Update: Unwanted postal deliveries addressed to Mrs Holocaust Denier – Malicious Communications?

Apologies for the length of this post. Undecided as to whether or not to contact police, after sleeping on it, my instinct tells me to publish here on my blog. 

  • Whereas I have now been charged by UK Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) under the Communications Act for sending and/or causing to be sent ‘grossly offensive’ messages, the CPS doesn’t actually seem to have any evidence of me either SENDING or CAUSING TO BE SENT anything at all.
  • Meanwhile, for more than two years now, someone has been SENDING anonymous post to my address and police have done nothing.
  • Following a new delivery this week of a sales catalogue addressed to ‘Mrs Holocaust Denier’, I decided to break my Internet silence. In my latest blog post, I reveal the underhand workings of police and the CPS in deciding to bring charges against me. My case is a clear example of how our authorities are being manipulated and controlled by militant Jewish identity lobbyists.

June 23rd, date of my last hearing, I was finally charged with two counts of sending and two counts of causing to be sent a ‘grossly offensive’ message via a public communications network under the Communications Act 2003. The papers were served on me by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) lawyer outside Court 1 at Westminster Magistrates, the hearing briefly suspended for this purpose. The next hearing will take place October 25th at 10 am, also at Westminster Magistrates Court.

My bail conditions have been further tightened and now include address restrictions.



Ex Zionist Fed boss tries to buy District Judge’s favour

A week after the last hearing in June, my barrister and the CPS lawyer were called back to court by District Judge Zani to discuss three issues. Firstly, I have not been given the opportunity to enter a plea; secondly, as existing skeleton arguments concerning previous charges (now dropped) do not apply to the new charges, both legal teams must now start again from scratch (more on this below); thirdly – and most importantly – the judge showed the lawyers a copy of an email he had received from a person who was present at the June 23rd hearing and who was clearly trying to press the judge into lending a sympathetic ear.

Subject of the email was ‘Chabloz case’ and the author claimed to be an old college friend of the judge, saying my case was a very important one ‘for us’. Despite the author’s name and address being redacted by the court, he gave enough details about himself to reveal that he was none other than former co-vice Chair of the Zionist Federation, Jonathan Hoffman who was indeed present in court that day alongside his fellow Zionist ideologue, David Collier.

My barrister immediately advised me to write to the Attorney General asking that Mr Hoffman be dealt with by an officer of the law for what is clearly a contempt of court. I attached a copy of Mr Hoffman’s email to the judge, along with a screenshot of a Facebook post, also from Mr Hoffman, in which he claims a magistrate told him I would be found guilty and fined. I have yet to receive a response from the AG’s office – it’s now been almost two months. Please see the Postscriptum below for more information on Mr Hoffman and his dubious associations.


What, if anything, was actually ‘sent’ ?

Here, I remind my readers that the alleged ‘grossly offensive’ messages I am accused of ‘sending’ and/or ‘causing to be sent’ would be two of my satirical songs. The prosecution’s main issue in trying to bring a conviction under these new charges is that they do not seem to be in possession of evidence which proves that I actually published, sent – or, indeed, caused to be sent – anything at all. The YouTube video concerned was not uploaded to YouTube by me, nor was it uploaded to my own channel – I merely shared the link on one of my blogs. Therefore, the Crown must now prove that sharing a link (either via embedding a html code or by simply copying and pasting a URL) would somehow constitute sending – or causing to be sent – a malicious communication.

The video link was posted and shared: it was certainly never sent to either of the Crown’s chief witnesses, Mr Gideon Falter and Mr Steven Silverman (respectively Chair and Director of Enforcement of the Campaign Against Antisemitism, CAA). My accusers surely must have sent the video to themselves by first seeking out my blog post and then choosing to click ‘play’ on the YouTube link?

Did either of these men complain when Sacha Baron Cohen performed ‘Throw the Jew down the well’ in his film ‘Borat’? Probably not. Indeed, Baron Cohen’s song was recently described in the Jewish Chronicle as comic genius. Surely, history will be the judge of that?



Never-ending bail restricting my freedom of speech and movement

Concerning my bail conditions, it’s crucial to note here that despite me NOT publishing anyone’s address nor ever intending to so do, I was gagged following allegations of such last December by pro-Israel recused Judge Emma Arbuthnot and my movements have now been restricted.

