UK media crucifixion of Jeremy Corbyn suggests Zionist allegiance

One item of news this past week in the Jewish Chronicle and on ITV was the announcement that David Cameron’s Holocaust Memorial Foundation has commissioned a Bafta-winning film company to record the testimonies of Jewish survivors who escaped to Britain during or after WW2.

September 2013, David Cameron announced the creation of a ‘cross party’ Holocaust Commission whose job it would be to deliver recommendations on “ what more needs to be done to ensure Britain has a permanent and fitting memorial and the educational resources needed for generations to come.” The Commission is chaired by Britain’s most powerful Jew and – as befittingly titled by the Jewish Chronicle -‘boss in town’ Mick ‘miner’ Davis, and declares to provide as part of its mission

factual information about what happened, linked to other resources which already provide critical information and education

and to convey

the enormity of the Holocaust and its impact; in particular the loss to mankind of the destruction of European Jewry

… whatever that means.

Jewish Chronicle contributor Geoffrey Alderman already expressed several noteworthy reservations in an opinion piece published February 2014 :

I’m all in favour of Holocaust education. But, unless I’m much mistaken, the Holocaust is already part of the national curriculum. It hardly needs a Downing Street commission to press home the point, does it?

Despite Alderman’s protestations and a plethora of memorials and organisations which already exist (including Holocaust Educational Trust, the National Holocaust Centre and even a Department of Education-funded UCL masters qualification in Holocaust Education) it would appear that the new project is forging ahead, nicely aided by £50m of funding as promised by the Prime Minister.

If I’d opted to stay at my desk rather than choosing the sofa in preparation to watch Ken Livingstone on BBC Question Time, I wouldn’t have seen the short segment on ITV news: clips of testimonials interspersed with the usual dread-laden voiceover from a ‘journalist’ readily associating misleading terms such as ‘death camp’ with Bergen-Belsen. The coverage is further (dis)graced by newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky’s ‘Never again’ pathos, failing to point out that the same issues which caused the Holocaust in the first place have been happening ever since in occupied Palestine.

Quenelle belge

Why there is nothing about this story elsewhere in the press is a mystery, although further announcements regarding UKHMF are expected early 2016, possibly to include building plans for the foundation’s forthcoming ‘education’ centre. The Imperial War Museum is one of the contenders as well as other sites along the Thames. The first person to perform a quenelle outside the new premises should definitely be nominated for both the Quenelle d’Or and Faurisson Trophy awards.

Speaking of quenelles, Dieudonné announced in a new video yesterday that his lawyers have managed to secure a 27,000 euro subsidy from the French Minister of Culture, Fleur Pellerin. This news will no doubt displease Dieudo’s detractors, in particular Belgian Jewish associations who were shouting victory in reports of a three-month jail sentence handed to the comedian earlier this week.

Crucify him !

Press treatment of Dieudonné in France bears several extraordinary similarities to that meted out in the UK towards Jeremy Corbyn: accusations of anti-Semitism (when the ‘offence’ is in fact anti-Zionism) and allegations of being an apologist for ‘terrorism’ abound in regard to both men. As with the French (and now international) press’ attitude towards Dieudonné, UK pundits’ muckraking on the subject of Corbyn and his supporters is rather like watching a re-enactment of parts of the New Testament, coordinated amongst others by The Guardian’s Jonathan Freeland, The Times’ Oliver Kamm and the Jewish Chronicle’s Stephen Pollard.

Here, I’d like to refer to the blog post I wrote earlier this week which shows Pollard and Kamm using info from an anonymous Twitter troll in order to force left-wing, veteran Labour MP for Newport, Paul Flynn, to delete a retweet. The scandal was centred around the Sun newspaper’s shoddy poll which alleged that one in five British Muslims were sympathetic towards jihadis. For some reason, after deleting his RT, Flynn decided to block Kamm. Here’s Kamm’s reaction :

151128 Kamm Flynn block

The result of Kamm’s threat is best seen in The Huff Post’s publication last Friday, November 27, of yet another Corbyn smear piece featuring – yes, you’ve guessed it – Paul Flynn as Judas. Does the amount of muck being raked by neocons against Corbyn (and against shadow chancellor John McDonnell) suggest that there’s an even greater mountain of dirt hidden behind all the smearing and faux-disdain? What to think of Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard’s friend and fellow columnist Jonathan Hoffman’s links to far right neo-Nazi EDL and the outlawed JDL Jewish terrorist org?

With Blairites like Kamm and Freedland on board, UK mainstream media’s CrucifyCorbyn™ campaign thinks it can go ahead full steam, seemingly ignorant of the fact that its MO is now completely transparent to a general public more aware than ever before, mainly thanks to the Internet and sharing of information via modern pioneers such as DieudonnéGilad Atzmon and David Icke.

