Statement to Derbyshire Constabulary

Thanks for your message, Sergeant.

Here is my statement:

Following previous treatment of me by Derbyshire Constabulary, including six arrests, unwarranted detention and seizure of my property whilst seemingly being reluctant to carry out any proper investigation into harassment of which I am the victim, this statement will be published in full on my blog as well as forwarded to my solicitor, my barrister, and to Ms Jane Grenfell of the UK Charity Commission.

Last Wednesday January 10th during my now re-adjourned trial at Westminster Magistrates Court, cross examination by my barrister, Mr Adrian Davies, of Crown Prosecution witness Mr Stephen Silverman – Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA) Director of Investigations and Enforcement – led to Mr Silverman admitting under oath that the Twitter troll account @NemoNemo50 was run by Mr Stephen Applebaum of Watford, subject of my recent complaint to Hertfordshire Constabulary.

Furthermore, Mr Silverman admitted in a witness statement submitted to the same court in December 2016 that he himself runs Mr Applebaum’s associate troll account @BedlamJones (now renamed to @SsilvUK):

151117 vultures

My first report to Derbyshire Constabulary concerning these two accounts was made via email to PC David Pheasey on February 2nd, 2016, after harassment of me by both these men who use their anonymous accounts to target my professional career as follows:

August 2015: both men contacted me for the first time via Twitter after Mrs Ambrosine Shitrit and Ms Andrea Silva (both of London and both subjects of prior complaints to police, as PC Pheasey will be able to testify) tried to have my Edinburgh Fringe music show cancelled.

November 2015: Mr Applebaum and Mr Silverman attempted to have two of my Christmas Carol concerts cancelled.

January 2016: both men targeted me again via Twitter and it is my belief that CAA then contacted Glossop Labour Club (GCL) with the intent of ostracising me from my local social life – which is now effectively the case as I was thereafter banned from entering the GLC building. I also reported this matter to PC Pheasey by email. Ms Katherine Carver of Glossop, committee member, will be able to assist with enquiries.

August 2016: Mr Applebaum (now going by the Twitter handle @Sicaro72) and Mr Silverman again targeted my Edinburgh Fringe show and, this time, managed to have my show pulled by the venue organisers “for political reasons” (!!). Following this incident and yet another report to your colleague, I was informed by PC Pheasey in a telephone call that this online harassment would now be part of an ongoing police investigation which had begun some months previously after I had received several threatening anonymous postal deliveries. (N.B. It would appear that neither of the prime suspects in this case, Mrs Shitrit and Ms Silva, were ever questioned or interviewed under caution in this matter).

October 2016, following ever more intense trolling of me on Twitter, in particular by Mr Applebaum, my Twitter account was suspended. Later, the UK Jewish Community Security Trust (CST) took credit on its own website for having lobbied Twitter to remove my account. I again reported this targeted harassment of me to Derbyshire Constabulary and received an email in reply from A/Insp Trevor Steed informing me that their investigation was now closed.

A week later, I was arrested on suspicion of harassment of two women (one of whom was Ambrosine Shitrit!!!) as well as for incitement to religious hatred for composing satirical songs which I recorded and uploaded to the Internet(!).

I was held in custody for six hours, my laptop and phone seized, then bailed until January 2016. In fact, I was never asked to answer bail and all the above allegations were seemingly dropped – although Derbyshire Constabulary, 15 months on, still has not informed me whether this is the case.

[Following my further arrest and detention last October (2017) for an alleged breach of bail for recording and uploading two more satirical songs to the Internet, I was charged with a further count of mal comms for one of the songs and told that another possible charge for incitement for the other song was ‘under investigation’. This case is, apparently, still ‘under investigation’. The song, satirically entitled ‘Too Extreme For the BNP’ surely cannot be charged under the Public Order Act 1986 because of the exemption regards comedy and satire, as accepted by the House of Lords in 2006? I would be grateful for news of any police decision on this matter, as well as the return of my Vodafone SmartPhone, seized also last October].

A week after my 2016 arrest, I received a summons from Westminster Magistrates Court, charged with sending ‘grossly offensive’ material under the Communications Act – a private prosecution brought against me by CAA chairman, Gideon Falter. This case is still ongoing. After originally refusing to take action, the CPS took over the case in March and I now face five similar charges for three of my songs. My trial has been adjourned till March 7th when I shall be giving evidence and my barrister’s defence submission will be heard.

Over the past two and a half years, I have been able to collect a vast amount of evidence suggesting that my initial accuser, Mr Falter, must have been fully aware of Mr Applebaum’s and Mr Silverman’s roles as anonymous Twitter trolls, using a system of baiting and entrapment to stalk, harass and goad in order to remove from individuals they disapprove of not only the right to freedom of expression, but also the right to earn a living – in my case, as a musician.

I believe Mr Applebaum was ‘assigned’ to target me, perhaps with the approval of both Jewish charities concerned (CST and, in particular, CAA)? Mr Silverman and he both began their dual attacks on the exact same day, August 19th 2015. I have the screenshots to prove this. Mr Applebaum’s output of venom towards me was at least ten times greater than that of Silverman (as evidenced in screenshots); during his most intense periods of activity, I was targeted at least three times daily. It was only once I sent a spreadsheet to Twitter Support of 500 tweets by @Sicaro72, mentioning me or sent directly to me over a period of six months, that Twitter finally suspended Mr Applebaum’s sockpuppet account. Mr Applebaum has used numerous other anonymous Twitter handles to bully me. His latest manifestation – as confirmed by the timeline of tweets – is believed to be @Rattus2384.