Perversely, my almost complete address was published countless times by the Zionist press after my first court hearing.

Even more perversely, since April 2015, I have regularly received anonymous postal deliveries either addressed to me nominally (unsigned birthday and Christmas cards) as well as various sales catalogues addressed to ‘Mrs Holocaust Denier’.

Despite postal deliveries of these unwanted items having ceased over the past 12 months, this week they began again.


170820 adini 1   170820 adini 2 paint

Above: another unwanted women’s fashion catalogue delivered to my home, addressed to Mrs Holocaust Denier.  



A brief recap which should interest my readership, as well as my accusers, police and the CPS

  1. October 22 2016, I delivered in person to Glossop Police Station previous mailings addressed to me as ‘Mrs Holocaust Denier’ from this same catalogue company, plus another unopened anonymous greetings card. November 5 2016, I requested by email an update on this matter from Derbyshire police.
  2. The following day, November 6 2016, I received an email from A/Insp [redacted] informing me that the police investigation into malicious communications and harassment was now closed and that if I wished for a new investigation to be opened, I would be obliged to submit further evidence as well as written statement:

    Dear Ms Chabloz,

    Pc [redacted] is currently unavailable due to court duties so I thought I’d reply to you as his supervisor.

    In order to progress a new complaint we’d need to know more about the nature of the messages that you’ve received/seen – specifically if they were sent directly to you or if they were posted in a private or public area online where you would be expected to see them. Have you also received further items through the post?

    Essentially we need to have a face to face discussion to determine if there is any way to progress your complaint as email is a very slow method of communication and in any event if it transpires that there are grounds to reopen an investigation we’d need a written statement from you. I appreciate that your occupation keeps you abroad for long periods of time – are you currently in the UK and if so when would you be available to come in to the station?

    You may be aware that Derbyshire Police are undergoing a radical restructure at the moment and on 7th November the majority of officers including Pc [redacted] are moving station and shift and this means that he will not be available during the daytime until Saturday 12th November.

    I look forwards to hearing from you.


  3. November 13, one week after I had received A/Insp [redacted]’s email (which included no information or update on the anonymous, unwanted post SENT to me) I was arrested by PC [redacted] of Buxton Police on suspicion of harassment of serial complainant, Suzanne Fernandes of Ealing. I was street bailed until the next day when I was re-arrested on a further count of suspicion of harassment of Ambrosine Chetrit*, as well as for inciting racial hatred. I was interviewed by PC [redacted] at Buxton police station in the presence of a duty solicitor and then held in custody whilst the officer went to my parents’ home to seize my computer.
  4. My arrest, seemingly, came within 24 hours of a private criminal prosecution being listed against me by Mr Gideon Falter of the Jewish charity, Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA). Despite all police charges against me having since been dropped owing to lack of evidence, the CPS has taken over Mr Falter’s case which is ongoing.
  5. Going back to end of August 2016 after my Edinburgh Fringe show was pulled following pressure seemingly by the same Jewish charity, CAA, I was assured over the telephone by the investigating officer with Derbyshire police that the online death threats I had received, as well as the harassment and targeting of my career by certain Twitter troll accounts, were now to become part of a widened investigation which had begun after I started receiving anonymous postal deliveries in 2015 – an investigation which, as exlained above, was then closed a week before my arrest.
  6. As it turns out, in the second hearing of the then private prosecution – a bail hearing brought against me by the CAA to ensure stricter bail conditions – the CAA’s legal team made an error in the papers submitted to court: Steven Silverman (CAA Director of Enforcement) was forced to admit in open court that he runs Twitter account @BedlamJones (now @SSilvUK) and, by the same token, also outed Mr Falter as running the Twitter troll account @Sicaro72, previously @NemoNemo50 as well as a host of other sockpuppet accounts :

161222 Falter Gab.JPG


Above: Mr Silverman’s bracketed phrase gives the game away, as does his initial comment: my Gab post mentions no names whereas Mr Silverman does. No doubt several sleepless nights ensued for the Director of Enforcement of CAA – a registered charity (!) 