As expected, press double standards will persist and a new, totally unnecessary and hideously expensive Holocaust education centre will be inaugurated to the sound of mass weeping, inappropriate use of non-factual evidence by journalists and pathos gushing forth from TV presenters in order to ensure that nice fat pay check keeps on coming.

Once the centre is open, government funding will no doubt be available to subsidise school trips. I imagine there’ll be a coffee area and gift shop selling books and mass-produced memorabilia. Would it be worth the Holocaust Commission considering the possibility of a ‘Holocaust revisionism‘ section either inside the centre itself or, discreetly, on a lower shelf in the gift shop book section (perhaps next to the new edition of Anne Frank’s Diary now Anne & Otto Frank and possibly several other people’s Diary?) After all, revisionism is a booming online grassroots industry and, as we all know, there’s no business like Shoah business.

Thought crime trials reveal state-sponsored discrimination

November has been a dark month for freedom. Indeed, the recent deadly attacks in Paris have served to overshadow several ever-more ghastly attempts by Zionist organisations to stifle freedom of expression. Worst of all, this assault on our most precious of human rights – to be allowed to think for ourselves – is supported by nation states defined as secular western liberal democracies.

Freedom of expression is the well-spring of democracy yet this month we’ve seen state prosecutions lead to jail sentences in three of the world’s supposedly most-developed countries :  Ursula Haverbeck in Germany, Arthur Topham in Canada and now a Belgian court has sentenced French comedian Dieudonné to two months in prison for ‘anti-Semitic’ jokes he made during a show in 2012.

Le trophée Faurisson

I’ve been following Dieudonné since the Anelka incident. In January, just after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, I went to see his show ‘La bête immonde’ in Lausanne. There is no doubt in my mind that the man is a genius. No amateur of French language and culture could deny the immensity of his writing talent.  Despite a notable lack of any balanced commentary from French and global mainstream media, his greatness is what makes him France’s most successful comedian.  He is indisputably the best by miles.

Twice in the space of a fortnight, world Jewry’s public enemy n° 1 stand-up comedian has been again the subject of rigid press releases citing past convictions meant to impress the reader after the ECHR’s decision not to accept Dieudonné’s appeal concerning Professor Robert Faurisson’s fictive Prize for Infrequentability and Insolence.

By claiming that Faurisson’s appearance was not part of the show itself, the ECHR has effectively validated Faurisson’s prize – making it a reality rather than just a provocative ending to a comedy show in a theatre. The prize should become an annual event, Le Trophée Faurisson, pourquoi pas?


Gerard Menuhin is tired of ‘Jewish lies’

Less grey and sinister than thought crime trails – although some would disagree – is a new book by Gerald Menuhin, son of Yehudi Menuhin, ‘Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil‘.  Like his father and grandfather, Moshe, Gerard Menuhin has always been an outspoken critic of Israel and global networks of ‘Jewish power’.

In 2005, following pressure from Jewish ‘anti-racist’ organisations, Menuhin was forced to resign his seat on the board of Germany’s Menuhin Foundation. Similarly, since 2009, there is no indication to be found of Menuhin’s continuing administrative position with the Menuhin Festival Gstaad. During my years in Switzerland I reviewed Menuhin Festival concerts for GstaadLife. Was the festival’s decision to distance itself from Gerard Menuhin ‘aided’ by a lucrative sponsorship offer? Indeed, the 2015 edition entitled Musique & Ironie heralds a new partnership with Edmond de Rothschild.

Citizens all over the world are waking up to the fact that these nominally ‘anti-racist’ organisations along with their lackeys in media and government simply want to suppress information and silence their detractors, if necessary by enforcing ridiculous ‘hate speech’ laws which belong in the Middle Ages. These same fascists are also the ones accusing Islam and Muslims of being backward, simultaneously shouting ‘Je suis free speech’ !

Trying to limit or tailor freedom of expression in favour of one or several ethnic groups to the detriment of others is discrimination, pure and simple. Mainstream outlets are awash with hypocrisy and evidence of the extent and nefariousness of anti-Muslim rhetoric being spread by Zionists identifying as Jews along with their right wing Christian and atheist ‘Libertarian’ allies who make up the mainstream – in both senses of the phrase.

Unpatriotic leaders

Turning a blind eye to the unending atrocities in occupied Palestine, our leaders and their obedient media attack dogs are equally negligent of the urgent needs of their own country. Horror stories of homelessness and DWP-linked suicides are brushed aside in favour of deploying troops in cities and towns – presumably as an answer to government cuts in the police force – as well as urging the bombing of another ME state, Syria, already in turmoil.

British voters and taxpayers won’t put up with another pointless war. Perpetrators of genocide-denial will go on shouting and screaming; mental health smears and aggressive retweeting in abundance, along with predictable cries of ‘Jew-baiting’ and ‘anti-Semite’ thanks to a vociferous, parasitic (and mostly fake) online army of Hasbara propagandists.