In light of Mr Silverman’s recent admissions in court regarding knowledge and ownership of these troll accounts by prominent CAA staffers,  immediate action by police is now necessary to prevent any further miscarriage of justice and reduce the likelihood of negative consequences regards Derbyshire Constabulary’s apparent complicity my prosecution.

Moreover, during further cross examination by Mr Davies, Mr Silverman admitted that – even in the case of my eventual acquittal – he would consider appropriate any further ‘relentless targeting’ of my career and person in order to stem my alleged ‘anti-Semitism’ and, ultimately, silence me for good. I am far from being Mr Applebaum’s and Mr Silverman’s only victim. Both men need to be apprehended before similar harm comes to other decent, law-abiding citizens who are merely expressing an opinion.

Since my trial, my main Facebook account has been subjected to a 30-day ban and viewing restrictions have been imposed on my entire YouTube library for alleged breaches of ‘community guidelines’. Following CAA’s recent announcement of a deal struck with Google to trawl the net for ‘anti-Semitism’, in my view, this new round of book-burning is the result of CAA dictating to Google that my voice must be silenced – even on instrumental tracks! Also, media reports published following my court appearance have again resulted in several threats of violence against my person, including replies to CAA’s Facebook post report of Wednesday’s hearing, one of which states that I am ‘scum’ that ‘must be taken out’. These threats have also been recorded and one particularly violent and threatening comment posted to my blog has been reported to Police Scotland by email.

Clearly, as CAA is using ‘lawfare’ to target individuals in order to bring about unnecessary, unwarranted and costly prosecutions, its charitable status needs to be reviewed and, in a sane world, revoked by the UK Charity Commission: the case brought against me has provoked an undeniably negative effect on my rights under law.

A signed hard copy of this full statement and a dossier of annotated evidence in the form of screenshots, including URLs, will follow shortly by post to Buxton, along with names and email addresses of further witnesses who would be willing to give statements in support of evidence already provided.

Kind regards,

Alison Chabloz.

21 thoughts on “Statement to Derbyshire Constabulary

  1. sophiejo1 January 13, 2018 / 6:27 pm

    Well done, Alison! You have been the victim of the unseemly behaviours of the thoroughly unsavoury CAA peope for far too long. People of this sort will allow themselves such behaviours only until public opprobrium stops them. And that will not happen until the public becomes informed of those behaviours.

    ‘… Derbyshire Constabulary apparent complicity my prosecution’: This is seriously frightening, and given your evidence, we disregard it at our peril:

    British police do not have a reputation for being the bought supporters of any sector of society. British police also do not have a reputation for persecuting people whom a sector of society wants to gag. Police have such a reputation in the darkest of Third World countries. Yet the Derbyshire Constabulary appears unconcerned about acquiring such a reputation. The people responsible for this must be stopped.

    • Alison Chabloz January 14, 2018 / 11:55 am

      You are right, Sophie, the public needs to be made aware of this kind of behaviour which, sadly, is of the exact same nature which led to all pogroms to date.

      It is beyond reason that agents of an alien, foreign power can infiltrate other nations’ power structures in this way and then dictate who should and who shouldn’t be prosecuted.

      No wonder so many us are growing angrier by the day! Still, there is I believe hope on the horizon. We are many. CAA’s team of flaggers, given special privileges to trawl the net by Google are few. If they ban us all, then there’s no future for Google. Or Israel.

  2. Ciaran Goggins January 13, 2018 / 11:38 pm

    Don’t hold your breath over Hertfordshi*e Constabulary, they are notorious bent eve for S.E England.

  3. last unctives January 14, 2018 / 10:53 am

    Police are corrupt, arrested that Scottishl lefty for his Hitler dog on YouTube, 1000s of cases of police harassment. Notice Alison’s YouTube channel has been taken down? No arrests of pro ISIS demos , openly calling for the murder of gays ect. Ever since Rotherham regard the police as scum.

    • Alison Chabloz January 14, 2018 / 11:57 am

      Agreed. Post a pro-white sticker on a university campus or a few memes on Facebook and expect to spend the next five months on remand for ‘terrorism’.

      • last unctives January 15, 2018 / 5:18 pm

        Police state racism ( anti British ) is embedded a white only party is illegal . Sharia death penalty in prison for the Bacon offence. Sorry I couldn’t make it to the court Westminster knocked out by the flu . Saw you got good support turn out , never heard of a trial being dragged out like this for months? Is this Judge a magistrate or a Crown Court wig ? you looked very chic in that white coat , realise you can’t discuss the case too much. Impressed you got the guy who defended David Irving , your whole case seems to remind me of the absurdity of Kafka’s the Trail , there’s been 1000s of these cases , a guy arrested for wearing white socks, would ask the judge to repeat his oath, to Equality before the common law ? The Constitution is of course dead . You may be better off with out a jury anyway, their often crap .

  4. natureparkuk January 14, 2018 / 7:30 pm

    Anti racism is a code word for anti white!

  5. marxistcommunistkiller January 15, 2018 / 9:17 pm

    God bless you lady alison .

  6. J Scott January 16, 2018 / 11:43 am

    Chin up Alison, Your songs are now immortal thanks to those who wanted them silenced! (ohh the irony) You have had wonderful support in the comments below the recent Daily Mail article. Britons Awake!!

  7. Jamie Lowe May 12, 2018 / 5:10 am

    Dear Alison,

    If you look at the Derbyshire Chief Constable’s pronouncements recently over the Male Voice Choir you immediately understand the political philosophy he espouses. Free speech is dying in this country and it needs brave souls like you to articulate this. I see a revolution in the next few years against the dark forces and ideologies that are enslaving us. It frightens me what we are bewueathingvto our children.

  8. Jamie Lowe May 12, 2018 / 5:11 am

    Apologies for the spelling error – I didn’t proof read it!

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