In Britain nine arrests per day for causing offence under Section 127

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What percentage of the staggering number of reports to police come from so-called ‘anti-racist’ organisations and their ‘volunteers’? 

Yesterday, I was notified of this Facebook post coming from a person longtime readers will already be familiar with:

171012 andrea caa arrest

Andrea Silva, Brazilian immigrant living in Shoreditch, knows full well she’s up to her neck in it as far as my case goes. Last week’s arrest and detention meant she was unable to resist a quick gloat on Facebook. If only a living could be made from retweets and playing victim! Sadly, for predictable, dull Andrea, despite a decade-old feature on Encyclopedia Dramatica and a deceptively large number of paid-for followers on Twitter, online zeleb notoriety is alas still a long way off.

Back in 2015, one of Andrea’s former troll accounts sent several links of anonymous blog posts about me hosted on the platform Till now I have never mentioned these. There were three in all, sent during my 2015 Edinburgh Fringe run. Andrea was one of several complainants to the Fringe Society, hoping to have my show banned. It was in response to these complaints that I performed a quenelle salute outside Edinburgh castle and first shot to fame / infamy – much to Andrea and pals’ discontent.

I was at the time in correspondence with Sergeant Peter Henderson of Derbyshire police following harassment of me by Andrea and Ambrosine Chetrit. I sent the first blog to Sergeant Henderson who told me it was simply ‘someone expressing an opinion’. Police refused to take any action. At that time on a contract with Uniworld River Cruises, I didn’t even bother to read the other two hate blogs. I seem to remember the title of the first indicated another long diatribe against my person whilst the second directly targeted my British soldier grandfather who died as a result of German bombs in 1940. All three blogs have now apparently been removed by the author.

Sergeant Henderson never replied to my final email. I was subsequently told he had been pushed retired.

Andrea now reportedly runs the troll account Sexy Jew which was also reportedly under police investigation following online targeting of Labour party activist Jackie Walker. Perhaps the reason why Andrea spent the entire summer in Brazil?  She will be utterly delighted to figure in this latest blog. Attention-seeking deficit has been taking its toll.

There are lots of posts online bearing witness to Andrea’s lies and love of trolling. Simply Google her full name, Andrea Silva Goncalves, if you can be bothered.

Copied and pasted below is the blog mentioned that police didn’t want to know about. Neither were they interested in other documented evidence of Andrea publishing my address, publishing photos of my family and young daughter, publishing the screenshot of an email which clearly states I am to be ‘destroyed‘. Ditto regards the numerous unwanted anonymous postal deliveries I have now been receiving for more than two years.

Yet, I’ve now been arrested under Section 127 no less than seven times for singing humorous songs which I posted on the Internet. I’ve looked around but asides a couple of examples from Tibet and China, no artist has ever before been jailed for singing satirical songs. I’ll be able to dine out on this story for the rest of my life – whether or not I’m sentenced to prison!

The blog makes painful reading (I have not corrected grammar and punctuation). Imagine, if anyone had sent a similar missive to, say, Ruth Smeeth MP or Luciana Berger MP, then no doubt the bomb squad would have been sent in. At the time, one of my sources revealed that the blog had been posted from an IP address in the City of London.

Amusingly, the piece was written before I was provoked into writing my Songs of the Shoah. I wonder how the author feels about (((Survivors))) having now clocked 36k views.

Kind regards to all,


War declared; Alison Chab-Lozt

Hello there Alison Chab-Lozt

I’m bored of reading your ever-growing list of abusive tweets, thus I feel I need to point out a few home truths to you… you pathetic, never gonna be successful singing,


anti-semitic holocaust-denying,

dull cunt.

Your recent tweets gave away how weak you are. Having to brag how successful your appearance was up in Edinburgh… a gig you performed free. How lame.

Your Twitter tells a different story though; Typically when someone performs amazingly, they immediately get a twitter boost in popularity, maybe a few dozen new followers, or some mentions.

You, however, got jackshit. Nobody mentioned you, nobody followed you, because.. nobody gave a shit. You simply were not memorable enough to warrant a new follower.

having observed this, I decided “I’ll listen to Gonzowartalot’s music”.


I listened to roughly 5 songs (you’re welcome, btw, for the added hits… you clearly need them, averaging under 200 per song…LOL)

On the song Garden Girl, I noted:
”Take it easy, don’t drive too fact.
Into the future don’t dwell on the past”
<<< Just a sample of the Cliché’d bollocks you consider lyrics, in that and other “songs”.

Plus, nobody would ever call you the garden girl. The Garden-laptop using troll, definitely.

Also quite weird lyrics from you, since you appear to constantly live in the past. Your Twitter is testament to your ability to hold grudges against people. Quite the opposite of not dwelling on the past, no?

”Hear the wood sing, magical ring”
<<< What the actual fuck? Did you just toss words that rhymed together, without question “Does this sound like its written by some 12 year old teenage girl in her shit diary? That she will grow up to be embarrassed over?”


You do realise you DON’T need every sentence to rhyme in a song? No wonder you end up working on sub-rate cruise liners.. oh, shit, I forgot, you don’t. You got sacked, for being an anti-semitic cunt.

