For whom the CAA trolls

Poor Zionbat is still complaining about being associated with a certain registered charity. If Twitter really is that bad, then why doesn’t she do something else for a change?


The undeniable fact that Andrew Roberjot is something of a loose cannon and very much an inveterate liar is unlikely to change in the near future. 

Here’s a brief reminder of Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) trolling activities as attested to, in writing, in the private prosecution’s own legal papers submitted to court last December :


161231 sicko political

160817 bedlam edfringe


The harassment and stalking of me by these two men dates back to my quenelle salute at the Edinburgh Festival in August 2015. Asides my 2016 show being pulled, every single one of my advertised gigs – including carol concerts at Christmas as well as videos I uploaded of myself performing to backing tracks – was targeted by these two trolls who, as we now know by way of their own legal team’s carelessness, are undoubtedly and inextricably linked to the directorship of CAA.

No amount of muddying the waters or Twitter name changes at this point or indeed previously will amount to any kind of defence.

The most pressing concern is, of course, WHY Derbyshire police inexplicably closed their investigation into these two troll accounts – along with associated death threats and anonymous postal deliveries clearly meant to harass me in my own home – JUST TWO WEEKS BEFORE I WAS ARRESTED BY THIS SAME POLICE FORCE FOR WRITING A COUPLE OF SONGS WHICH UPSET SOME JEWS AND THEIR FRIENDS.

And not just any Jews! The private prosecutor and his older sidekick and witness, on whose whim the police, the CPS and even the Home Office jumped to attention in order to ensure my freedoms were removed, are behind these very same troll accounts which have been at my throat for almost two years.

Sidekick Silverman was forced to admit in court that he used the Twitter account @BedlamJones (now renamed @ssilvuk). He also lied, therefore committing perjury, by denying any knowledge of the Disqus account robbersdog. How could anyone other than someone closely connected to the CAA inner circle know of a secret meeting about tackling rising antisemitism with a senior British police officer, a month before the actual meeting took place? Seemingly, being forced to fess up regards his Twitter troll was quite enough for one day – the verse from the Talmud which permits Jews to lie in court against non-Jews took care of the rest.

Another question which must be raised is why the CAA’s original private prosecution cites only one of my songs, (((Survivors))), as being ‘grossly offensive’ under the 2003 Communications Act, when a second number, ‘Nemo’s Antisemitic Universe’ – now the subject of a further pending charge from the CPS since they took over the case on March 7 – is arguably more revisionist than the first?

The answer to this is because Nemo is Sicaro72 – along with his countless other anonymous monikers . It is easy to recognise a voice which has constantly tweeted for months on end in the same style, using the same expressions. When the new troll responds to his old troll’s name, the cat is most definitely out of the bag:

161227 sicko nk fringe cult chabloz

This song was composed as a direct result of Nemo’s incessant trolling and stalking. I was provoked, day in, day out, until I finally decided to take positive action. Alternatively, I could have done what my abusers wanted – that is to say, shut up once and for all and find some low-paid job in a call centre; or else I could have simply defended myself by abusing them in the same way they have been abusing me. Rather than opt for either of the above, I chose to respond in the most effective and elegant way possible and for which I was professionally trained. That is, to compose songs: funny songs which have now made me famous, thanks to a bunch of idiots with too much influence who have exposed themselves as lobbyists for a foreign power and whose aim it is to prevent patriotic Brits from having the right to freedom of expression in their own land.

I believe Nemo felt deeply humiliated about being the butt of my satirical song, hence his thirst for revenge:

161231 sicko revenge

161231 sicko revenge 2


If any modern playwright had invented a character similar to Shylock and given him these lines, the CAA would be screeching ‘JEW HATRED’ and phoning the Home Office to have the culprit hung, drawn and quartered at their behest. 

In the recent interview I gave Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, author of The Synagogue of Satan, I speak about these issues and more. In addition, one of my articles will be published in the next issue of Britain’s longest-surviving nationalist magazine, Candour, and another interview conducted by Heritage & Destiny‘s music critic, Edmond Morrison, will also be appearing shortly. Watch this space.


10 thoughts on “For whom the CAA trolls

  1. RickB May 11, 2017 / 6:15 pm

    Admire your courage and brilliance, Alison. Here’s praying that the hate directed your way rolls off you like water off a duck.

  2. Ciaran Goggins May 11, 2017 / 7:37 pm

    Over many years I never had an issue with Frankiescar. Busy night so allow me to do other non trolling and hence nice things. Catch you later!

  3. Tom May 11, 2017 / 9:51 pm

    Well done Alison for exposing the arrogance of these stupid fools. And in my books, the most arrogant stupid fool of late was (((John Mann))), MP for Bassetlaw who was permitted to educate at least 6 million! people about the transfer agreement between the NASDAP and the Zionist Jews! Hahaha…

    • Alison Chabloz May 14, 2017 / 9:31 pm

      Hi Tom, not sure which comment on the Windows video you refer to – mine is still up. And yes, I’ve already seen the excellent video by Michael Graham on Ruth Smeeth and Cable Street. Thanks for reminding me about it.

  4. Tom May 14, 2017 / 11:04 pm

    I originally posted under your comment but it disappeared so I reposted it. So I will presume for now that you have only seen my second posting.
    I know that what I see on YT isn’t always what others can see, so did you get to see this other link of mine?:

    • Alison Chabloz May 14, 2017 / 11:44 pm

      Yes, thank you, Tom. A very useful link regards Robinson. Two or three weeks ago, he attempted to doorstep a Liberal blogger, Tim Fenton. On the long drive from Crewe back to Luton, Robinson had his RebelTV young lackey film a Facebook Q&A session. One questioner asked why Robinson never tackled hatred within the Talmud or criticised Jews and the banking and finance sector. Robinson evaded any kind of meaningful response but said: “.. all of my friends and family – none of them are white.”

      He’s clearly desperate to dissociate himself with true patriots and earn respectability within the Establishment he claims to despise. Unfortunately for him, his own plastic Zio-EDL version of patriotism will eventually lead his supporters to see the light and start to understand the full picture.

  5. Tom May 17, 2017 / 11:03 pm

    I am currently blocked from FB so please take a look at the following:

    The title of the following video is totally ridiculous, hence it being hidden by the so called algorithms of Google for the past 4 years. But apart from the few red bits, this video should make your eyes at least water, if not go into full blown “cry mode”.
    Anyone whose eyes don’t get at least a little bit more wet than usual whilst watching the video must either be ; a sociopath, a psychopath or a full blown “Dual Citizen”!

    Updates: North Korea could well be the last surviving National Socialist state on the planet.

    Syria is/was most likely a Faux national socialist state and Assad is jewish!.

    Libya was a full blown national socialist state but unfortunately its leader had been brain washed into believing that a tiny fragment of gold is more useful than a ton of oil. Oil is very easily converted into petro dollars so why was (Greenbook) Gadaffi so obsessed about Gold?

    The real cause of WW2 was of a consequence the Jewish imposed treaty of Versailles which had nothing to do with the jewish owned African diamond industry.
    “MUST SEE!”:

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