Alison Chabloz – Musician and British Nationalist – ITEL Radio

Heartfelt thanks to Dennis Fetcho and Inside The Eye – Live! for hosting me on last Saturday’s show. I’m back in the studio this coming Thursday to record four more songs from my upcoming CD ‘Tell Me More Lies’. You can hear the finished title track – with some slight, obligatory Internet radio distortion – during my interview by clicking the link below.

Alison Chabloz – Musician and British Nationalist – ITEL Radio, 11.12.16

3 thoughts on “Alison Chabloz – Musician and British Nationalist – ITEL Radio

  1. SubjectOfTheJewishEmpire December 6, 2016 / 1:21 pm

    I think your overestimating the intelligence of the average person. If people were smart then your videos would be incredibly popular, as people would have identified their relevance and humour at dealing with the most pressing problem faced by the West, Jewish colonialism. But instead most Whites sit down in front of the idiot box every night and get all worked up over Trump vs Hillary, without even realizing that both pundits are exactly the same, both are in the Jewish purse, the only difference is their gender. Both have a Jewish brother in law and a child who married a Jew. Both have Jews disproportionately represented in their teams, despite Jews only making up 2% of the US population. Both still think it’s rational for US policy to include no diplomatic ties with Iran, despite such a policy having no basis in US interests. The average White still hasn’t woken up to the fact the election was just a staged charade, to make it appear as if there was a choice, when the truth is all you saw was a Jewish echo chamber. Jews on one side, talking to Jews on the other side. The MSM still paints Trump as an anti-Semite, despite reports saying he vows to be the most ‘pro Israel President ever’ and numerous positive articles about Trump in Jewish newspapers. Again, everything we read and see is just all lies, lies, lies; Jewish tactics to obscure the truth that both pundits are on the same team. Nothing is organic or original anymore- it’s all just scripted guff that is only concerned with what is best for Jews.

    People are dumb. Couple that with their predisposition to be selfish and your fighting a losing battle. As long as they have their money (which is printed out of thin air and has no value whatsoever) and fall ‘in love’ then the average White doesn’t give a damn about anyone or anything else because we have lost our sense of community and sense or morality thanks to Jews stifling our societies traditional influences and dictating behavioral norms via their media apparatus. All we have left is ourselves as individuals who don’t believe in anything except our own immediate self gratification. We have lost the ability to look beyond ourselves as individuals and be apart of something larger- a factor that immigration I think has played a role in by isolating us in our own societies. The Jews know this. We have all become children of the ‘Jewish utopia’, a Jewish intellectual concept, which sought to create a society under the bizarre notion that people occupied with seeking out pleasure would be too distracted to worry about what Jews do. I think they have expertly achieved that aim.

    I came to realize the Jewish problem after being involved in the MRM online and being absolutely dumbfounded by the anti-White male rhetoric coming out of feminist’s mouths. This hatred for their own seemed unnatural and completely alien to me. I then found an article explaining the damaging effects Jewish intellectualism has had on society, and came across the book ‘The Culture of Critique’.

    Basically feminism was a movement hijacked by Jewish intellectuals for their own gains, allowing them to realize Jewish intellectual concepts in Western society. And what is sad is most White women don’t even realize this. It fails to register with them that if so many Anglo White women were so unhappy then why are most of the feminist leaders not Anglo White women? Why instead are all the feminist leaders’ Jewish women? I couldn’t take listening to MRAs talk about Feminism as if it was this stand alone organic thing, without acknowledging the fact it was funded, promoted and created by Jews and is a product of Jewish activism and media. Feminism as it exists today doesn’t make sense outside of a Jewish tribal context, so discussing it in isolation from Jews is an oxymoron. The same can be said for multiculturalism and other subversive agendas being pushed by ‘society’.

    I think your songs are the first step in a deprogramming exercise that is going to take a long time to have an impact. Although I think it’s too late. Whites don’t want to rock the boat because they are scared of how non-Whites in their countries will react. Because our whole society now has been reengineered by Jews to revolve around the needs of tiny minorities at the expense of the majority.

    Another damaging factor is Jewish usury. A concept that has reduced our society to nothing but an economic system that revolves around a false Jewish narrative that population growth is necessary for economic growth. A narrative that allows Jews to advocate for relaxing of immigration laws to further Jewish tribal survival. The truth is under population is good for a country. Jewish financial institutions that reduce a society to nothing but a system related to economic growth are bad for a country.

    I see your main concern is freedom of speech, which I applaud, but I also think the West losing it’s racial character is every bit as important. As once you lose the genetic factors that our society is a reflection of, then I feel you lose something truly unique among the worlds peoples that is found nowhere else.

