FOI documents reveal malicious intent to remove right to freedom of expression

The full document containing communications between Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) and Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s office (PCC) can be found here.

The correspondence between both organisations begins with a letter to PCC Hardyal Dhindsa from CAA chairman, Gideon Falter, dated June 8 2016. Surely no coincidence that my original demo of (((Survivors))) was uploaded the same day?

171210 survivors 37,886

As one of my regular contacts notes:

They’d be shooting themselves in the foot if they sent you to prison. By doing that, sympathy for you, contempt for them, will increase. To send you to prison is a mark of their desperation and impotence. Nor will making an example out of you be a deterrent to others. Even if you end up in clink, you’ll be out pretty soon and none the worse for your experience. Think of all the great ones who ended up in prison: Voltaire, Gandhi, Ezra Pound, Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn… Anyone who objects to (((Survivors))) has to be a censorious sissy.

Almost a year on from Falter’s letter which received a polite response from the PCC’s office stating that my case was under investigation, (note, Falter sent his letter a good four months before Derbyshire police closed their investigation into harassment of me by CAA volunteers trolls and then, a week later, arrested me on suspicion of other trumped-up charges, all now dropped), CAA investigations and enforcement officer, Stephen Silverman aka Bedlam Jones, firmly took hold of the baton. A snippet of Silverman (my emphasis):

Alison Chabloz is a right-wing extremist and antisemite [sic], who, for several years, has used social media to target British Jews with some of the most extreme and vile antisemitism [sic] it has been my organisation’s misfortune to witness. […]

Since 29th March, I have written to Derbyshire police and the Crown Prosecution Service on nine occasions, each time providing evidence of Alison Chabloz’ repeated and increasingly extreme breaches of her bail conditions, many of which constitute new offences. […]

Despite this, Alison Chabloz has been allowed to remain free to continue targeting British Jews. […]

And so it goes on and on and on and on.

August 21, the PCC office CEO, Mr David Peet, responded asking to meet someone from CAA. Two meetings took place, the second of which led to the freedom of information request submitted by Jason Schumann, for which I am most grateful. I also mentioned this second meeting in one of my recent blog posts. Ironically, if CAA had managed to refrain from boasting about it on Twitter, perhaps none of us would have been the wiser?

The tone of correspondence between the PCC office and Silverman grows increasingly familiar as the weeks pass. The final documents reveal that Mr Dhindsa’s Times of Israel article (!!) commenting on his experience with CAA was in fact drafted by CAA and published with only a couple of very minor corrections. Interestingly, Silverman’s emails on the subject indicate that Dhindsa’s CAA’s article would appear in the UK Jewish press, which didn’t happen. I wonder why?

Following publication, I sent two links to the PCC office Facebook page. Judging by the now regular hits on my blog from Ripley, perhaps certain concerns have already been raised?

Along with David Icke and Richie Allen making their opinions on the matter quite clear, my correspondents are unanimous. Some examples (names redacted):

That was an eye opener.

Not one hint of trying to counter what you say with facts. Just lots of blubbing about hateful words (in their opinion) and, of course, the term nazi is thrown in just to be sure everyone pays attention.

The history of the CAA-Dhindsa relationship reads like bad fiction: it’s too banal to ring true. But we have it loud and clear:

The CAA creeps approached Dhindsa. He jumped to accommodate them and swallowed whole all their ‘your-antisemitic breach of bail terms’ garbage. They entertained him with ‘survivors’ and wholesale holocaust-festing… And in no time it was love all round and first-name terms.


I take my hat off to Stephen Silverman and award him the golden medal for total manipulation of the mind riding on the enterprise flag ship ‘The holocaust’!

And second prize goes to our two goy heroes David Peet and Hardyal Dhindsa for their willingness to fall completely into the trap and for being so completely naïve. Both have a total lack of discernment which is rather worrying for their position.


The arrogance, self-importance and self-regard of this ’charity’ is blatant. It follows the tried and tested ploy of posing as the victim, while actually acting as the oppressor. Since when does a registered charity need an ‘enforcement arm’? Why is there a ‘Jewish Police’ entity? Should each separate ethnic group in the UK also form its own ‘enforcement arm’? If so, is this because the population as a whole does not consider itself adequately and equally protected by the police?

Lastly, from the PCC office:

In addition to the information disclosed the PCC has been invited to a Chanukah Party in London hosted by the Campaign Against Antisemitism in December, an invitation he has yet to respond to.

We wait with baited breath to see if Mr Dhindsa accepts or not.

Warm wishes to all,


8 thoughts on “FOI documents reveal malicious intent to remove right to freedom of expression

  1. Ciaran Goggins December 11, 2017 / 5:44 pm

    Sigh, it is Judeophobe. Anti-semite is anyone who hates Jews and Muslims.

    • Alison Chabloz December 11, 2017 / 5:48 pm

      CAA have recently targeted Laura Stuart and Tahra Ahmed, which proves your point – although it’s doubtful Falter and Silverman would agree. For them, ‘anti-Semitism’ and especially ‘Holocaust’ revisionism are the Crime of Crimes.

    • Mycroft March 25, 2018 / 6:25 pm

      Incorrect, an antisemite is anyone a jew does not like.

      QED , I’m an antisemite.

      • Ciaran Goggins March 25, 2018 / 6:27 pm

        I’m not. Can you get me Ian Timings of Leicester’s autograph?

      • Alison Chabloz March 25, 2018 / 6:50 pm

        I agree with Icke and others that the term ‘anti-Semite’ is a total misnomer.

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