Efforts to silence me resulted in my views and thoughts being shared with a maximum number of people. Media coverage of my quenelle was, as expected, less than flattering.  However, it also meant thousands more visits to my blog than any review of my show could have achieved. And considering the company I now share here, on Twitter and elsewhere online, I’ll take the whining and grumbling as a compliment.

MP’s retweet angers Board of Double Standards

When media personalities get together with faceless pro-Israel trolls to further smear campaigns and witch hunts on Twitter, you know things are starting to get serious. When Labour pro-Israel activists join in, it’s clear that the establishment is prepared to go to any lengths to try and weaken new leader Jeremy Corbyn.

As well, these same interlocutors take every opportunity to slyly bolster the ever-increasing anti-Muslim sentiment in Britain, pushing their pro-war agenda as agents of a brutal force which protects US-Israeli interests but which fails to protect those of Britain itself !

These collaborators could be described as mediocre pundits who’ve made their way by having the right connections, marrying the right people, saying the right things, if you get my drift..? Equally avid fans of the #JeSuisCharlie movement, they’re also fully paid up members of what my friends and I would call the Board of Double Standards (#bods).

For months – nay, years, decades even! – those who do not toe the line as stipulated by the Board of Double Standards have been stalked, harassed, their livelihoods removed and even physically attacked.  The Board wants to see similar laws implemented in the UK as exist nonsensically today in 14 countries.  (See recent thought crime cases of Ursula Haverbeck in Germany and Arthur Topham in Canada.)

Last night, Paul Flynn, long-serving Labour MP for Newport had the audacity to retweet photographer and fierce pro-Palestinian activist Joanne Stowell. Here’s Jo’s tweet :

151123 Jo Sun Flynn.JPG


A perfectly reasonable request which Flynn retweeted without hesitation.

But then, inveterate anonymous stalker, cyberbully and harasser of gentiles ‘Javed Khan’, @ExMusiim (sic), tweeted this :

151124 Exmusiim Jo 1


What a grand array of talent amongst that lot and oh look there’s Muslim-basher Ambrosine Chetrit aka ‘Nicola from Hertfordshire‘, the Catholic who masquerades as a Jew running an org which claims to speak for Jews; this is the same woman – apostle of banned Islamophobe Pamela Geller – who set the wheels of the smear campaign against me in motion, along with racist CofE congregant, Andrea Silva Goncalves. Both are still at my throat, obsessive and heartily dishonest as ever. Pity for them no one takes much notice of their idiocy – as confirmed by @JasnaBadzak ‘s support.

Flynn’s retweet of course caused instant collective bouts of what Gilad Atzmon would call Pre-Traumautic Stress Disorder :  Oliver Kamm, Louise Mensch, Stephen Pollard – all went for the jugular simultaneously and Flynn was obliged to obediently delete his retweet, meekly following orders from third-rate media commentators on the word of an abusive, Islamophobic Internet stalker.

151124 Flynn deleted

This needs more emphasis: on the word of an anonymous troll, Jewish Chronicle pundit Oliver Kamm – shouldered by his editor-in-chief Stephen Pollard and ex-Tory MP, paedophile-associate Louise Mensch – saw fit to force an MP to remove a perfectly harmless RT, claiming that Flynn would be a Holocaust denying Nazi sympathiser by association ?

The above incident will merely help to confirm Zionist-lobby influence in British politics and media as well as the blatant hypocrisy of those who screech ‘Nazi Holocaust denying Jew hater’ at every opportunity on Twitter, yet who fail to condemn the brutal occupation of Palestine and the loss of human rights of Palestinians.

Jeremy Corbyn is the best thing that’s happened to the Labour party in my lifetime.

Vote Corbyn. Vote Labour.

Local church carol concert under threat from Zionist cyberterrorists

Vultures are looming again. Squawking and blustering on Twitter with the thought of spilling yet more of our children’s blood in another pointless war.

They’re also after my blood. Or at least my silence. Today, a troop of tribal cyberterrorists is plotting to attack a local church’s special carol service :


151117 church151117 church 1

Hopefully someone will find out?  Seemingly, the above trio of Zionazis are gnashing their teeth at the idea of ruining the hard work of everyone involved – at Christmas! The music will be provided by myself and two fellow musos, there will be a candlelit procession for the kids and and, later on, supper and dancing with music again provided by yours truly.

Three local church leaders are involved. After knowing each other for over a year now, I’m sure if I explained my situation to my friend the vicar he would be willing to write a character reference, as has been also suggested by others who’ve known me since my university days.

After writing yesterday about losing one contract owing to the despicable antics of these vultures I feel it’s important to reiterate the fact that AIDA, the German cruise company which fired me in the most appalling and unfair circumstances, reached their decision based on the word of a non-Jewish Internet troll claiming to represent all Jews. Ironic, no?