    The Judeo American Empire( which is basically a White society that has been colonized by Jews via financial, media, business and academic monopolies) broke up the European empires after WW2, and effectively turned them all, including the European countries, into puppet states.
    We are dealing with a people who are attracted to power structures the way flies are to sh!t. Whose only interest is destabilizing White nations via our power structures( government, judicial system etc)- as we are their biggest threat. Jews are creating conditions in Western societies that enable non-Whites to gain hyper upward mobility, allowing Whites to be displaced from positions of power, particularly White men, creating a society that loses it’s White character and future White direction.

    Here in Australia we have just seen the Australian National War Memorial put in a PERMANENT holocaust display. Now this simply amazed me. Why now after all these years? Why now when Palestinians are dying via a Jewish instigated genocide at this very moment? Jews want us to only see them as permanent victims through the lens of the holocaust, when nothing could be further from the truth. The Jews are now aggressors, and what is worse, they have made a mockery of our ancestors sacrifice to free them from genocide, by participating in genocide themselves. These people don’t deserve a place in our national war memorials. I e-mailed a few local MPs about getting this removed but I have been ignored, nobody cares about an unknowns opinions.

    I see you have discovered via backstabbing on Twitter that if it has anything to do with shaping public opinion expect Jews to be behind it. Nationalist forums are all run by Jews or are in the Jewish purse. As the detailed SPLC essay on Stormfronts finances will attest to. VNN and Stromfront are two Jew owned or operated forums that come to mind. Also note 80% of posters are Jews. Jews use anti Semitism to bolster their movement and gain power- they embrace anti Semitism with open arms. They also use these boards to make nationalists come across as so unappealing with their vile and derogatory language towards non-Whites, that average Whites give up trying to purse a cause that is in their own best interests. That is why these boards have no place in the nationalist movement anymore.

    Stumbling across your songs was like finally seeing light after eons of complete darkness. Your intelligence, the way you catch the media out at their own game, especially using the quenelle to demonstrate the way they jump to conclusions that have no basis in reality, is admirable. Your use of humour to disarm the Jews instead of hate will be something new that they won’t know how to deal with and might just be the recipe for success.

    I don’t know what the answer is. I don’t see how people are going to change or be convinced to care about anything but their own self interest. I don’t see any Whites who are interested in getting their hands dirty in a revolution. Whites want peace. One just needs to turn on the TV, listen to the local radio, or observe people in their immediate surroundings, to see the majority of Whites have been dumbed down to an infantile degree, as a result of a lifetime of Jewish programming, and have no hope of ever waking up to what is truly going on around them and the Jewish role in their lives.

    Although with the number of Jewish sympathizers out there I can’t help but feel by championing the cause of the European peoples i am simply engaging in a bad case of stockholm syndrome. I have come to the conclusion the only power I have left is to turn off the TV, and to see the humor in life. I wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for non-Whites, especially Jews, intolerance of me. I am tired of tolerating intolerance. In fact, the hatred they show towards me and my kind scares me and is why I speak out here.

    Remember the MSM plastered singer Leonard Cohens death all over the news only a few weeks back? I will leave you with this insiders view from Cohen himself into how Jews see themselves, us and the future.

    The Future

    by Leonard Cohen:

    “Give me back my broken night
    my mirrored room, my secret life
    it’s lonely here,
    there’s no one left to torture
    Give me absolute control
    over every other living soul
    And lie beside me, baby,
    that’s an order!

    Give me crack and anal sex
    Take the only tree that’s left
    stuff it up the hole
    in your culture
    Give me back the Berlin wall
    give me Stalin and St Paul
    I’ve seen the future, brother:
    it is murder.

    Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
    Won’t be nothing
    Nothing you can measure anymore
    The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
    has crossed the threshold
    and it has overturned
    the order of the soul
    When they said REPENT REPENT
    I wonder what they meant
    When they said REPENT REPENT
    I wonder what they meant
    When they said REPENT REPENT
    I wonder what they meant.

    You don’t know me from the wind
    you never will, you never did
    I was the little jew
    who wrote the Bible
    I’ve seen the nations rise and fall
    I’ve heard their stories, heard them all
    but love’s the only engine of survival
    Your servant here, he has been told
    to say it clear, to say it cold:
    It’s over, it ain’t going
    any further
    And now the wheels of heaven stop
    you feel the devil’s RIDING crop
    Get ready for the future:
    it is murder.

    Things are going to slide …

    There’ll be the breaking of the ancient
    western code
    Your private life will suddenly explode
    There’ll be phantoms
    There’ll be fires on the road
    and a white man dancing
    You’ll see a woman
    hanging upside down
    her features covered by her fallen gown
    and all the lousy little poets
    coming round
    tryin’ to sound like Charlie Manson
    and the white man dancin’.

    Give me back the Berlin wall
    Give me Stalin and St Paul
    Give me Christ
    or give me Hiroshima
    Destroy another fetus now
    We don’t like children anyhow
    I’ve seen the future, baby:
    it is murder.