Pernicious pair still targeting and baiting on Twitter

Mr Falter is also responsible for reporting me to Twitter – probably under his nominal account @GideonFalter as well as the CAA Twitter account @antisemitism, finally managing to have my account suspended without the right of appeal. After compiling a spreadsheet of @Sicaro72‘s 540 tweets SENT to me over a six-month period, Twitter finally suspended this, his umpteenth troll account. Still, his sarcastic tone is unmistakable: see @Mark00427586.


Above: One might wonder why anonymous ‘Freebird’ deleted the tweet quoted by Mr Silverman – especially after ‘liking’? Would he be trying to distance himself? Perhaps his notion of chutzpah is waning and, understandably, he’d be feeling somewhat nervous?



Crown’s chief witnesses are my longtime abusive stalkers

These same two accusers – ‘ironically’ isn’t the word – were responsible for applying pressure on the Edinburgh venue which cancelled my 2016 show. Their trolling tweets were sent to Derbyshire police as evidence. Tweets which, as was confirmed to me over the telephone, would figure as part of a widened investigation – an investigation which, I repeat, was closed a week before my own arrest.

160817 bedlam edfringe    160824 C Venues Nemo.JPG

Above: In court last December, Steven Silverman admitted to CAA running anonymous Twitter troll accounts. 

These same two men are now the Crown’s chief witnesses in the case against me.


None of my songs were ever sent directly or indirectly to either of these men who CHOSE to send the video link to themselves by first visiting my blog and then deciding to click ‘play’.



Not guilty as charged

The main question here is WHY Derbyshire police’s investigation into multiple unwanted postal deliveries, death threats, ongoing targeted stalking and harassment of my professional career was suddenly closed, one week before my arrest which, in turn, followed the listing of Mr Falter’s private criminal prosecution against me?

Why am I being prosecuted and why am I being made to suffer endless months of bail and legal argument procrastination for simply expressing myself in satirical songs?

Why are police still holding my computer? Why was I permanently banned from Twitter and why are my videos on YouTube being censored and demonetised, irrespective of their content?

In brief, WHY I am being persecuted and discriminated against in my own country of birth for writing songs which nobody was forced to watch in the first place?

Moreover, I repeat again that I neither SENT nor CAUSED TO BE SENT my songs to my accusers.



Wouldn’t that make any artist want to Throw the Jew down the well?

I see little point in reporting this latest catalogue delivery to police. Reporting to police in the past has brought about negative consequences for myself and given my accusers the chance to boast and gloat about my possible conviction and incarceration. I prefer to record in public, here on my blog, whatever the consequences.

If, by endlessly prolonging the proceedings, my accusers believe that I and my family will be worn down to such an extent that I will plead guilty – then they can think again. Never will I apologise for expressing my thoughts and ideas en musique. My songs are my babies. Un point, c’est tout. 




* In further reference to my arrest, detention and seizure of my computer, I am sure Derbyshire police have on record Sgt [redacted]’s advice regards Mrs Chetrit, dating back to 2014.

Coincidentally, Mrs Chetrit and Mr Hoffman are staunch allies in their worship of Zionism and Israel :

170818 shitrit hoffman klaff sheridan.JPG

From left to right: Ambrosine Chetrit, Gemma Sheridan (present at the demo organised by Mrs Chetrit outside court at my first hearing last December requiring police protection), Sharon Klaff, Jonathan Hoffman. Photo taken outside a recent pro-Palestinian expo which the above Zionists tried to shut down.

Mrs Chetrit is as obsessed with the terrorist state of Israel as ever. Perhaps if she had at least been questioned by police over the anonymous postal deliveries which were SENT to me..? Alas, it seems Israel supporters are granted immunity when it comes to malicious communications.

And as for labelling others ‘fat’:

Pot, kettle – anyone?

Interestingly, almost immediately after I wrote to the Attorney General about Mr Hoffman’s contempt of court, Mrs Chetrit’s interlocutor in the above tweet, the fragrant Andrea Silva, sped off in an awful hurry to Brazil. Of course, I’m not suggesting that there’s any connection between these two events, but I did ask myself if this latest catalogue delivery request perhaps originated in Rio? In any case, here’s hoping Ms Silva stays put in her home country, alleviating Tower Hamlets and the rest of the UK of her pernicious presence, once and for all.