@MattZomeal aka Simon Cobbs, founder of Sussex Friends of Israel (who I’ve written about here) and his cyberbullying pals are all associates of this very same, non-Jewish Internet troll Ambrosine Chetrit and are therefore in breach of the police-worded, recorded delivery cease and desist letter which Chetrit received last year and signed for herself.

Also in reference to yesterday’s blog, it would appear that Jasna Badzak is seeking a restraining order against me for pointing out her lies and hypocrisy on Twitter.  I wish her good luck with that.

As well, two peace-keeping missions have been set up to try and mediate – although I haven’t seen either mediator trying to negotiate publicly with Badzak who continues to isolate herself, mainly thanks to her own stubborness.

One of these peace-keeping emissaries is Jason Schumann aka @DebatingCulture who earned himself a well-deserved block :

‘You’re making things worse!’ came the reproachful reply to my calm assertions regards Badzak’s blatant dishonesty.  The reproach came with the @ name tags of my detractors attached. Yet I’m the one accused of making things worse?

By playing the role of peace-emissery, Shumann is merely indulging in some much-needed image-grooming.  Perhaps Schumann needs to gracefully withdraw once and for all before I decide to root around in my archives for those emails concerning BDS, a lawyer named Simmons and Chetrit ? – Emails that arrived with strict instructions not to show to anyone. Or how about the song I was commissioned to write, set to those lyrics?

Schumann is wasting his time. As are the vultures. Their attempts to silence me, their abuse and harassment is plain for all to see.  If they really want to silence me then they’re going to have to kill me.

This is my jihad.

Update :

A few minutes ago my attention was drawn to an LBC phone-in audio of a certain ‘Nicola from Hertfordshire’ stating ‘Every Muslim is guilty by association‘ for the recent attacks in Paris.

During her extraordinary call, ‘Nicola’ claims to be a Catholic, then seems to contradict herself.  It’s clear she hates Muslims.

Unastonishingly, ‘Nicola’ sounds exactly like Ambrosine Chetrit (this despite a seemingly short-lived career doing voice-overs). If Chetrit managed to fool everyone into thinking she was Jewish – including AIDA, one of Germany’s largest employers – then why not also try to kid people into thinking she’s a Catholic? Although, it could also be true. And after this call we can be sure Chetrit is definitely not Jewish.

I’ll make sure to ask the vicar for his thoughts.



Jasna Badzak: the straw that broke the camel’s back

Looking back over more than two years’ worth of online abuse and harassment including the targeting of my professional life which led to me being summarily sacked from one job (not to mention several newspaper and blog articles), the greatest irony has to be this: my main abuser – the woman who wrote to my employer as well as to EdFringe in a vain attempt to have my show Autumn’s Here banned – is not Jewish.

The possibility of Ambrosine Chetrit (Shitrit) being a non-Jew was first explored by Buddy Hell in a blog piece, part of a series entitled Life on Gilligan’s Island (there’s a follow-up here) in particular reference to newspaper columnist Andrew Gilligan.  Here’s what the blogger says about Chetrit :

It looks like someone’s rattled her cage. I wonder who? I also wonder if she’s familiar with Pamela Geller? Call me suspicious, but I don’t think this woman is Jewish either.

Indeed, Ambrosine Chetrit is an admirer of Pamela Geller: the blogger’s suspicions were perfectly correct. Another clue regarding Chetrit’s non-Jewishness (at least the in religious sense) came from former ally and alleged victim of harassment by UKIP, Jasna Badzak.

I became aware of Badzak’s claims of harassment over a year ago and we were close for a while.  Badzak regularly sent me a DM (direct message) on Twitter, asking me to retweet yet more proof of bullying and harassment from UKIP. As my own documentation of similar abuse from similar sources already dated back to 2013, Badzak became interested in my story and even offered to help.

In a series of emails, Badzak claimed to know the identities behind several Internet trolls who were harassing me, all with links to UKIP.  She also claimed to know that Chetrit was only pretending to be Jewish as it’s all-the-better for Muslim-bashing. Badzak said – in writing – that Chetrit’s extremist activities were known to CST and that everytime Badzak had complained, the response about not being Jewish came from Chetrit herself.

At the time, the story seemed unbelievable.  That would mean most of the abusers calling me an ‘anti-Semitic’ ‘Nazi Holocaust denier’ weren’t in fact themselves Jewish. Finally, I was tipped off by a friend that the geneology website featuring Chetrit’s family suggested that Chetrit’s mother would indeed be a Gentile.  For sure, Chetrit married a Jewish Israeli and identifies online – as well as in her numerous calls to LBC – as Jewish. Nevertheless, “Ambrosine Hasbara queen” is not a Jew!