    Things are going to slide …

    When they said REPENT REPENT …”

    • rerevisionist May 4, 2018 / 1:36 pm

      A few comments —
      [1] Hiroshima – you very likely don’t realise that Hiroshima was yet another Jewish fraud. (It was firebombed). See eg section on ‘Hiroshima’
      [2] Christianity and Islam are both ‘Jewish’ constructions, foisted on Europe in much the same way ‘Holocaustianity’ is being foisted; let’s hope it fails. Cohen idenitifies himself with scribblers, not promotional types. is me looking at the ‘Abrahamic’ ‘religions’. People who don’t understand this are unlikely to grasp the odd symbiosis in which Jews open the gates for Moslem thugs.
      [3] In my view, you make a mistake over usury. This is an unimportant target compared with such things as taxation. The function of the Church, in exchange for land ownership, is/was to hide the financial activities of Jews. I like to hope this is becoming more noticeable than it has ever been.
      [4] Charlie Manson (along with large numbers of Jew-promoted Americans) was an actor and a bearded phoney – the best investigation is on
      [5] ‘Getting their hands dirty in revolution.’ Yet another Jew complex of lies involves individualism, revolution, and slogans. Jews act as a big group, not as individuals: all the people looking up to Napoleon, Cromwell, Lenin et al have been taken in. The idea of ‘revolution’ is a Jewish phoney – except in the sense Jews foment wars among rivals.

  2. NoLongerNostalgicOrNationalistic May 6, 2018 / 3:54 am

    Hi. I only saw this because I came back to get this poem to use on a poster I was going to make but since reading the links you posted wont bother. You cant wake people up by showing them facts I have realized, they have to find them on their own….otherwise to them you are crazy for merely metioning the J word.

    This comment was written almost 2 years ago when I was still very naieve and uneducated regarding Jews. My views have changed and reading back see how stupid I sounded.

    You cant understand Jews until you realize they are motivated by their religious belief that ‘the son of David will not come until all the souls to be enclosed in bodies have been exhausted.’

    They see themselves as missionaries to the gentiles, using normative inversion to destroy, in order to force the arrival of their Messiah and force God to create the second earth free of gentile life.

    Darwinism 101.

    They also believe this wont happen until Gentiles worship their god, hence Christianity and Islam.

    Gentiles are simply being kept around until they can replace us with robots.

    The book “Nazi Dreamtime” by Bird tells me that the Anglos are unable to free themselves of the brainwashing and disinformation perpetuated on them by the Jewish monopoly on all information conduits. Truth seekers were talking about all the same things during WWII- almost 100 years ago- that we are today. Reading that book gives one de ja vu.

    If we couldnt wake up when Germany was acting as an example of freedom in the 30s, what makes you think we will wake up now.

    We were manipulated by the Jewspapers into killing a threat to the Jewish monopoly on high finance-the Third Reich- and all too often today we are being manipulated into destroying countries that are percived as a threat to Jewish survival strategies involving finance. Think Iraq, Libya, Syria and now Iran. Nothing will ever change.

    Voice actor Gilbert Gottfried posted this on Twitter and it sent chills down my spine: “Birthday message to Hitler. You’re dead and the Jews run the world. HA HA.”

    The more I research Hitler, and his vision for freedom, the more depressing it becomes.

    That Jews are amassing all the real wealth of the world(precious metals etc) and issuing worthless paper, plastic and electronic credits in exchange for energy expended as labor is the main issue.

    We cant change anything if nobody cares. I went to work on May 1st, and everyone was acting normally, nobody would have any inkling it was the anniversary that signalled the continuation of the wage slavery that will exist for thousands of years.

    I see Hitler as akin to Julian the Apostate. Just a blip in what is the long historical expanse of this gilded open air Jewish controlled prison that is indestructable by virtue of its prisoners collusion in maintaining it and is going to be in existence for the forseeable future.

    Just look at how crypto Trump manipulated White voters to become President, and the stupid White voters keep falling for all his lies in a never ending cycle that is simply too cringeworthy to watch.

    Even I got sucked in by Trump.

    It is almost impossibe not to find yourself a victim of these people.

    All the White alt-right sites are Mossad honeypots. There is no organic White movement other than the one created as controlled opposition by Jews to further their survival as a cohesive group by perpetuating the myth of anti-semitism. We are basically doomed. Alison and Monika are possibly the only two real nationalists.

    The only power we have left is turning off the media. But even then it is very hard to wean yourself off it as you will encounter it via popular culture or a car radio.

    It is a purely psychological war on gentile minds in which victory is having gentiles believe their lies and viewing their worthless credits as a legitimate medium of exchange.

    Turing, the code breaker and inventor of the computer, who had access to all Third Reich communications during the war, comitted suicide, despite having plans to go to the opera and showing no signs of depression. Code breaking has always been a Jewish dominated field. Any bets on who killed him and why? Could it be Turing was an obstacle to the establishment of the Holohoax narrative?And what do you think will happen to the culprits when the cognitive computers of the future learn of this fact about their creators demise?

    Now that is something our friends should worry about.

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