An English Revisionist in Paris

March 18 2016

Yesterday, March 17, I was present at the Court of Appeal in Paris for what was announced as The Trial of the Century. The trial was centred around a 2011 documentary film by Paul-Eric Blanrue, Un homme, based on the life and work of the world’s foremost “Holocaust” revisionist, Professor Robert Faurisson. The original case against both men was instigated after yet another contrived complaint by French Jewish ‘anti-racism’ association, LICRA (Ligue contre le racisme et l’antisémitisme). Following the discovery of a judicial error by the men’s legal team, the original ‘guilty’ verdict was thrown out, hence this appeal brought by the French state prosecution.

Well over 100 fans of Professor Faurisson were in attendance to support this most honourable man. Despite the importance of the case with regards to freedom of expression and brutal censorship brought about by the promulgation of the 1990 Fabius-Gayssot Act ‘anti-denial’ law, the Parquet de Paris made sure that the audience was held in the tiniest room of the Palais de Justice with just 15 public seats which were given to independent journalists.

The proceedings lasted over two hours. Spontaneous applause broke out several times as the professor and his lawyer, Damien Viguier, entered and left the minuscule chambre 7. Afterwards, in the more spacious corridor outside the chambre, the 87-year old professor gave another lesson in humility and determination and I was able to present myself and sit next to him whilst he signed copies of his books in the most elegant handwriting.

The day before, I had been lucky enough to travel to Zürich to meet Gerard Menuhin, son of famous musician Yehudi and grandson of Moshe (who spent his youth in Palestine in the early 1900s). More about that in another blog; just to say that meeting two of the world’s most respected and important revisionists meant that this has been quite a week.

As well as having the chance to shake hands with these gentlemen, I also met several other notable, like-minded souls. As I explained to one man, the fact that I can speak French was certainly an important factor in my conversion to revisionism. And, as I explained in my recent Information Underground radio interview, before I came to be a revisionist, I was already active in the pro-Palestinian movement. It was Nicolas Anelka‘s quenelle after scoring for West Bromwich Albion in December 2013 which was the turning point, leading me to discover the work of Dieudonné, Alain Soral and, most importantly, Robert Faurisson. And it was my own quenelle gesture at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival which put me firmly on the revisionist map.


Needless to say, mainstream media outlets haven’t even mentioned yesterday’s appeal. The press is more interested in giving a voice and a platform to terrorist Anders Breivik, guilty of murdering 77 white, Norwegian youngsters and who appeared this week in court to contest his ongoing solitary confinement: cue the obligatory photos of Breivik’s ‘Nazi’ salute as the proceedings began.

Breivik was reportedly ‘inspired’ to carry out his evil attack by arch-Islamophobe and über-Zionist Jew, Pamela Geller. It seems Breivik is being used to further smear National Socialism and, for the press, his voice and fake ‘Nazi’ salute would be more newsworthy than the academic, scientific, factual, historical findings of revisionists.

Although the general public is as yet unaware of revisionism’s total victory on all counts, revisionism’s enemies know that, for them, the battle is lost. Indeed, in January, the World Jewish Congress published a piece on its website proclaiming the world to be ‘full of Holocaust deniers’. Revisionism is flourishing all over the world, mainly thanks to the Internet, but not forgetting the counter-productive effect of repressive laws which attack our most precious freedom: the right to think for ourselves and be able to express our opinions without fear of censorship.

For over 50 years, Robert Faurisson has waged intellectual warfare on those determined to silence him. His enemies are, of course, enraged. European leaders in the style of David Cameron and Manuel Valls have recently moved to outlaw the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against the rogue state of Israel. The UK Jewish lobby has been desperately trying to force the UK justice system to set a precedent with regard to anti-Zionist comment online and several people have been arrested and their computers seized. It is doubtful, however, that any charges will be brought as these would need to be approved by the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) as well as by the Attorney General.

My own case of being institutionally harassed by elements within the UK Zionist lobby is finally being treated by police – one reason why I have refrained from blogging for the past three months – and, hopefully, a charge of malicious communications will be brought against my abusers who, like Breivik, are staunch supporters of Jewish supremacist Geller.