The same goes for Andrea Silva who’s still wasting a disproportionate slice of her own life in order to wage a never-ending battle of hatred and spite against Muslims in general – and in particular against those others who would share a similar political outlook to my own.

And so back to Badzak.  Already convicted of fraud and despite being perfectly aware of ties between Chetrit and one-trick-phonehacking-lawyer and arch-Zionist Jew, Mark Lewis, Badzak had the unfortunate idea of rushing to Lewis’ rescue the other night when I and my family were once again targets of Lewis’ rabidly anti-Gentile abuse.

Just a quick reminder :  I reported Lewis to police and to the SRA last year following a similarly astonishing outpouring of Lewis’ smears and lies.  These ‘conversations’ have been documented here and here.

My claims of harassment are similar to those alleged by Badzak who was aware of my job loss and aware of police failing to do their duty in my own case.  She alleges wanting to ‘have a chat’ with Lewis about his abuse of me.

What caused the abrupt change in Badzak’s attitude towards me ?

As well as aligning herself with Lewis’ false claims of anti-Semitism and his repeated insults concerning my Grandfather, a British soldier killed by the Nazis in 1940, Badzak ran into acute difficulty when she tweeted two false claims about me which concerned Lewis and her MP, Karen Buck.  In fact, on Badzak’s request, I’d contacted Buck last year and have screenshots of our text messages to prove it. To boot, Badzak’s emails to me are clear evidence that she knew all about Lewis’ prior abuse of me.

I’m not paying legal fees of up to £800 an hour to sue someone as politically and socially irrelevant as Badzak.  If she wants to be remembered as a liar – as well as a fraudster – it’s really not my problem.

Currently, Badzak’s Twitter timeline is the work of a desperate attention-seeker, as well as that of a liar.  As far as I’m concerned, Badzak’s turncoat moment was the straw which broke the camel’s back.  Along with the irony of Chetrit not being Jewish, Badzak’s victimhood is more questionable than ever.  Once a Tory, always a Tory..?

I will be updating this post when and if necessary.

Daily life of German Jews during the war : three documents



Célestin Loos


(in realty by the late Pierre Moreau (of Brussels) and Robert Faurisson: article published in the Revue d’histoire révisionniste, no. 6, May 1992, p. 131-140)

It is known that in March 1933 worldwide Jewish organisations declared economic war on Germany. In September 1939 Chaim Weizmann declared armed warfare. In Europe during the war years Jewish resistance – especially in association with the communists – was active. To take just one example, on May 13, 1942 eleven Jewish communists belonging to the Herbert Baum group and the Werner Steinbrinck group (also called “Franka Group”) carried out an arson attack on the exhibition “The Soviet Paradise” at Berlin’s Lustgarten. Five German civilians were killed in the fire. [1]


The Germans considered the Jews as a whole to be representatives of a hostile belligerent power, all the more formidable since, internationally, it disposed of considerable resources in the field of finance (money, the sinew of war) and in those of the communications media and propaganda. Physical attacks engendered reprisals, which in turn gave rise to new attacks. Just as the Americans or the Canadians, considering persons of Japanese descent dangerous or hostile, decided – notwithstanding the absence of attacks or sabotage on their part – to place them in concentration camps, the Germans proceeded to evacuate large numbers of German Jews, putting them in concentration, labour or transit camps. However, a certain Jewish life subsisted openly in Germany all through the war. The three documents below make it possible to provide a sketch of that daily life: a newspaper, an excerpt from the telephone directory, a ration card. Obviously, the longer the war went on the further that daily life deteriorated, as did, for that matter, the lives of other Germans.


A newspaper


The first is the weekly Jüdisches Nachrichtenblatt [“Jewish Information Bulletin”], which was published altogether legally during the Second World War for German Jewish religious communities. It must be stressed that this newspaper was perfectly official, with its title, address and telephone number included in the telephone directory. Its offices were in Berlin N4, Oranienburger Straße 40/41. One gets the impression of a well-structured organisation and of social autonomy, a community suffering vexations but not finding itself in a tragic situation: things often seem even peaceful, considering the period and the taxing disruptions endured by the rest of the German population. Because of the shortage of paper, all German newspapers saw their dimensions shrink. Such was the case of the Jüdisches Nachrichtenblatt in January 1943, and its last issue appeared in December of the same year.


Let us analyse issue number 23 of 1942, dated June 5.


There are announcements of services to be held in nine synagogues in Berlin for the week of June 5-12. Also, the Jewish religious calendar for the corresponding week, running from the next sabbath day, i.e. “Siwan 21 to 28, 5702”. Also, a notice concerning the providing of Jewish funeral services, with the hours of availability of different telephone numbers. Worship activities in two other cities, Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg, are announced.