If you can, please support me via donations to PayPal.Me/AJCTmusic. I strongly dislike asking for money in this way, but my social and professional assassination at the hands of malicious Zionists means I have little choice. Thank you to all of you who have donated and supported me so far. I will keep on fighting and I will keep on singing!

When we start to sing, we start to win!

25 thoughts on “Update: Unwanted postal deliveries addressed to Mrs Holocaust Denier – Malicious Communications?

    • Paul sturdy August 19, 2017 / 9:05 am

      Stand strong beautiful lady the strength and will of many are with you
      . X

  1. Ciaran Goggins August 19, 2017 / 8:54 am

    Dear Alison, the “Borat” character’s song is akin to Alf Garnett, he is showing up prejudice, therefore other rules would apply to outrage. Will be interesting to see how “offensive” can become “grossly offensive” does Zani have an Offenceometer? Now to Derbyshire Police and who are pulling the strings? An inside source tells me that Roanna Carleton while being thanked to her face is subject to quite a few Blobanna jokes, some quite funny. Fernandes certainly has their ear, and I am thinking of doing some digging.

  2. Poseidon August 19, 2017 / 7:54 pm

    Thanks for posting; this is an excellent demonstration of today’s double standards, and the intolerance of those who insist that we must all tolerate cultural Marxism. Harass someone by delivering actual, material items to their home. And if the recipient is politically incorrect, and the sender is on the prevailing side of popular opinion as dictated by the owners of the banks, the mass media, and by extension the government, it’s not a crime.

    Yet if you have politically incorrect views, and so much as post a link to politically incorrect material, the authorities (after being put under pressure by the banking and media owners) will pull out all the stops and rack their brains trying to find some way of classifying it as a ‘crime’, so that they can prosecute.

    It’s quite a stretch to say that posting a link can be classed as sending or causing to be sent a malicious communication. If you post a link, you can guarantee that most people are going to ignore it. The person who takes offence must have made a conscious decision to view the alleged “offensive” material. And after they start viewing it, they choose to carry on viewing, so that their feelings are hurt even more. And then they have the nerve to whine about hurt feelings!

    Ambrosine Chetrit and Jonathan Hoffman belie the idea that our opponents are a “poor, persecuted people”. They clearly have no problem putting food on the table!

    • Sophie Johnson August 22, 2017 / 8:24 pm

      Love your last para. (Had to write: mislaid my logins, son cannot do ‘like’. But sure do like.)

  3. Sophie Johnson August 22, 2017 / 8:03 pm

    Oh, ((((Alison!))))) Thank you for that screamingly funny portrait of the Chosen. The judge will be hard pressed to avoid gagging. What with your lovely, elegant person set against their pukesome flab, I think you’ve got things sewn up. The chapagne will flow. Chin up in the meantime.

  4. Mycroft August 23, 2017 / 2:31 pm

    More pester-power BS from the vituperative Jewish lobby here in the UK.

    Nothing you have done exceeds the rights enshrined in the 2006 law on dislike, displeasure, RIDICULE and the rest.

  5. Chris McDermott August 28, 2017 / 1:25 pm

    Gosh, reading your blog it’s as if Chil Rajchman, Vasily Grossman and Primo Levi never existed. I never knew.

    And as for the persecution complex, I’m sure you could make a nice living from your abilities if only you’d cease with the vile, hate-filled, Joo obsessed crap you spout. If you go around promoting Nazi views, don’t expect decent folk to take exception.

    Never again.

    • Sophie Johnson September 19, 2017 / 2:27 pm

      ‘… it’s as if Chil Rajchman, Vasily Grossman and Primo Levi never existed’.

      Eh? What mark on the standing of historical truth would you say these people’s existences made? I say their existences were superfluous, given the plethora of obfuscatory holocaust-survival fantasy that bores us silly and desecrates truth.

      I imagine that you, the Lead Chaplain at the University of Sussex, have a firm stake in truth in a number of spiritual and academic areas, including history. So I think you will benefit from reading a work of Gerard Menuhin, Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil. I urge you to read it ASAP. (I shall gladly supply you with a broader reading list. Please feel free to ask.)

      And really, Reverend: ‘the vile, hate-filled, Joo obsessed crap you spout’! You might as well be Abe Foxman! A committed Christian, I should much rather you express yourself like a priest, not like a rude, crude thug who needs his mouth washed clean.

