Edinburgh Fringe: Shalom Festival and censorship of UK artist highlight discrimination against non-Jews


Let’s face it, evil, neo-Nazi ‘Holocaust’ deniers should not be given platform at the Edinburgh Festival. Instead, why not invite Israeli musicians to spread a message of peace?

160817 pal 4#FreePalestine #BDS

Visitors to the Shalom Festival which took place yesterday at Central Hall in Edinburgh’s Toll Cross came under fire during a fierce pro-Palestinian demonstration in front of the venue. From the outset, media focused on spinning the protest as targeting Israel, always the victim. The Jewish Chronicle claims the protest ‘gave an opportunity’ for people to perform Nazi salutes. Was this reported to one of the 12+ policeman on duty or other security guards outside Central Hall? As yet, the accusers have failed to provide any evidence. Similarly, and for the past seventy years, nobody has been able to produce a photograph or indeed any physical evidence of any Nazi gas chamber, but we’re expected to believe that too.

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