The death in Berlin, at the age of 86, of a well-known figure from Dessau is the subject of a special feature: it is the former banker Paul (Israel) Märker. “Mr Märker,” it reads, “was for several decades treasurer of the Cohn-Oppenheim foundation and a member of the governing committee of the Dessau community. He rendered great services to the Jewish community”.


For the town of Rheydt we have news of the golden wedding anniversary of a couple “highly esteemed amongst the Jews of the region. In particular, Mr Spier has distinguished himself by graciously fulfilling the function of cantor, thus enabling religious ceremonies to be maintained”.


The main article of Jüdisches Nachrichtenblatt consists of a purely technical presentation of the new legal provisions on the voluntary resignation of members of Jewish communities, which could take place only within narrow limits. Another piece announces the obligation for Jews to use only Jewish hairdressers.


For the rest, there are notices and advertisements, which shed light on the daily life of Jews in 1942 Germany.


Family announcements first. A wedding to be held on June 7. Newlyweds respond to their well-wishers. A young boy thanks those who congratulated him on the occasion of his barmitzva. Silver wedding, golden wedding anniversaries. Birthday celebrations of persons ranging in age from sixty to ninety. Then the obituaries of individuals, most often of an advanced age, others younger, “after a long and harrowing illness”. One lady and another “have gone peacefully to sleep” [sanft entschlafen].


In short, in the midst of war, the joys and sorrows of normal life.


There are other more prosaic advertisements. A Jewish bookshop [Jüdischer Buchvertrieb] publicises several titles: a biography of Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism; another of Moses Hess, founder of modern socialism; yet another of Chaim Arlosoroff, Zionist activist assassinated in 1933 (in Tel Aviv). It also sells second-hand books, over the counter or by post. Payment is to be made either on collection or with the order, but delivery by return post is not guaranteed.


A lady, “qualified teacher”, offers private lessons in English and French. A music teacher who gives his lessons only in people’s homes.


Persons looking for a guesthouse run by a Jewish family. Advertisements of premises to let, furnished or unfurnished, and others placed by individuals seeking to rent.


Practitioners of the art of healing – doctors, dentists, physiotherapists – are required to specify that they are authorised to treat Jewish patients alone, but they are able to publicise their practice. They have an advertising section reserved for them called “Health Care”, wherein each gives, along with days and hours for consultations, an address and telephone number. Dr Jacob Wilmersdorf, Badensche Str. 21, II (corner of Kaiserallee), tel. 87 70 28, receives visits from 10 am to 12 pm and from 4 pm to 7 pm except Mondays and Wednesday afternoons; Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings by appointment only. Dr Berthold Alexander, radiologist, receives patients at such and such hours at Augsburger Straße 19, mornings and afternoons (even on Sundays, if one understands correctly), but on Saturdays only in the morning. Dr Leopold Berendt, Friedrichstraße 3, also receives patients on Wednesday and Sunday mornings and Saturday afternoons, but only by appointment. Similarly, Dr Herbert Rittler offers consultations by appointment at Markgrafenstraße 20, except on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings. Sally Rosenthal is a physiotherapist and dispenses medical massages and localised light-baths, by appointment and on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm, in Neuen Roßstraße. And she is accredited by all the health care funds reserved for Jews [Zu allen Krankenkassen visible to zugelassen Juden]. “I have re-opened my practice,” announces Dr Max Brandenstein (Hamburg, Bundesstraße 35a, ground floor), who may be reached on the telephone at 55 71 50 care of Siegmund Elias (this advertiser had had some difficulties – of what kind no one knows – but his situation was, it seems, finally returning to normal).


“Conscientious and affectionate” care is offered for convalescence holidays for two or three children aged up to six, who will be collected and returned home.


Such was Jewish existence, seen in real-life snippets, in the capital and in some other big cities of the Reich in the middle of the war. There existed an information bulletin whose readers took advantage of it to communicate with one another. Whatever its importance or however derisory its content, one must be allowed to take note of it, without making any assertions, without forcing conclusions.


A telephone directory


Another interesting piece comes from a telephone book with the full title: AMTLICHES FERNSPRECHBUCH für den Bezirk der Reichspostdirection BERLIN –Herausgegeben von der Reichspostdirektion Berlin / Ausgabe Juni 1941 / Stand vom 1. Februar 1941 [Official Telephone Directory for the Berlin postal sector – published by the Berlin directorate of the Reich post office / June 1941 edition / Information as at February 1, 1941].


On pages 581 and 582 appear the numbers to dial for the capital’s Jewish associations. There are two and a half columns of dense print, listing the various centres, their addresses, activities performed, services available to members. Below are the contents of the first part of the first section, that of the Jewish religious Federation: Jewish Communities of Berlin, registered firm [Jüdische Kultusvereinigung: Jüdische Gemeinde zu Berlin eV. (eingetragener Verein)]:


– Administrative buildings N4 Oranienburger Str 28, 29 and 31 –


*42 59 21.