”wind blows the leaves from the branches of the treest” LMFAO. Oh. My. God. Pretentious new age BULLSHIT.

This type of toss is usually sang by opiate addicted twats in a field.

Due to their substance induced stupor, they churn out similar bollocks, which you oddly believe is ‘lyrical genius’. Much like you, they’ll die performing free gigs, unknown too. Unlike you however… they probably realise they have minimal talent.

As for your voice.. What the.. Are you even sure what ‘style’ you want to sing in? You seem to change depending on the song. Like someone who has no talent, but thinks “oh, it’ll sound good if I perform it like this.. “ only for it to sound absolutely shit.

Can it even be called singing? Half of it is a slight alteration of your accent/voice, spoken, which makes you sound like an Eva Cassidy wannabe. You have no power whatsoever in your voice. Its weak.

Frankly speaking, you’re shit. As simon cowell would say “You remind me of a pub singer, you will never get anywhere. Give up. Quit. You will never succeed. Bye.”

Its not only your voice. Lets address your physical appearance; Do you honestly believe your face would sell? Lets examine a recent ‘selfie’ you posted online.
You’re overly warted, and need to lose at least 30lb. Minimum. While cosmetic surgery would help, be realistic; You wont sell anywhere near 1000 records, let alone the millions required to justify the pre-release expenditure.

The rhinoplasty alone would be at least £20k for your ever growing concord.

Of course, your physical appearance is one thing; Then there is your hygiene;


Unless you’re going to be the ‘hairy biker’ version of a lame eve Cassidy wannabe, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON THERE?

On your obsession with Andrea;

Just for one second, in your seemingly pointless life… have you ever considered “oh shit… someone else apart from Andrea might be behind the blogs, counter-trolling and reporting me to my place of employment”?

You aren’t the smartest, so rather than just hint: Here you go.

Now, since the battle is out the proverbial bottle; ask yourself… “what else have my e-confidantes revealed about me?”


Scroll through the logs/blogs/other mediums of storage you keep, and regularly review to convince yourself its Andrea.. and ask yourself one question “Would Andrea be privy to this knowledge? Does Andrea have the resources, time, or inclination to research into you and discover these facts?”

You might be a rather pointless being, Andrea has a young child.. you know that, since you resorted to vile comments about the young’n; You have kids too, and surely remember that during their younger years you had better things to be doing than researching some failed singer. Even if she is a disgusting bitch that warrants it.

I suspect you’re sexually attracted to Andrea, hence your desire that she is behind it all.. however, she isn’t. End the 12 year old girl weirdo crushed already, you weirdo.

This is a wake up call, Alison; instead of playing victim, examine your own behaviour online, and consider whether or not you want things to remain “as is”; If you do, fine.

It really is entirely up to you on how this pans out; You continue your bullshite, you suffer with your past suddenly appearing in the present at every opportunity.

On the other hand, if you quit the bullshit, there is no reason for anyone to bring up the past.

We do not forget, Alison. The internet never forgets. Its eternally logged, on servers in multiple countries. Choose wisely.

Who am I writing this now? I’ll give you a clue; I’m male, under 40 and think you’re a stupid cunt that should, to quote the poofter that sold/sells you out, “suicide herself”.

A big thanks to the many who have, and continue, to observe this vile bitches tweets. Not only have you rendered her recent tweet-delete rampage pointless, you have made sure she will never be able to deny what she is; Scum.

p.s. If any copyright claims should arise…please write to, “Doesn’t give a shit, 991 nowhere street, Neverland. Zip cold 00001 “ for correction

2 thoughts on “In Britain nine arrests per day for causing offence under Section 127

  1. Ciaran Goggins October 13, 2017 / 2:28 pm

    You need to charge her rent if she is living in your head. Burma, you can get nicked for satire in Burma. Ireland? 200 Euros fine if you ask “Who murdered Eddie Fullerton?” So, you were arrested, who were the other eight that day, and for what reason? Armenian holocaust denial?

  2. Sophie Johnson October 13, 2017 / 9:41 pm

    Oh, heck … I’m about to turn all aunty-ish on you, Alison. Admittedly, I’ve never been near Twitter or Facebook exchanges of my own. Now, reading the extract you quoted, I found myself becoming ever more toweringly angry. It felt like a home invasion by a comprehensively incontinent drunk with rotting teeth. I wish you would cut loose from this scum. Why give them access to you? I’d cancel this account, for your stomach’s sake.

    On a lighter note: I think it’s funny that s127 (Communications Act 2003?) upped hate speech complaints by a walloping 900%. (Thanks for the nice tit-bit of info.) I hope the IHRA definition of antisemitism is swelling that now, particularly since Theresa May’s dimwitted ‘We [who’s that?] have adopted it’ gave the wrong impression that it is now law. The harridan is surely smarting since she learned from QCs Tomlinson and Smedly that its adoption is unlawful, for it violates art.10 of the EU Human Rights Act, which is good law in this jurisdiction, which therefore means that the agency that adopts it lays itself open to being sued. hehehe.

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