Tough questions in store for Crown key witness

Following on from yesterday’s update, my recent thoughts concern the credibility of the Crown’s two remaining key witnesses, Gideon Falter and, in particular, Stephen Silverman of the Campaign Against Antisemitism. At Wednesday’s hearing, the court was already informed that the Crown would not be relying on the recent statement given by Jonathan Hoffman. My question, therefore, is why would the Crown rely on the statements of a man who, seemingly unwittingly, already exposed himself as anonymous Twitter troll @BedlamJones in a legal document submitted at last December’s bail hearing?

Asides Mr Falter’s then private counsel’s plaintive bleating regards allegedly offensive Facebook and Gab posts, the only person to have submitted further statements useful to the Crown is Stephen Silverman who, by his own clear admission – confirmed both in court papers and by counsel – runs (or used to run) the @BedlamJones Twitter account.

Let’s take a look at some examples of Bedlam the Troll’s tweets:



Threatening me with jail has been a recurring theme since August 2015: all screenshots are intact on my laptop, including URLs – removed here for the purposes of this blog. For the most part, rather than interact with obvious trolls, I chose instead to screenshot and label evidence of the ongoing smear campaign against me.


Perhaps some of Mr Silverman’s friends might wish to comment?


Above: a Twitter search for @SteveChaff100 confirms Mr Silverman’s former, ‘official’ Twitter handle, now changed to @TweetsBySS – tweets protected.


Perhaps Ms Silva of Shoreditch would be willing to give her opinion of trolling in general? After all, she is quite the expert!



If Andrew and Andrea fail to enlighten us, then maybe Ms Fernandes of Ealing would be the ideal candidate?



Last but not least, if none of the above are willing to stick their necks above the parapet, then maybe the court shall have to rely on cross examination of Mr Silverman himself, in particular in regard to his bosom troll, Nemo aka Sicaro72 aka Sicko aka @grubstreetsteve aka Steven Applebaum, freelance film critic and part time scribbler for the Jewish Chronicle?


160206 nemo bedlam stray dog


Several months and several Twitter @ name changes later, the duo’s refrain remains unchanged…



Astonishingly, and despite the admission in open court last December, Mr Silverman’s two recent witness statements confirm that, since August, he has written no less than three times to Derbyshire police listing several alleged breaches of bail. Whether the man is following orders from above or on some kind of kamikaze mission is anyone’s guess. Also, let’s not forget that both Mr Silverman’s and Mr Applebaum’s then anonymous tweets were part of a police investigation into harassment following the banning of my Edinburgh Fringe show in 2016.

As for the origins of CAA’s specific smear campaign against me, perhaps the answer lies in Finchley?

150817 Shitrit FB
Finally, why would Mr Silverman’s attitude towards alleged anti-Semitism be confined uniquely to the shores of these isles?


160206 bedlam uk 2


Answers to the above will hopefully be revealed by the Crown’s witnesses under cross-examination during my eventual trial next January. After all, no one really wants to be facing charges for perjury with a maximum penalty of seven years’ imprisonment, do they?

Wishing everyone a glorious weekend.


One thought on “Tough questions in store for Crown key witness

  1. genevincent October 27, 2017 / 3:13 pm

    Bedlam Jones has troubles aplenty coming. We have an FOI that exposes some black door police dealings. Will happily supply details to the court.

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