At that number the following offices may be reached:


Archives – Construction – Receipts – Financial Management – Property Management – General Management – General accounting – Central fund – Land registry – Religious services and weddings – Equipment – Personnel – Press – Legal department – Revision service – Schools department – Bureau of statistics – Winter relief – Housing support – Central service of homes for the aged.


Evening and night:


Plörin, Oranienburger Str 29 (42 94 27).


Council Chamber of the Presidency (42 94 30).

– Administrative buildings N4 Oranienburger Str 31 –


*42 51 31.


At that number the following offices may be reached:


Office of emigration – Change of trade and social service – Arbitration and legal advice – Aid to the homeless – Aid to businesses (money).


Employment and services for foreigners (42 51 31).


*42 63 96.

The foregoing lines amount to only a bit more than 13% of the space in the directory reserved for Jewish associations connected to the Berlin telephone network in 1941, thus in the middle of the war.


Let us draw up a list of these entries, showing the complexity of the Jewish social structure at the time in the Reich’s capital alone. The list is not exhaustive because some entries are repeated in the various sections:


Schools administration – Aid to businesses (fund) – Housing aid – Aid to prisoners and to the homeless – Children’s aid – Arbitration and legal advice – Archives – Aid to the sick – Association for Jewish culture in Germany – Administrative buildings – Charity and protection of youth – Bureau of statistics – Construction office – Office of religious services and weddings – Land registry – Central fund – Clothing – Cemeteries (inspection of) – Private Jewish clinic – General accounting – Community kitchens – Housekeeping school – Primary school (boys) – Primary school (girls) –Private tertiary school – School of commerce – Vocational school for fashion design and decoration – Chemistry school – Housekeeping school – Middle school – Primary schools (eight addresses) – Employment and services for foreigners – Receipts – Gravediggers – Jewish National Fund (registered firm) – Home for nurses – Home for Jewish schoolteachers – Home for girls – Financial management – Property management – Home for ladies and girls – Home for Jewish youths – Old people’s care home – Home for Jewish infants and small children – Home for the sick – Home for children and adolescents – Children’s homes (three addresses) – Hospital at Auguststr. 16 – Hospital at Elsasser Str. 85 – Hospital at Iranische Str. 2 – Hospital at Schulstr. 78 – House of education – Stylz home for the blind – Home for deaf-mutes and the hard of hearing – Employment and services for foreigners – Nationalfonds (registered firm) – Office of emigration – Old men’s boarding house – Welfare service [Bereitschaftsfürsorge] – Resident population [Insasse] – Protection of youth – Professional reclassification and social service – South residence – North residence – Weißensee residence – Central residence – Children’s reading room – Winter relief – Jewish seminary for kindergartens and nurseries – Press – Revision – Schools – Equipment – Health – Press – Immigration – Schools – Central service of homes for the elderly – Dues/Contributions – Legal department – Personnel – Equipment.

There can be little doubt that the Jewish population established in Germany possessed its own legally recognised institutions. Their official status reflects the authorities’ position regarding them, but it was also perfectly consistent with the state of mind of the German population, as witnessed in late 1941 by the American Jewish journalist George Axelsson. While on a working visit to Germany he cabled a report to his newspaper, The New York Times (published on November 10, 1941 – page 31), about the Reich and the more than 200,000 Jews who were still there. He concluded it in these terms: “In public places or in contacts as a fellow-worker in factories the German working man seem to treat the Jew as an equal.” [2] All this is hardly compatible with the usually presented image of Jews in Germany at that time. We see something quite removed from a hunted horde, uprooted, with no recourse of any kind, no possessions, no rights. Such a lot was not that of the Jews in general, but was indeed one which millions of Germans were to have to endure from 1945 onwards. In the public mind a propaganda-induced substitution has been quite easily effected: the often fictitious destitution of the Jews under the Reich for the destitution, all too real, inflicted on the Germans, especially the deportees driven from their homes in the East in 1945 and afterwards. Some will surely retort that the directory in question here dates from 1941 and that all the organisation reflected therein was to be reduced to naught soon afterwards. That seems not to have been the case. The International Committee of the Red Cross published just after the war a book on the German concentration camps: L’Activité du CICR en faveur des civils détenus dans les camps de concentration en Allemagne (1939-1945) [3rd edition, Geneva 1947]. On page 103 appears one of its delegates’ report, dated April 16, 1945, on his talks with SS-Obergruppenführer Müller of the SS-Führungshauptamt. It contains this sentence:


On the other hand [Müller] allowed me to place the Jewish assembly camp at Schulstrasse 78 in Berlin, as well as the Jewish hospital at Iranische Strasse 2, also in Berlin, under ICRC protection. [3]


Both addresses appear in the list that we gave above and are, effectively, those of two hospitals that still stood as Jewish property at the end of the conflict. One would like to know what became of the other two, along with the rest of the Jewish community’s properties. It is not rash to think that a good part of them, like thousands of other buildings, lay in ruins in heavily bombed Berlin. [4]


A ration card


But is it at all likely that something of a Jewish administration and, for that matter, some Jewish civilians still survived in Germany at war’s end? An element of response is provided on page 324 of Gérard Silvain’s book, La Question Juive en Europe, 1933-1945 [5]. Under the facsimile of a document the author put this caption:




Adult’s food ration card (prime necessities).


