Hard-up Scribbler Commissioned to Troll?

Being a writer today can be tough. The Internet has done away with newspapers as we used to know them whilst bloggers sound their own trumpets from their own platforms. Established hacks are obliged to tender begging bowls to keep their jobs and the quality of mainstream journalism is clearly in decline. Print is becoming gradually obsolete as everyone on the planet turns to web-based news and Kindle.

Several months back, I was surprised to receive notification from Facebook that Stephen Applebaum, writer and reviewer for several Jewish publications, had liked one of my posts. At the time, I honestly wondered whether Mr Applebaum had changed his opinion regards my work – after my famous quenelle salute in Edinburgh, I remember sparring with him. Today, following some sterling research carried out by a loyal friend, I realise that Mr Applebaum’s Facebook like must have been in error.

There is no longer any trace that I can find on Facebook of my interactions with this gentleman. His like has seemingly also been discreetly un-liked.

In my recent blog post about Twitter account Nemo‘s various manifestations, I touch briefly on two accounts which were suspended simultaneously after both of them posted the exact same photoshopped images of me. One of these, @demonfightback, admits to running multiple accounts which were locked after I made a complaint to Twitter Support:




Above: Tim Stevens may not as yet appreciate the irony of his own words…

The other account running at the same time was called @LittleAlex64. I expect 64 refers to Mr Applebaum’s date of birth, which he also uses in the email address of his Gmail account. Let’s take a closer look at Little Alex’s profile pic:




And now here’s the same uncropped image on Mr Applebaum’s Facebook:

171031 appelbaum cover

I suspect Mr Applebaum’s inadvertant ‘like’ of my Facebook post was the result of a false manoeuvre whilst he was attempting to either delete his earlier posts to my page or, perhaps more likely, he was simply trolling.

Was he commissioned to troll me, or does his belief in Zionist ideology suffice to troll for Jewish charities for free? Eight or nine troll accounts down the line, one can certainly admire his dedication.

171031 applebaum commission me

Despite Bedlam’s bravado and Tim Stevens’ tepid attempts at boosting morale, our predatory plotters are growing increasingly more isolated. Loose canon Andrew Roberjot made a valiant attempt to whiteknight for his fellow Zionist and indeed for serial Disqus post editor, robbersdog. As the old saying goes, the plot thickens.

Mr Applebaum’s latest incarnation has been uncharacteristically silent all day, although he did manage a few reweets and a couple of likes on the latest from Bedlam and Dim Tim. Would the poor soul be feeling bored without anyone to troll? Perhaps he needs to get help for his addiction? My advice would be to talk to his wife more often. I’m sure she’ll be very understanding.



5 thoughts on “Hard-up Scribbler Commissioned to Troll?

  1. Ciaran Goggins November 1, 2017 / 10:30 am

    If plod spent as much time catching burglars and muggers as the scum do looking for cyber outrage we’d be better off.

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