sites which contain real truth about the Jews.

      It is good to see your followers put “him” in his place. I placed “him” in quotes, because it is possible a bot. At the very least it is a hasbara troll, probably in Stonelnland or JewSA.

      Not just one, but many genetic studies have shown that in vast worldwide samples of those who call themselves Jews, there is less than 1 percent Semitic DNA and about the same small amount of “Khazar” DNA.

      They are Europeans–but–unlike the others. Forensic anthropologists have shown they Jews are the only people who have mitochondrial Neanderthal DNA– a fact which explains a lot. They inbreed so very much that there are many exclusively Jewish genetic diseases. To my knowledge, there is no such thing as an Orthodox Christian genetic disease or an atheist genetic disease, for example.

      Perhaps this is why they disconnected form ancient patriarchy, to halachic law of maternal heritage. Another reason might be that before DNA studies, paternity was difficult to prove, thus allowing for massive infiltration into royal families, churches, and govts. Long ago, the European roayls were infiltrated and corrupted (including UK with outright Jews). Historian recognize at least 150 Jewish Popes, etc. “Jesuits” were founded by a Jew and function per their standard operating procedure of perfidy.

      This is why the Jews (at their ABC factory in Dimona) work so hard to invent genetically keyed bioweapons, using imprisoned Palestinians in their experiments. And that is merely a fraction of all the evil they have brought into the world.

      • Laskarina March 12, 2018 / 6:51 pm

        Readers: please forgive my hasty, mistake ridden typing.
        also: the ABC factory in Dimona desert refers to “atomic, biological, and chemical”.

  6. SB March 6, 2018 / 12:18 am

    Zionism murdered hundreds of our soldiers. NEVER EVER forget that.
    Actually very few of us Britons are aware of this piece of our history, wonder why???!!!

    • Sophie Johnson March 6, 2018 / 4:06 am

      ‘… wonder why???!!!’ You know why. 🙂

      • SB March 6, 2018 / 7:34 am

        Gloating eh?

  7. Mishko March 12, 2018 / 5:47 am

    Live could be wonderful, but for the meddling of the mal-intended.
    The poison of their wicked schemes and evil plans reach far and wide.
    Fire raining from the skies in the Middle East, turmoil in the streets of Europe.
    By deception they shall make war, using chaos they will create a new (haha) order.

      • Sophie Johnson March 22, 2018 / 8:08 pm

        The comments under shabbod goy Charles’s babbling are superb, though — all of them to our taste!

  8. Roy March 23, 2018 / 12:52 pm

    Alison Chabloz……………….Marry me! I will worship you for the rest of your life. You are my hero. Wish I was in the UK. Would love to hear you perform at Blackpool. Peace and Good Fortune to you. I will keep you in my thoughts and hope truth and justice will prevail for you and for us all. Roy Hobs

  9. Richard Whitely March 24, 2018 / 5:34 pm

    There is no force strong enough to censor the British.
    We are a peaceful people until provoked.
    Attacking a British woman in the way that Alison is being targeted is not simply intolerable – it is unforgivable.
    Silencing ones critics is a wicked, paranoid and contemptible act carried out by cowards hiding behind charities.
    Retaliation takes many forms, and the British specialise in all of them.
    Expect us.

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