The word “JUDE” has been set not only on the card but also on the coupon.


Between February 5 and March 4, 1945 were there still Jews living in freedom in German territory?


This card, from which the coupons have been detached, proves that it has been used and thus allows one to answer in the affirmative.


[*See example below]

In fact, the period of validity of the card shown ran from February 5 to March 4, 1945, and the supplies office having issued it was that of Munich. It is indeed the case that not only the card but also the coupons bore the word “JUDE”, applied not by means of a stamp but printed, which means that the number of addressees of these cards was large enough to justify printing. Such printing therefore had to be planned. The ration cards were not handed out right and left but, as one will hardly doubt, dispensed on the basis of carefully drafted name lists. Have those lists all disappeared from all the German cities’ archives? That is difficult to believe. Thus the question arises: why are they not produced?


Besides, the Jews are above all city-dwellers and, as such, were particularly vulnerable since the Allies were, in the main, bombing only the cities. How many of them died as a consequence, burned in their houses? Unless we are mistaken, that has never been disclosed but, here again, confirmed figures must have survived.


In some cases Jewish children were sent to the countryside to escape the bombing; so it was with Lea Rosch, today a major German television personality.


The period from February 5 to March 4, 1945 was that of the bombing of Dresden (February 13-14). The Allies were killing German civilians by fire. The Germans, as we see, were feeding Jewish civilians.

In May 1945 the Soviets installed Dr Werner as head of the municipality of Berlin. They asked him to create, within the city council, a religious services body made up of a Catholic priest, two Protestant pastors and a rabbi representing, for his part, the 6,000 Jews of the city (Georges Soria, L’Allemagne a-t-elle perdu la guerre ?, Paris, Bibliothèque française, 1947, p. 23).



[1] See Eliyahu Maoz, “Une Résistance juive en Allemagne”, Commemoration of the ghetto revolt, Jerusalem, March 1965, 15 pages produced in photocopy by the organisation department of the World Zionist Organisation; see also the article “Berlin” in the Encyclopedia Judaica (1971).


[2] Quoted by James J. Martin, The Man Who Invented Genocide / The Public Career And Consequences of Raphael Lemkin, Institute for Historical Review, Torrance, Calif., 1984, p. 35. On the exact condition of the Jews working alongside German workers at Fürstengrube, one of the 39 auxiliary camps of Auschwitz, one may read the astounding document NI-10847 translated, rather poorly, in La Persécution des juifs dans les pays de l’Est presentée à Nuremberg, a compendium of documents published under the direction of Henri Monneray, Editions du Centre [de documentation juive contemporaine], Paris, 1949, p. 201.

[3] “The Jewish hospital, directed by Dr Walter Lustig, was in operation up to the end of the war. […] The Jewish cemetery in Weissensee was also functioning” (Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, 1990, p. 202).


[4] On November 24, 1943, a British aerial bombardment destroyed the “New Synagogue” of Oranienburgstrasse 30. The photograph of that synagogue in flames has, since 1945, circulated throughout the world with the following explanation: the synagogue was destroyed by arson, imputable to the Nazis, during the Kristallnacht of November 8-9, 1938. Not long ago the German post office published a postage stamp presenting that version of the facts, also repeated recently in the French daily Le Monde (Frédéric Edelmann, “Le Souvenir d’une négation”, February 8, 1992, p. 17). However, in 1987, a publication of the Berlin Jewish community, prefaced by its head Heinz Galinski, had admitted the truth (see the brochure Wegweiser durch das jüdische Berlin – “Guide to Jewish Berlin”).


[5] Paris, Editions Jean-Claude Lattès, 1985.*



[*Example of printed ration card


151103 rationcard

Above: screenshot, German militaria web site Weitze with an unused 1943 ration card for Jews from Berlin. Click to enlarge.]


Dieudonné: World Victimisation Championships

Welcome to the World Victimisation Championships.

From the show Foxtrot, this is one of Dieudonné’s most brilliant and most controversial sketches, earning him the badge of honour of being once again sued by several French and international Zionist-funded, pro-Israel, soi-disant ‘anti-racism’ institutions as well as the banning of sales of the show’s DVD.

Pinpointing a highly sensitive, topical subject, Dieudonné develops his characters with unrivalled theatrical and comic astuce, much to the delight of his packed audience.