Frankie cares not one Roberjot for justice

Writing at Christmastide is unhealthy according to Simon Danczuk. Perhaps the disgraced former Labour MP for Rochdale spends his Christmas comforting the many victims of his predecessor, child abuser Cyril Smith? Or would Danczuk rather be festively indulging himself in seedy affairs with women young enough to be his granddaughter?

What would Danczuk’s opinion be, I wonder, of those who spend their Christmas trolling anonymously online?

141227 frankie danczuk

Preparing for my case and rediscovering the evidence on my laptop has been quite an eye opener. Please see my recent posts for more details.

Since the scoop about Applebaum broke, the only person who has vaguely come to his defence is another of my longtime trolls, Andrew Roberjot aka @frankiescar who, as we can see from his above reply to Danczuk, began targeting me as early as December 2014. His abusive tweets are still live, of which there are at least 1,500 tweets mentioning me and more than 300 sent directly to me, most of which I never saw until yesterday because Roberjot was blocked and ignored.

For a taste of a typical conversation between the two chums, here’s their banter after my EdFringe 2016 show was pulled:

A.R: She couldn’t get a venue so she’s been banned, she can’t raise money and still she doesn’t work out she’s just total and utter crap at music, singing and research, the issue is no one wants to hear her sing, play or even speak

S.A: Well we know Alison claims benefits and lives with her parents. Sad for a 52-year old. Still not sure how a Holocaust denying Nazi is able to claim benefits decent people pay for.

A.R: Exactly, she’s pond scum.

Or how about this for playground level taunting?

S.A: Is Gary trying to get into her Nazi knickers? He’s always sniffing around.

A.R: Could be… She has a pulse so that meets his requirements.

S.A: If he’s lucky, being hung like a bat won’t matter.

A.R: Well who knows but judging by the Twitter company she keeps she isn’t fussy.

A year ago, when I was suspended from Twitter, Applebaum – then under the moniker @Sicaro72 – claimed he had reported me to police as well as to Twitter. It will be interesting to see the results of a police Subject Access Request, as well as Twitter’s own records. In fact, a week ago, Twitter withheld a tweet in response to a copyright notice I made against the Jewish Community Security Trust. The CST’s tweet also claimed responsibility for my suspension from Twitter.

171026 CST withheld

Of course, stating the fact that Zionist Jews run not only the mainstream media but also manage to control who gets to use social media platforms such as Twitter and who doesn’t would immediately lead to allegations of ANTISEMITISM.

Is it reasonable to believe that Applebaum risked giving his real name either to Twitter or to police? Or did he simply instead report to CST which then pressured Twitter to suspend my account which, in turn, led to the situation in which I find myself today, having been arrested, rearrested, charged for singing satirical songs, manacled, incarcerated and treated like a common criminal?


In my view, whereas YouTube could not really be described as a public communications network, the issue is different where Twitter is concerned. All TV shows, news media journalists and personalities, artists, etc., use Twitter, requesting interactions from viewers, readers and fans via hashtags. The same is certainly not true of YouTube and, to a similar extent, hardly even applies to Facebook.

Having had my voice removed from Twitter following the intervention of a Jewish lobbying body – especially when none of my speech was in any way illegal – raises grave concerns regards who is allowed a free voice and who isn’t. In light of the thousands of tweets and tens of troll accounts set up specifically to harass me, as well as police failure to deal with these offenders and, more importantly, following my arrests and time spent in the cells, it would seem that I was right all along:

160223 frankie attention
Roberjot, in truth, is merely a bit-part player. Recently on Twitter, he seems to suggest he doesn’t care one jot about being called as a witness if my case goes to trial. Roberjot also seems to believe he benefits from some kind of divine protection when it comes to being involved in a criminal, political conspiracy which, in many people’s view, would equate to treason. Never mind. I’m sure the slimy little creep will forget all his woes as he sips champagne in the central London family law chambers where he listens out for the all the latest gossip from his legal acquaintances.

As an aside, other useful links from Roberjot’s vast archive show that Bedlam Jones is indeed  @SSilvUK:

160607 frankie bedlam ssilvuk tag

A bit player, but nevertheless a significant one when taking into account the sheer volume of his tweets. Other less prolific but far more prominent interlocutors also need exposing, e.g. Marko Hoare, Louise Mensch, Alison Moyet, David Aaronovitch, Stephen Pollard, David Baddiel and in particular Oliver Kamm who decided along with another Labour MP, Stella Creasy, to attack me publicly and report me for stating facts:

It is one thing to be attacked publicly by fellow artists and assorted hacks. It is quite another to be vilified by an elected member of parliament whose principal role is to uphold British values of democracy and freedom of expression.

The day of reckoning is nigh. See you all in court, next hearing November 20, usual time and place.


3 thoughts on “Frankie cares not one Roberjot for justice

  1. Ciaran Goggins January 14, 2018 / 3:48 pm

    I came across A.R on Twitter years ago and he was OK with me, he is into anti police corruption.

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