Response to Matt Broomfield in The Independent

Broomfield did not have the courage to publish my comment below his article which appeared late last Sunday. Suspecting this might be the case, I made a copy. Firstly, here’s Broomfield’s section about me:

170507 alison independent

My unpublished comment:

As Matt Broomfield would appear to have sympathy for the plight of the Palestinian people, it seems rather strange that he omits to mention references I made about Palestine in my songs and in my talk.

In fact, no doubt relying on memory, Broomfield also manages to misquote, misinterpret and mislead in regard to what I actually said that day. My performance was scripted and was filmed – although not uploaded to YouTube for reasons of jurisprudence.

I most certainly did not say I was in trouble “just for writing a few songs offensive to Jews”, nor did I add any “Come on!” following my remark about Professor Faurisson’s 88th birthday in Vichy.

Most perplexing of all is that this meeting took place three months ago in February, which perhaps partly explains Broomfield’s misquotes and omissions. The judge mentioned recused herself over a month ago and although I am certainly still on bail, this is not the same as being ‘out’ on bail.

Rather than play Kosher Brother, perhaps Broomfield could have investigated why British police closed their investigation into the online harassment and death threats I’ve received since 2015 – investigation closed just two weeks before I was arrested by the same police force for writing a couple of songs? Now that would have been some proper journalism – rather than the poisonous garbage he chooses to spread here.

Then again, Broomfield perhaps believes my grandfather, great-grandfather and countless others who died fighting for this country were fighting so that Brits would face prosecution in their own land for writing satirical songs which upset Jews? Would the author also argue that these men fought and died in order to give queer men the right to marry and adopt children?

And for all those on this thread rambling on and on about the ‘Holocaust’, why not show some proof – or at least accept an honourable debate – rather than trying to criminalise opinions.


Update: will Tommy ‘none of my friends and family are white’ Robinson be turning up at Broomfield’s house with a video camera? 

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6 thoughts on “Response to Matt Broomfield in The Independent

  1. Ciaran Goggins May 9, 2017 / 2:39 pm

    Lebedev Junior owns the Indy. He wishes to be a pukka gentleman and part of the decaying English establishment, so, why not print Broomfield’s copy? Death threats? You haven’t arrived until Norfolk Police (or whomever) have issued a few.

    • Alison Chabloz May 9, 2017 / 2:48 pm

      Added a screenshot of Broomfield’s section about me.

      • Ciaran Goggins May 9, 2017 / 2:58 pm

        Excuse us, we are just off to kick the face off a baby otter!

  2. Robert May 9, 2017 / 6:22 pm

    Well what a total hash up this Hack has made, it almost seems like they get points for how much of a brown nose they can muster.
    Its becoming a bit of a bore now with the constant Diversity/ Equality bullshit driven forward by a undemocratic criminal silencing tactic based on a lie.
    Keep up the good work Alison, let me know if I can help in anyway.

  3. thetruthnotdoctrine May 9, 2017 / 7:47 pm

    What a shitty libtard rag the Independent is! It’s title is a lie on its face.

  4. Tom May 9, 2017 / 9:07 pm

    Attributed to Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744 – 1812):“Let us control the money of a country, and we care not who makes its laws.”

    Attributed to Alison Chabloz May 9 2017: “And for all those on this thread rambling on and on about the ‘Holocaust’, why not show some proof – or at least accept an honourable debate – rather than trying to criminalise opinions.”

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