      More: Can a chaplain in a univerity environment allow himself this primitive sally: ‘If you go around promoting Nazi views, don’t expect decent folk [not] to take exception’? You know, among ‘decent folk’ there is informed historical discourse, which in their lighter moods turns to civilised banter/satire meant to amuse with a display of wit. You, spitting simple-minded partisan venom as you do, make decent folk shudder with distaste. Please cease to bring shame on the Christian Church.

    • earl January 29, 2018 / 3:05 pm

      How about Open Borders for Israel?

  6. Chris McDermott August 28, 2017 / 1:27 pm


    • Alison Chabloz September 19, 2017 / 11:31 am

      Such an elegant turn of phrase! Especially coming from a tax-funded university Lead Chaplin!

      Do you actually provide support for persecuted Christians studying at Sussex Uni, or do you preach in the interests of a tribal cult which wants to see White Britons replaced in their own land?

    • rerevisionist November 24, 2017 / 4:34 pm

      Some readers might like to investigate the view that Jews around the time of the Roman Empire managed to infiltrate the ‘Jesus’ myth into the west, mainly by insistent repetition of the Holohoax type. In which case of course the C of E and other notoriously corrupt and worthless outfits are essentially jewish constructions and can’t be expected to permit criticism of jews, at least if they want to hang on to their money. In other words, the ‘Christian church’ is just another department of Jewish lies.

  7. Marc August 29, 2017 / 8:30 am

    I’ve followed you’re ‘case’ for a while now I’m appalled at your treatment but not surprised. Keep up the fight & God bless you.

  8. Paddy Burns October 10, 2017 / 11:45 am

    All the top Nazis were Zionist Jews, Hitler, Hess, Goering, Goebbels Himmler, Streicher, Heydrich, Rosenberg, etc. Before the war there were over 15 million Jews in the world, after the war there were still over 15 million.

    • rerevisionist November 23, 2017 / 7:29 pm

      @Paddy Burns – the only person I know online to take that view is Miles W Mathis. Is it becoming more mainstream? I’d be genuinely interested to know your sources(s).

      • Sophie Johnson November 23, 2017 / 8:22 pm

        The ‘top nazis were zionists’ view connects directly with the Havara Agreement discourse. Gerard Menuhin’s Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil gives a good lot of references. So does Peter Winter’s The Six Million: Fact or Fiction. The ‘mainstream’, of course, does not talk about this Agreement at all. But it is common knowledge among revisionists.

      • rerevisionist November 24, 2017 / 4:27 pm

        Thanks, Sophie Johnson. You’ve missed my point in querying Paddy Burns (or ‘Paddy Burns’). He stated that Hitler, Hess, Goering etc were Jews, not just ‘Zionists’. Is it a widely-accepted view?

      • Sophie Johnson November 24, 2017 / 4:42 pm

        Ouch! Sorry, Rerevisionist! (Blush.)

    • rerevisionist November 25, 2017 / 1:01 pm

      Come on Paddy, answer me! I want to know about Hitler et al being Jews.

  9. Sophie Johnson October 10, 2017 / 2:31 pm

    ((((Alison!)))) I am so sorry you had to endure this very shabby treatment from the police. (But I love the foot-tapping one.) Thank goodness you are the strong, dignified, resolute lady you are.

    And you know, I think you have chocked up a major victory here: The section of the police force that detained you has betrayed that it has realised that it cannot adopt the definition of antisemitism so sweetly constructed by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, and even more sweetly ‘adopted’ by Theresa May et al. They had to let you go! So prominent human rights lawyer Hugh Tomlinson QC is proved right when he warned that Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights scotches the IHRA definition, for Article 10:

    ‘… does not permit the prohibition or sanctioning of speech unless it can be seen as a direct or indirect call for or justification of violence, hatred or intolerance. The fact that speech is offensive to particular group is not, of itself, a proper ground for prohibition or sanction. The IHRA Definition should not be adopted without careful additional guidance on these issues.’

    Still, that the police moved against you at all is disgraceful. Really disgraceful. (Nobody is in doubt about who talked them into doing this.) Surely they cannot try this on you again. I hope your legal people have made the due protests and cautionings to the police.

    Sending you masses of love, Alison, and oodles of admiration.

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