In the northern hemisphere as winter turns to spring, I feel more able to speak freely about revisionism, even with total strangers. Weary of political and media gangsters who feign disgust whilst shouting Zionist keyword phrases such as antisemitic “Holocaust” denier and far-right, Nazi extremist, I find it’s best to ignore their whining and concentrate instead on spreading the primordial message of revisionism as elucidated by Robert Faurisson in his 60-word (French) phrase, uttered in 1980 and still as true as ever today:

“The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews form one and the same historical lie, which has permitted a gigantic political and financial swindle whose main beneficiaries are the state of Israel and international Zionism and whose main victims are the German people – but not their leaders – and the Palestinian people in their entirety.”

Thanks to Robert Faurisson, the new Jewish religion of the “Holocaust” with its Zyklon B-filled Holy Grail has been exposed as a load of gaseous nonsense. The court of appeal is due to announce its ruling on May 19. Whatever the verdict, revisionism has already won the day.

Long live revisionism! Long live Faurisson!

11 thoughts on “An English Revisionist in Paris

  1. Schütt, Wolfgang March 20, 2016 / 3:09 pm

    Bravo ! Great! Dankeschön.

  2. Jett Rucker March 21, 2016 / 12:29 am

    And here, I had to discover the lies entirely without the benefit of French. I speak (read, write) German almost half as well as I do my native English, but I found little need of it, either, in converting. In working to spread the word (in English), my German now IS coming in very handy.

    But French? Je n’comprendre pas . . .

    • Alison Chabloz March 21, 2016 / 4:39 pm

      My German is half as good as my French…

      As I tried to explain, it was the ex-international footballer Nicolas Anelka who led me to discover Dieudonné, Soral and then Faurisson. If I weren’t a French-speaker, this scenario would, in my opinion, be highly unlikely and I’d still be a believer in the gas chamber myth.

      Thanks for your comment.


  3. Daniel McGowan March 21, 2016 / 10:04 am

    Thank you, Alison, from all of us at Deir Yassin Remembered and

  4. Michael Santomauro (@Santomauro) March 21, 2016 / 3:37 pm

    What sort of Truth is it, that crushes the freedom to seek the truth?

    I wish to express my outrage that the Holocaust, unlike any other historical event, is not subject to critical revisionist investigation. Furthermore I deplore the fact that many so-called democratic states have laws that criminalize public doubting of the Holocaust. It is my position that the veracity of Holocaust assertions should be determined in the marketplace of scholarly discourse and not in our legislatures bodies and courthouses.

    Let’s end ‘thought crimes’ in the twenty-first century. Dr. Faurisson’s thoughts cannot be killed by his imprisonment.


    Michael Santomauro

  5. moktarbenjano March 26, 2016 / 6:18 am

    bonjour Alison , I am discovering today your Existence and this makes me full of joy and so proud of You , because I am deeply concerned in the controversy .
    My grandfather was a doctor heading a tuberculossis hospital and a World War II résistance hero who died âged 62 in the last deadly march of his concentration camp fleeing Soviet army progression .
    My grandmother discovered détails of his death thanks to thé visit of two of his fellow Jewish co-deported friends who survived and told my mummy he died of exhaustment due to typhus disease few days before the walking colonne finally met US troops .
    I am sure hé would have been by our sides in the présent fights for essentials liberties against inique Jewish manipulation of History and this inique Law Fabius-Gayssot that prétends criminalized historic investigations .
    This unforgivable manipulation is part of thé hard karma of Jewish People which is itself manipulated by a few of them following thé words of their priests and semitic “revealed” religion (close to their stupid muslims cousins ! ) , all stories that regularly ending in various karmic punishments …
    Not all jews agree and are parts of this demôniac colossal captation of History for profits and political power … and that’s why , in spite of this , I myself stand firmly for Israël IDF against arabo-muslim stupid and recurrent prétention to “kill them all” that is as meaningless as the so-said one of tonton Adolf .

    • junglejill March 27, 2016 / 12:40 am

      Adolph was never going to “kill them all”. The Jewish counterparts of yours however are prepared to “kill them all” regarding the Palestinians and Iraqi and Iranian and Libyan, etc. Arabs. Quite a pathetic hatred is formed in the breasts of the Jews when they are the ones who have formed a hatred for all humanity, destroyed nations and enslaved millions.

  6. le gall April 10, 2016 / 10:35 am

    j’ai lu et relu : vous êtes la nouvlele Michelle Renouf ! Merci…

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